My future custom sets on MTG Cardsmith

For awhile now I've been working towards completing all sets that you can find on my main account,  As of a few minutes ago I completed the last cards for Zelthorn.  This may seem like I am no longer going to be using MTG Cardsmith, but I'm not done yet.

Things to note:
     Future account names will continue the same trends as current accounts
     My custom sets are canonical for my book series.  However I will not give away spoilers as to how this will be possible.

Future sets:
Osage: Native American inspired plane.  New mechanic: Blur.  A variant upon Morph and Manifest.

Aule: A plane where Humans and Minotaurs fight against Merfolk and Cephalids
     Aule will no longer have a full sized set to itself as I haven't defined enough of the world for me to feel good with making it into a set.  However, it will be on of the planes featured in War Preparation.  I will be making those War Preparation cards so others can see how the last two sets will mechanically work.

Elvenrain: An elven plane caught in a massive war
Pacificannus: A completely underwater plane also caught in a large war.

Apocalynia: A plane experiencing a desert apocalypse.
Aristolen: A science themed plane where we will see the return of the Eldrazi Titans.

Cosmosa: A sci-fi conflict

Verdania: A WW1/WW2 conflict plane.
Urbrask's Trial: A trail of 5 planeswalkers on one of Verdania's two continents.

War Preparation: One of the largest sets I will make with a take on the planechase concept.

Elesh Norn's Invasion: A phyrexian version of War Preparation and my final set.

The story will continue in my book, Secret at the Multiverse's Center.
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