Who would you cast to play the part of MTG Planeswalkers?

Thought this would make a good topic for thought.
Let's hear your thoughts!

I'm going to go with only a couple:

Nissa = Daisy Ridley
Chandra = Brie Larson
Ajani = Ron Perlman
Jace = Tom Cruise
Karn = Josh Brolin


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    Idris Elba as Teferi, at least the older version, seems like a pretty natural choice. He has the right look and body type and the proper air of authority.

    Garruk would need a big, wide body builder type who can be gruff and menacing. Jason Momoa might be too charming. Dave Bautista is an obvious choice, but he's not getting any younger. John Cena's not tall enough and a bit too comedic. There might be other pro wrestlers who are aspiring actors. Hard to say!

    Many planeswalkers would have to completely animated characters, at which point you should be casting by voice performance alone. With that in mind, Karn and dragon boys like Ugin and Nicol Bolas could be voiced by some of the great bass/baritone voice actors out there. Kevin Michael Richardson and Keith David come to mind. They have the range to potentially play any of them.

    Speaking of voices, I feel Jason Spisak (Silco from Arcane) would be great choice for someone like Ashiok. He could also do a pretty good Dovin if he toned down the menace a little bit.
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    Not technically a planeswalker, but I could understand Ellen McLain as the voice of Emrakul. I mostly only know voice actors though, so I won't have all that many suggestions. 
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