Figure's Mystery Box: The Dawn

(For people who don't feel like reading these words and rules below here - simply ask for a mystery box and the box will provide you what you need to make a card. Your card will be judged on its matching card, properly art created by YOURSELF and the abiltiy and the color. MTG and figures MAY WORKS IN DIFFERENT WAY for some reasons. Have a fun opening box!)

It been while since I hosted a contest for fun!
For everyone, it's certainly easy find art for the card with ability (You have no right to objection to that and yes my grammar is that bad, don't judge me.) But it is always hard to find proper ability for it, isn't it?

Afraid not, this contest I present you will be opposite of that!

Mystery box you get will provide you ready by abilities and creature type (and itself creature - in that case, forgot creatire) with the color. You can moderate it a little, but it must remain true to the group of the colors from my own set. (My set is called Figure: The Dawn, but you cab check Figure: The Great War Of Two Kingdoms, because it has more cards than The Dawn for some reasons - ahem, motive, cough cough) then picture can be anything you want it to be, but it must be your free draw and it must be either figure, inkling, illusion, or subject. That way, it would be fairly for all artists and nonartists. (Shades are allowed, but coloring are forbidden, that is).

Now the rules are;
In MTG, humans will be treated as if they are figure. Such as figure warrior instead of human warrior.
Colorless figures: The most common type there is, it can be either very controlling to the game or very cheapest to cast and easiest. The downside are mana usage (Very costly) and poorly health (Very easily to kill).

Red figures: Type of the figures that uses discarding card as fuel for fire. Meaning you must discard a card for these red figure to be useful. Downside is your cards will be used up very quickly.

White figures: compared with others, it is mostly well made and reasonable mana cost. What uses mostly manas and takes time slowly makes up for such powerful creature.

Illuson (Blue figures): most very fragile creature that even barely one damage or simply block on a creature 1/1 will instantly kills illuson 9/9 afterwards. They grow stronger for each illuson, yet they are very susceptible to everything, even land (Don't ask how!).

Subject (Green figures): Mana is always available time to time, but cards and fate are in their hand, not your. Every subject must have a chance to fail or be destroyed upon entering battlefield or has limited abilities, even properly mana paid. Subjects may has most downside than others color types. (Common will have stronger downside than rarer creatures.)

Zombies (black/green figure): A mindless undead that keeping comes back temporarily and dusts away in death. (Totally not skyrim reference). For black pureness, Heju can create an inkling creature with support of Sphere of Fate (Inkling is black hive zombie that every shares abiltiy as if they are zombie slivers).

For noncreature cards, they will be explained according to the mystery box- They are your rules to make a card!

The winners? There are no winners... Nor losers! It is simply if your card matches the box and remained true to figure sets, you get a favorite from me!

Happy opening mystery box!


  • @jpastor @SPyBondPlays Wanna try a shot? If you liked it, let other friends know to try this contest! It's basically contest where artists and nonartists must create their own picture for the card, but they will be equally because of how simple is figure to draw! (You don't have to add shade or shadow, if you don't know how to).

    If there are some reasons you are unhappy with rules or is confused, please let me know! Thumb up!
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