Cardsmithing Cardsmiths 2022

For this version of the Cardsmithing cardsmith contest, for each entry, please include a cardsmith you believe does a great job, but isn't as well known on the site or in the forums.

rules are the same as previous versions of this contest (im lazy sorry)

I will favorite each card submitted regardless of category (well known cardsmiths and lesser known cardsmiths)

1st place for both categories: 3 likes on cards they made and 3 likes on cards for the cardsmith they featured.
2nd place for both categories: 2 likes on cards they made and 2 likes on cards for the cardsmith they featured.
3rd place for both categories: 1 like on a card they have made and 1 like on a card made by the cardsmith they featured.


  • Here's a (probably imbalanced) card dedicated to JoshuaRea!

    Rea Mistress of Melody

    Despite only have being an active member since May 27, 2022, JoshuaRea has already become an especially prolific cardsmith, and has produced over 80 cards within their first week! Their creations are almost exclusively apart of their custom set, Crow's Call, which takes inspiration from Celtic Mythology.

    Linger (Whenever you play an instant or sorcery
    spell, you may pay {2} and exile this card from your
    graveyard. If you do, add the bracketed phrase to the
    triggering spell.)

  • I was worried this had flopped, but I'm glad to see someone posted a card
  • I have added in the rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for both known and lesser known cardsmith categories.  Since the featured cardsmith of the winners will receive likes on cards they have made, please include a link to their MTG Cardsmith account.
  • I'm also gonna close this contest in December so people don't feel rushed to submit cards
  • Dropping in a card for Ashdust. They're relatively new & don't post particularly often on the forums currently. Collection links: [Ashdust] [Ashdust_II]

    Mythcaller Ashdust
  • What do you count as well known? Is it like Corwinnn level or dancing around the forum level? 
  • @Tonysparks If they have had cardsmith cards made in prior cardsmith contests I'll count them as well known, especially if there are multiple cards made for them
  • Got it, I'll get to fishing
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