Ongoing Art thing by KorandAngels (this is getting severely ignored)

So, I only recently began using Deviantart's Favourites Folders system, and over a few months I've categorised a number of images. And since I never could, or would even want to, use so much of this for myself, I'm making a contest for people to use images I found! Also, not every image in these folders is usable for cards, there are a number of graphs. 
The Folders (Categorised from Most to Least images at the time of posting) 

Abominations And Demons ( For things that are either obviously evil, or subtly wrong. 

Angelic Creatures ( For things that are either obviously good, or subtly right. 

Generic Epic Scenes ( This would go last, but I already decided to sort them by amount of images. 

The Imaginary Past ( Where I put sci-fi, for some reason

Cute Monstrosities ( This is also self-explanatory. 


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    Come on guys I'm doing my best here. 
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    It's a really nice bank of data for artworks, thanks for sharing!

    I've only given your folders a quick look but those seem full of ressources and inspiring arts. As it made me discover the artist Raul Ramos (I navigated a bit on deviantart suggestions from your last folder, he isn't directly included but I can only recommend you to check their beautiful pieces out!) I'd like to share with you a pretty weird little custom card it inspired me. :)

    (Sorry for the edit, I realized I made a mistake concerning artist's name and thought that was important to correct it. I'll also just add a link to their deviantart's page. / Also, I added a little flavor text!)

    Raul Ramos page:

  • I got some cool new things in the big two folders! 
  • I wonder if you'd get more action if people could just message you and you'd give them links to a single piece of art and they have to design something using that art.  I think I'd rather do that, and it would be more like a game for anyone jumping in and wouldn't require us to go fishing through your folders for something that necessarily inspires us.  Just a suggestion.
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