You May Be a CARDsmith, But Are You a WORDSmith?

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Hi. You all know me (I think). I'm Ranshi, that weirdo who's been here for 7 years, founder of the unofficial discord server, mod of the official one, started getting noticed back in 8th grade when I was making bad phobia cards.

I read the entirety of the kindle dictionary in a week, one summer. I am a nerd.

So let's do some learning, eh?

This is a self-regulated challenge, so feel no need to overperform! How it works is that every day I'm going to post a word both here and on my wall. This word will most often be that day's daily word from, though it may be something else. Your job is to make a card that uses that word in its name (which is preferable) or in its flavor text.

Have fun!

Word of the Day! April 7th!
septentrion n. — (Obsolete) the north



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