Give me your wildest card concepts and I'll make them!

Self-explanatory. I'm trying to become a better cardsmith, so if you give me a card concept, I'll Make it, no matter how bizarre it may seem. So throw some ideas at me!


  • I've found a series of rules that make no sense to me, because I don't play planeschase.
    Create a card that plays around with these abilities.

    901.15. Single Planar Deck Option


    901.15a As an alternative option, a Planechase game may be played with just a single communal planar deck. In that case, the number of cards in the planar deck must be at least forty or at least ten times the number of players in the game, whichever is smaller. The planar deck can’t contain more phenomenon cards than twice the number of players in the game. Each card in the planar deck must have a different English name.


    901.15b In a Planechase game using the single planar deck option, the planar controller is considered to be the owner of all cards in the planar deck.


    901.15c If any rule or ability refers to a player’s planar deck, the communal planar deck is used.
  • @jpastor alright. I've got to do some research, but I'll get it to you.
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    @jpastor I have no idea how powerful this is, because I have no idea what plane chase is, But I think I've made a card that becomes more powerful with a communal planar deck. And also, apparently planes enter the battlefield in the command zone? That's what the mtg wiki says. Weird.

  • Oh, but then the planes wouldn't be entering the battlefield, and his first ability wouldn't do anything. Ugh, plane chase is confusing.
  • @jpastor that ruleset is how I see Planechase get played more often than not. Actually, I’ve never seen it played “normally” now that I think about it. ?

    @Ashdust to summarize the above variant of Planechase, the game starts with a big stack of planes (and maybe some phenomena) in the middle, and we flip the first one face up once everyone keeps their starting hands. Planes have two abilities: the first ability is always on, and generally passively affects the game in a big way (for example, Lethe Lake makes you mill ten cards during your upkeep). The second ability, the chaos ability, triggers whenever someone rolls chaos on the planar die (more on that in a moment), and usually does synergistic with the first planar ability (e.g Llanowar lets all your creatures tap for {G}{G}, and its chaos ability untaps all your creatures). 

    The planar die is a d6 with 4 blank faces, one face with the planeswalker symbol, and one face with the chaos symbol. At sorcery speed, the turn player can roll the planar die. If they roll chaos, they get the chaos effect of the current plane. If they roll the planeswalker symbol, they planeswalk, putting the current plane on the bottom of the deck and revealing the next one. A player can roll the planar die as many times as they want during their turn; the cost to roll starts at {0} but increases by {1} each subsequent time you roll in the same turn. (i.e. rolling once is free, the second time costs {1}, the third costs {2}, etc.)

     Hope this helps! ?
  • I’d been typing the previous comment before you posted Vazim; didn’t realize you’d already gone and read the rules. ?

    While Vazim might have more options with a communal deck, they’d probably be more powerful in a regular game since you can turn off your opponent’s strategic choices at will. Perhaps you could change the scry trigger to whenever a player planeswalks, and make the tutor search your planar library for a plane, then planeswalk to it.
  • @cadstar369 this is VERY helpful. I really appreciate this. Thank you. I'll edit it tomorrow, because I'm lazy.
  • One thing I've been trying to come up with for @Yesterday's Cleave discussion is a */* creature with cleave. If you can come up with that concept and post it to Yesterday's discussion, that would be dope!
  • @jpastor sounds good. 
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    @jpastor Think it might be a bit much, but it's posted.
  • Make a card with an ability that triggers when you lose the game. 
  • @KorandAngels interesting. Alright, I'll get it to you here in a while.
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    @KorandAngels Sorry for the delay. This was difficult. I'm not entirely happy with it..

  • @Ashdust_II ;from rule 800.4d, “if a triggered ability that would be controlled by a player who has left the game would be put onto the stack, it isn’t put on the stack.” Losing = leaving the game, so the last effect of Bargain with Shadow(s) doesn’t work. (More generally, it’s impossible to make a functional card that triggers upon your own loss. There are a few cards that replace you losing with something else though, such as Stunning Reversal.)

    (Used this site for reference:
  • @cadstar369 Ah, so this challenge wasn't technically possible? 
  • Correct; there's no way to do it. On a separate note, I have a challenge for you: create a non-modal spell that has 7+ 'modes' to it. (That is, create a spell that doesn't have 'choose N' type effects like a Charm/Command that can result in at least seven distinct effects.)

    For example, Ichor Slick has 4 'modes': [Cast it normally; cycle it to draw a card; cycle it & cast via madness; discard it another way & cast via madness]. Similarly, the Battlemages/Volvers also have 4 'modes'. On the other hand, Comet Storm only has 1 'mode': Deal X damage to Y+1 targets.
  • @cadstar369 This is going to be both fun and difficult.

    On it.
  • @cadstar369 Here, have your monstrosity. It's terrifying. 

  • @Ashdust_II How about a card that interacts with Schemes for archenemy? 
  • I made a card with a "you lose the game" trigger. I know we're supposed to give you challenges, but I was reading through these, and thought of this card.

    Challenge: make a card that puts cards into piles, 1 to keep, and 1 to get rid of.
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