Limited Art Mystery Box!

I made this challenge to force player who opened the mystery to use the art out of the box. Guess what? I made them!

Rule is simply include the art to your card out of mystery box which you are given. Work with what you have!

I will give a point to player who managed to made a function card with at least a favorite.
Player with most points will earn a following (Or three favorites of any card, if I am following you.)

Player in second will get two favorites of any card.

Player in third will get a favorite of any card.

To start, simply ping me and I will give you a randomly art in mystery box!


  • For an example;
    @FireOfGolden FireOfGolden! Here's your mystery box!

    "Give that chest to me!" - Maxman
  • Then I answer it with:

  • I shall request a box of Mystery from you.
  • I do desire a box of mysterious qualities
  • @Corwinnn Corwinnn! Here's your mystery box.

    "A mouse?" Maxman scoffed, "You got to kidding me."
    "No, no, mouse are small, yet mightier than you." Onman smiled.
  • @WarriorCatInAhat WarriorCatInAhat! Here's your mystery box.

    When a forgot creature burps, there is a flash of fire. Here's the dust used to be Loyal Soldier's sword.
  • does the text need to be the flavor text, or is it just to provide context?
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    @WarriorCatInAhat Nope! you can include it to your card, if ya like, but it's not required.

    I give you a "Short story" for art that I provided you. Did you like it?
  • yes, it's nice
  • @Corwinnn

    I don't know why but I find that card to be adorable.
  • @Corwinnn Ha! Ha! Nicely done!
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    Sunday Check:

    Corwinnn: 1 pt

    WarriorInAhat: 0 pt

    Good morning, WarriorInAhat! I noitced you have yet to submit card here. May I ask if everything is okay? You don't like the box? If you wish to not involve the competition, you can ask me to drop off. Don't worry, we have plenty of time!

    To everyone, if you haven't been pinged, that means you are not in game. Ask me for a mystery box to enter the competition.
  • Don't forgot you can ask for more boxes as you like!
  • I'm good, I just haven't been that active lately. I'll get it finished today.
  • I couldn't really think of any good flavor text but here it is:
    Fiery Combustion
  • @WarriorCatInAhat and @Corwinnn
    You have no limited mystery boxes you can get, so feel free to ask for them!
  • I'll take one
  • @WarriorCatInAhat WarriorCatInAhat! Here's your mystery box.

    This unluckily figure soldier's fate is sealed to the inklings.

    Its mind is soon filled with other inkling's echo thoughts. All is it could hear is Heju's voice.

    It is told to attempt attack its own king - Queke - and infect him, if possible. It must be done at no matter what cost.

    Inkling may be cute, however, it is feared among the figures for it acting similar as hive spores which feeds of its host.
  • I too shall request a box of Golden mystery.
  • @Corwinnn Corwinnn! Here's your mystery box.

    "It's all plan and distraction." Wenkman smiled. The Loyal Guard charged at him, but suddenly dissolves away soon as Wenkman snapped his finger. In result, an illuson of the Loyal Guard was created.

    "Now, just wait until Maxman realizes this Loyal Guard was actually an illusion."
  • @Corwinnn @WarriorCatInAhat
    Sorry to bother you but I need your opinion on this.

    I am thinking about how to add rules for this contest to make it more fun and give some people a chance to win.

    PowerUp - Every mystery box has a chance to produce a positive effect that helps the opener to earn more points.
    PowerDown - Every mystery box has a chance to produce barrier against the opener from earning point

    If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear it!
  • @Corwinnn Don't forgot you can always ask for more mystery box!
  • @hileandr Good evening, hileandr! Are you interested in participating the challenge?
  • Sunday Check:
    Corwinnn - 2pt
    WarriorCatInAhat - 1pt

    Don't forgot you can take many mystery boxes as you want!

    For everyone, who haven't been pinged, may participate this challenge by asking for a mystery box! We have plenty of time!
  • Oh I forgot about this...


    I am sorry, but we don't have enough players, so I am afraid, I must cancel the challenge.

    Thanks for playing!

    Corwinnn, would you close this, please?
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