Theater Set

As I begin to wrap up designing my first set, Nerotomea, I am going to be starting my second set.

Welcome to [Plane Name], a world that's inhabitants are given the ability to observe other planes. As they have observed the many events that occur across the history of the multiverse, they retell these stories in their preferred art form: Theater.

I was originally going to make a hell-themed set next, but the idea of a theater set seemed very original, and I HAD to go with it (Also my brother is a theater kid, so I knew he would like this idea). I do have some stuff planned out already, but there's still a lot that needs to be ironed out:

Flavorful Plans:
- The main villain will be an actor so obsessed with their role as an evil king that they literally became the evil king.

- Most of the sagas will probably be based on previous events throughout magic's history. Garruk's curse, Crimson Vow, Hour of Devastation, War of the Spark, and many other stories will be featured.

Mechanical Plans:

- This set will have a lot of sagas to emphasize the storytelling aspect of the plane.
- There will be a mechanic similar to learn named "rehearse" that gets performance cards. These are enchantments that are also sagas. Commons will only have two abilities, but higher rarities might have more.

- Morph might be a mechanic in this set to flavorfully represent costumes, but I haven't completely decided yet.

Feel free to ask any questions, give any suggestions, or share your thoughts on this. I'd love to hear some feedback!

(Oh, and if anyone knows how to make set symbols, please let me know, I have a symbol in mind, but I don't know how to make it.)


  • Oh oops I put this in contests instead of custom sets
  • I'm getting Rezzata flashbacks from this. 
  • Haha yeah there is definitely some overlap with Rezatta, but I think this is different enough to be its own thing.
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    Its been over a week and I think I've made a bit of progress within that amount of time:
    Mechanic-Related Progress:
    - I have decided that Morph WILL be one of the mechanics used.
    - "Finale" is a new mechanic that is similar to the city's blessing. (If a player's life total is less than or equal to half their starting life total, begin your finale.)
    - Convoke is gonna be another returning mechanic, and will be seen in Naya colors (WRG).
    Archetype-Related Progress:
    - WU might care about seeing the top two or more cards from the top of your library.
    - WR will care about exactly two creatures attacking. (I'm gonna be calling this archetype "The duet archetype" for hopefully obvious reasons)
    - Black and red are the colors that care about low life totals the most. Therefore, it makes sense that the BR archetype will focus on finale.
    - RG will care about convoke. We've seen WG convoke 2-3 times already, and I wanted to try something new, so I decided that RG will focus on Convoke instead.
    Any questions or suggestions? I'd love to hear them!
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    @feralitator This seems like it would be a really fun and interesting set. I really like the idea!

    I do have a suggestion. How about a creature based mechanic called Ovation, where you get to tap the creature for an effect at the beginning of your end step if a certain action was taken this turn. Example:

    Ovation — At the beginning of your end step, if you cast three or more spells this turn, you may tap [card name]. When you do, draw a card.

    Do you know how many new and returning mechanics you want? Do you plan to have preconstructed commander decks? If not, I think you should consider it. An Encore commander deck would be absolutely perfect for the set.
  • I'm not entirely sure how many new and returning mechanics I want to have right now. I think I'm going to try to fill in a few of the other archetypes, and if I need more design space I might add a fifth mechanic.

    Typically, ability words have the same requirement every time, so I'm not sure about how Ovation is worded right now. But if I add another mechanic, I will definitely strongly consider Ovation as the name of the mechanic.

    Also precon commander decks sounds like a really fun idea! I did consider encore for one of the mechanics, but I didn't want to use it in the main set because it is more focused for a 1v1 environment, so that might be a fun way to use it in a way that's related to the set.
  • I like the sound of the plane. Is it alright if I make a legend of your choice for this using one of your mechanics?
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    I can't garuntee that it will make it into the final set since I'm still in the early stages of making this set, but feel free to use the mechanics as much as you'd like!

    Edit: I just realized you said "Legend of your choice". Currently I don't have many legend ideas right now, and they are all cards I'd like to make, so if you'd like to throw some new legend ideas into the ring I'd love to hear them!
  • Maybe a Rakdos legend dealing with finale? A stunt performer, perhaps?
  • Ah, Rakdos, the Showstopper could be a perfect reprint in the commander decks.
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    @Ashdust_II The idea of a stunt performer actually sounds pretty cool. I don't really want to start making legends until I have all the commons and uncommons made, but maybe they do something small until you're in your finale, where they then will do something massive. Also, I think I miiiight have some art in mind, but idk how much of a stunt performer they look like.
    Artist is MingJiZhu

    @ShadowReign I think I actually have a card I made a long while back that might fit better than Rakdos, the Showstopper:

    Rakdos the Final Curtain

  • Sounds good. I'll start the design, and post it when you want. 
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    You can post it whenever. For reference, here's how Finale cards are worded exactly:
    Finale (If a player's life total is less than or equal to half their starting life total, begin your finale.)

  • Actually, I would prefer if you would hold off on posting it (Although I wouldn't mind if you posted it before seeing this message). I don't want to rush this project, and creating legends is a task that happens closer to the end (at least for my process of making sets).
  • @feralitator I'll message you the first draft. Only you will see it.
  • I won't even post in on my account.
  • Sure, I guess.
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    I'm back with another update. I have been thinking about the planeswalkers that will most likely be in this set, and I have two so far:

    Verchiel & Akanos:

    I just thought of this character this morning. They are a being that is half-angel, and half-demon, who has multiple personalities, with different appearances for each personality. Verchiel has the appearance of an angelic being, and wears a joyful mask. Akanos has the appearance of a demonic being, and wears a more upset mask. I don't want to use MDFCs as a recurring theme in this set, but I would happily make an exception for this character.


    When I thought of possible returning planeswalkers, Oko was the first planeswalker that came to mind. His whole trickery shtick seems like it would fit right in with the costume and performance themes of this set.

    I also considered Estrid (The mask planeswalker from those commander decks), but there's like no fanart of her, and with the split personality planeswalker who uses masks as faces, I think the chances of her appearing have gone from slim to none.

  • I'm gonna reprint a card from a set that I really shouldn't reprint from: Unstable

    I am making an errata though to make it a bard since I'm planning on making WG Bard tribal.
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    I mean it's just oozing with flavour for the set... so why not? The card itself is black-bordered ability wise... and wizards has "reprinted" unset effects before with different names/flavour. (Realistically for this you wouldn't need to change that though.)
  • @Abu_Jafar Exactly!!! Normally it would feel like a crime to reprint an unset card in black border, but Amateur Auteur fits so perfectly that its genius.
  • Why is Amateur Auteur an Un-set card in the first place?
  • @ShadowReign I think the flavor text of modern black border cards has changed to a usually more serious tone compared to older cards (Although I could be wrong with this. assessment). To me, Amateur Auteur's flavor text feels like the potential silliness of an old card mixed with the themes from modern planes.
  • Oh yeah, I think I have a list of archetypes that I'm pretty happy with. For a while I was struggling to think of what I wanted the UR and BG archetypes to be, so I thought that figuring out the flavor of each color pair might help me figure out a mechanical direction:
    WU - Group that records the events of other planes
    WB - Comedy & Tragedy (Maybe something related to polar opposites?)
    WR - Romance/Duets
    WG - Bards & Scriptwriters
    UB - Nightmarish characters from the story of the evil king
    UR - Stage Tech
    UG - Costumed Performers
    BR - Performers wanting a grand finale
    BG - Self-Centered Actors (Mostly Elves)
    RG - Interpretive Dance
    Tbh, I'm not sure all of these flavor identities are home runs (*Cough* WB *Cough*)... However, coming up with flavor for UR and BG did prove to be useful, as that did help me brainstorm some ideas for mechanical direction. Here's the list I have:
    WU - Scry
    WB - Enchantments going to your graveyard
    WR - Attack w/ exactly two creatures
    WG - Bard tribal (Enchantress subtheme)
    UB - Nightmare tribal (Power 1 or less hate subtheme)
    UR - "If two or more creatures convoked this spell"
    UG - Morph
    BR - Suicide aggro finale
    BG - Highest power creature matters
    RG - "Whenever this creature becomes tapped"
    Overall, I am really happy with all of these archetypes. I think they all have a chance to do something new that hasn't been explored before.
  • How is this project coming along?
  • Its been going good so far! I have a first draft of commons, and I think its in a pretty good place at the moment. I'm hoping to do an online draft with some friends and playtest the cards soon.

    I've been using another card creator because the sagas have a card frame that isn't on cardsmith (I know it's technically possible to do on cardsmith, but I like how look with the saga frame).

    I might port the cards over to cardsmith eventually, but for the time being I'm using card conjurer and putting them in a google drive folder.

    On another note, I decided to add Boast as a mechanic to hopefully add more aggression to the set, and it will be used in mostly black and green, and sometimes white and red. In addition, I am changing the BG archetype to focus on Boast for the same reason I am adding the mechanic, plus it flavorfully fits the self-centered actor/socialite theme in BG.

    If anyone wants to look at the cards, here's the google drive folder:
  • Oh yeah, I also have a few other things:

    I have come up with a name for this plane and set:
    Athria: Stage of the Multiverse

    Athria comes from two words: "Athens", where theater was originated, and "Aria", which is just another word for "song".

    Also, I think I'm going to add Ashiok to the group of planeswalkers in this set, since they fit really well with Nightmare tribal in UB. Also, I have a really good cardname picked out for them already.

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