• These seem too powerful for one drops. The green one lets you get another land, the red one straight up gets you a land, the white one stops your opponent from casting a one drop noncreature on turn one, and the black one lets you kill a creature in your opponent's hand which seems really weird. I don't know too much about Arena Alechmy, maybe they are balanced there, but for normal magic they're way too good.
  • That's certainly possible, although one drops are pretty strong these days. Also, in regards to the black one, your opponent gets to choose the creature that gets the debuff, so it doesn't just kill a creature. That would only happen if they have only one toughness creatures in hand.
  • I don't think I entirely agree with the above. Here's my thoughts on each (note that I don't play Arena often, and have never player the Alchemy format):
    • Overall, I like how, aside from Rahkan, each of these cards is at worst another 1 mana card in that color.
    • Julu is a decent control/stax/lifegain piece that gets eaten by early Goblins and other such red creatures. Maybe sideboard tech against control mirrors? Her [-1] shuts down your opponent from starting with one of these, which might get her to see some extra play.
    • Fia maybe has potential in the late game with her [0], but I don't think you play her in the early game, even though she's 1 mana. I'm not sure what kind of deck she fits in, because I think control can do better than using her [-1] twice for example, and the [0] doesn't help control in most cases.
    • Senfeng's [0] is annoying if she can stick around; not sure how useful her [-1] is even against something like red-deck-wins (I don't keep up with Standard meta). Similarly, I don't know how good having optional hand control via the [-2] is. Perhaps Senfeng and Julu fit nicely into a GWB lifegain deck.
    • Rahkan is way stronger than all the others for some reason, and is pretty strange for a red card. The Gideon/Sarkhan-style [0] is rare, but I suppose it gives you an alternative early creature for red-deck-wins. The [-1] is consistent ramp that should have been given to Ellesar if it was going to appear anywhere, since only Green gets this kind of effect at 1 mana. Even Renegade Map (the closest non-green effect that doesn't cost more than 1 mana) takes until you next turn before it finds anything. If you aren't playing against a fast deck, you could probably get away with playing significantly fewer lands and have 4 Rahkan = 8 mountains. Finally, the last ability is very non-red in how it lets you cast the exiled card whenever you want (this is in the blue/black realm of effects). As a red card, there should be a time limit on how long the card remains available. Considering cards like Spark of Creativity, having the [-2] be "Exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card" is a much more appropriate power level, especially relative to the others. 
    • Ellesar's [0] seems good for something like a landfall deck, but that might be too slow for Alchemy. "Draw a card sometimes" is probably too good for control decks though, since Green and Blue are the two strongest colors.
    Final thoughts: Rahkan is broken, everyone else is probably fine, since they're Mythic Rares without plus effects. Once again, take this with a large grain of salt because I don't play Alchemy, and rarely play Standard. (I mainly play Commander.)

  • Oh, I didn't realize that the opponent got to choose. 
  • Good points cadstar369, and thanks for the review. I may look at revamping Rahkan. I very much like his 0, and it's a good point about his -2. The -1 doesn't ramp like you mentioned, but everything else you said about it seems valid.
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    Also, here's a colorless one mana planeswalker.

  • Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  • uhhh soul is inherently broken because you can lose on turn two. Here's how a game would go with Soul:
    Your Turn 1: Forest, play soul. 
    Opponent Turn 1: Swamp
    Your turn two: Forest, play a two mana spell or something.
    Opponent Turn 2: Mountain, Dreadbore, he wins the game. 

    That's not really fun or fair is it? Also being able to steal your opponent's creatures by paying life is overpowered.
  • @SPyBondPlays I wouldn't say paying life and it can be used once per a turn. Doing so on much bigger and powerful requires more loyal counters than these cheaper creature. Once planewalker is destroyed or dies, its owner or controller loses the game. Oh also, the downside to the planewalker is only one abiltiy can be used of these for each turn.
  • Wait wait wait. You don't have to pay life to use Soul's abilities? Oh. I thought the loyalty counters were tied to your life, like if you gain or lost life the counters would go up or down. The card seems like an interesting concept, but the gameplay pattern seems pretty uninteractive for your opponent, and it dies to removal which means you lose. I would make the cost more, make it have a better ability, and no way to gain counters. I would also color it, like black probably, so it can't be played in every deck. 
  • @SPyBondPlays It enters with loyalty equal to your life, but never mentions that adding or losing loyalty affects your life total.
  • Yeah I know. I just thought it would.
  • clarification on things is always good.
  • @SPyBondPlays
    There is a reason why it is one mana is it's more prone to being destroyed, returned, etc will ends in owner losing the game. In upside to that, Soul has very high loyal counters based on owner's life and their totaling gained life for each turn. These numerous counters are best used for much and powerful with very costly creature will come in handy for your planewalker's bodyguard while you need find way to make your planewalker somehow indestructible or hexproof. What makes em look so weak, but what combines with them makes em so powerful. It's all planning.
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