Artwork help

So I'm trying to find artwork for a card I'm making, but I'm doing something wrong. I'm going for a male grixis faerie, but not only is artwork for "male fairy" rare, the few pieces of art I can find are completely wrong for what I'm trying to do. If you could suggest keywords, or point out some art for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I'll just change the creature type and move on.


  • What sites do you normally search for art on? If I remember correctly, there’s a post in the Tutorials section that should have a list of useful places to look.

    For this card in particular, you could try “male fairy fantasy art”, “Oberon fantasy art”, or “fairy king fantasy art” on Pinterest. Even if that doesn’t get you what you’re looking for, it should be enough to dig up a starting point for similar images.
  • You can also try spelling it faerie.
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