Need some help with a weird card idea

Is the final line of rules text on this neccessary?


  • The last line about having no effect is unnecessary, since Raw Animus only has a color-defining ability and a triggered ability upon cast. With no other spell abilities, it will naturally do nothing. (You may want to change that line to reminder text to retain clarity with regards to Raw Animus intentionally doing nothing upon resolution.)
  • @KorandAngels @cadstar369 Thanks! I was worried a spell without an effect to resolve wouldn’t resolve at all, or some other weird rules interaction.
  • I recommend referencing Shell of the Last Kappa or Fiery Gambit for wording if you want to explicitly state that Raw Animus has no effect.  Otherwise, there's no problem in not saying anything, as it's understood that cards do what they say (like if you bother actually casting Bridge from Below), so an absence of text communicates an absence of effect.
  • So what did you try to do with this card. When I'm playing I'm not very likely to cast an instant that doesn't do anything. Or is this to enable storm-type abilities?
  • @CrucibleOfHate ;Still. Wouldn't you prefer to cast a spell that actually does something by resolving with an actual effect? Maybe I'd use this if it was cheap to cast, but if I want to copy this at least once, it costs me 3 mana. Why not make my opponent discard while I'm paying?
  • @stijnhommes Raw Animus is much better than the majority of similar X spells (and even many normal spells at comparable mana value) for the effects you can obtain from magecraft triggers, and becomes absurd once you have more than one such effect on the board. For example, for {X}{2} this can draw you X+1 cards while also making X+1 Fractals that each get X+2 +1/+1 counters, at a better rate than just drawing that many cards, at instant speed and using mana of any type. Considering that you could also add life drain, make treasures, pump your team, etc, the sheer versatility of this card, as well as the fact that its ‘effects’ are uncounterable without something like Whirlwind Denial, more than makes up for its lack of effect in a vacuum.

    On a separate note, to answer your initial question, Raw Animus was presumably created as string enabler for EisenKruetzer’s custom ability Incant (basically Magecraft but on instants/sorceries).
  • The last line is not necessary, but if I were you, I'd include as reminder text: (This spell resolves with no effects) or something along those lines.  I like the idea, though.  You could change it to "You may cast X copies of this spell without paying their mana cost.  Those copies lose this ability." if you wanted to make this a Storm enabler as well.  Probably wouldn't be too much more broken, since it's still doing nothing but adding to the storm count and activating triggers, but it would be able to be played alongside a lot more cards, while now, there's almost nothing outside of Strixhaven that cares about copying spells.
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