Arise ye Tarnished - an Elden Ring Contest

As I'm sure some of you are, I've been completely engrossed with Elden Ring since it came out. With over 140 hours played to date, I felt a need to create something related to it, and made a magic card. I could make many more cards, but instead I think it would be better if I invite the community to participate to see what ideas Elden Ring has created within each of you (if any). So, arise, ye tarnished, and show the world (or the forums and I) your Elden Ring inspired cards! 


- Up to 3 cards per person.
- Realism: Cards should be balanced and have proper formatting.
- Creativity: Try to avoid a card that just shows a bald eagle as a 2/2 bird with flying and no skills.
- Story: Cards should, where possible, have flavor text and a brief explanation should be provided with the post if needed.
- Art: Please do NOT use any actual MTG art on your cards. I will heavily penalize cards that use MTG art. Please credit the artist if possible (and if you know the artist for the card I posted, let me know so I can add it). 
- Newness: Please submit new cards and ideas. If you want to submit older cards, you may do so, but this will be used as a tiebreaker (where new creations rank higher against similar older cards).

For the winners:

Each Category:
- 1st: a follow, 5 likes of your choice.
- 2nd: 4 likes of your choice. 
- 3rd: 3 likes of your choice.
- Honorable Mentions (if any): 2 likes of my choice.

Lastly, this contest ends at 5:00 PM EST on April 28th (3 weeks from today). I will post the winners within a week of that day at the latest.

Thank you, and best of luck to you all.

P.S. for some inspiration, here is a card of Ranni I created earlier today. 



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    Nice a new contest for top down design. I just beat the game so I got some ideas brewing.
    Here is my Radahn I made a few days ago
    Entry #1
    Saga represents all players getting a chance to summoning strong creatures to fight Radahn.  Him entering the battlefield is his phase 2 meteor attack.
    Entry #2

    Made Patches to be a versatile creature that will poke at the opponent's life every now and then. Either a sac or discard pay off, or make them think twice when using treasure, opponents need to be wary.
    Entry #3

    Deadly in combat and second phase she's even deadlier with Scarlet Rot/wither activated.
  • @Sweda - Radhan deals 13 damage when he lands? What is this, Innistrad?   :D
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    Shinvan Meteor cuz uh... meteor.  Earlier iteration was he dealt 3 damage to everything and he was just a 7/6 haste.
  • Bumping so any Tarnished who wish to bring their favorite characters, weapons, skills, or summons from the Lands Between to the Gathering can do so. 
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    Blaidd Empyreans Shadow Briars of Sin Lichdragon FortissaxGolden Death Lightning

    Couldn't find good art for any sorceries/incantations, so I made some shots in game.

    Lichdragon Fortissax // Golden Death Lightning is an MDFC.

    Explanations (Includes spoilers)
    • Blaidd is the wolf given to the Empyrean Ranni by the Two Fingers (on behalf of the Greater Will) to be her shadow. He has a frost weapon art, hence the tap-down mechanic similar to Kamigawa snakes.
    Briars of Sin
    • Thorn sorcery that costs HP to cast. Replicate represents the player's ability to chain cast the spell. Notably, unlike most spells that can be chain cast, the thorn sorceries perform differently after the first cast, but I thought that would be too clunky to try and implement that here.
    Lichdragon Fortissax // Golden Death Lightning
    • Lichdragon Fortissax is one of the many secret bosses in Elden Ring. The three modes represent fire breath, lightning spears, and death lightning, respectively. Death Lightning is one of the two spells you can trade the Remembrance of the Lichdragon for. The reason it doesn't place -1/-1 counters like Fortissax does is because Death Blight only works on Tarnished, so most of the time it's just cool golden lightning. (That is, you can get Death Blighted while fighting him, but most of your enemies won't when you cast Death Lightning, so it was simpler to just make it do damage.)

  • Contest has 3 days remaining. 
  • Given the lack of entrys, I will leave this open another day just in case, otherwise I'll pick a winner between the two entrants and provide feedback on all the cards submitted. 
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