• How do you know?
  • i can't wait to play the M M M M card game. Mmmmm, that sounds good.?
  • Surely it will be EMazing.
  • which is your favorite M?
    mine is the red one
  • Alright cool we should start playtesting. I'll play my Fusion Harnesser on its Crystal Side. Your go.
  • My favorite M is the purple one.
  • Well I counter your Fusion Harnesser playing my Mutant Maleficent Merodeador and using their gobble ability.
    I also vote for the blue M.
  • But it's already too late. I attack with my army of Lava Owlbears, destroying your last defense post and going on to attacking you directly!!!
  • I charge up my carbonflux decapacitator drive and hyper-antimaterialize your army
  • I'm going to reverse the carbonflux decapacitator with rapid decatalyzation, which will dismantle it until you can pay to clean it up.
  • I play Spring Cleaning, which lets me summon a free Gentleman creature every time I pay to clean something up. 
  • Well, I cast Inversion Of The Earth's Axis and transform your Spring Cleaning into Winter Cleaning. Mwajajajaja
  • With the cold weather in effect, I'll cast hailstorm and flip all your minions face-down.
  • Dams, maybe I... Yes, I use Blind Date to consider all my cards face-down as if they were 1/1 casanovas with sex appeal and attack.
  • I'll activate the ability of Weather Recycler to cast your Hailstorm again and then cast Redshift to change it into Firestorm, flipping everybody's minions face up and dealing damage to them. 
  • In response tot the damage, I'll use my outburst trigger for the game to look at the top 5 and freecast one of them. I'll cast radiant revival and bring back all colored objects that died under my control this turn.
  • I will play zombification cone in response to your radiant revival and gain control of all of your colored objects and they are now zombies.
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