Soratopolis, city of heroes

Soratopolis is a plane where magic is new, only having been discovered around 20 years or so. The few who gained the ability to harness magic - around 10% of the total population -  used it in one of two ways. Either they used it to their advantage, becoming villains, or they used it to pursue justice and peace, becoming heroes. There are five main heroes, but other than that, I haven't finished much.

Warden- Warden specializes in the magical ability to conjure spectral ropes, that he uses to incapacitate or hold his enemies. He is in bant colors.

Shade- Shade has the ability to become incorporeal at will, using his ability to avoid detection or phase through walls. He is in esper colors.

Trickster, "Trixie"- Trickster is an illusionist, using her illusions to mess with her enemies heads, and cause general confusion. She is in grixis colors.

Stonewall- Stonewall can cover his entire body in hardened stone, protecting him from physical attacks and making him hit like a truck. He is in jund colors.

Totem- Totem can call on the spirits of nature to encase herself in a spectral animal cloak (sort of like totem armor), protecting her mind and lending her the abilities of that animal. Totem is in naya colors.

Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. I don't have any villains yet, but I'm working on it. If you like, make your own magical hero or villain. 

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