Scryfall Random Commander Interpretations

This challenge is simple, go to Scryfall and click on "random card". Then you take that card and turn it into a commander that's based off the original card. If you get a legendary creature or a card you may have difficulty with designing a card, Then you can re-roll it again to get a different card. Then post both the original generated card and the card you submitted so I can compare them to see if they are identical mechanics-wise.



1. No un-cards.

2. Up to four entries by the deadline for each participant.

3. This is the most important rule I expect out of all participants...HAVE FUN!

Judging Criteria:

1. Balanced: Not OP, not underwhelming.

2. Similarity: This is based on how similar your card is compared to the original. 

3. Polished: Make it feel complete and thought out.

4. Art choice: Art is a must, and try to make it decent. No inappropriate images and please credit the artist.


As of now, the deadline is July 9th.

Good luck contestants!


  • This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm down!
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    Original card:

    My version:

    There are currently no published vehicle commanders, so this might be a bit of a stretch.
  • @Arceus8523
    Huh, I tried searching on Scryfall, but didn't find that one. Good to know!
  • The scryfall search you want is "t:vehicle is:commander"
  • My first two random cards turned up duds with just a token and then a vanilla creature. I already have designed a vanilla matters commander so I wasn’t interested in redoing that. My third attempt brought me something that I actually went past, looking for a creature, before realizing that there was, in fact, something I could do with it.

    My card was Terra Eternal from Worldwake.

    And I thought about a commander for creatures that have more than one type, a thought brought about by land creatures. And so I made…

  • @Arceus8523 thoughts on using the commanders made here for the random commander event should we be able to put together a game day this summer?
  • I thought Galina is from Dominaria?
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    @Ranshi I'm gonna be 100% with you, I didn't realize the art was from an existing card. It looked cool so I used it.

  • It's not from an existing card. The character is from a card, yeah, but the art is fully original! I just assumed you know because you used the character's name.
  • @Ranshi I meant that I didn't know the card Empress Galina existed in the first place and I used the name of the art piece for the card name by complete coincidence. 

  • Ah! I see!
  • Based on Stoneshock Giant.


  • The first time, I got an actual legend (Though one from the original Legends, so it is an underwhelming card and I probably could have done it anyway). Then, I tried again and got a card that is, although flavourful, also underwhelming: 
    Gravity Sphere Legends  Good Games TCG
    I kinda regret using this art, since I really like it, but it's the only thing I could find that fits the prompt. Also, I am aware that Reach will do almost nothing to this card under normal circumstances, it just seems to add to the anti-flying effect. 
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    I got Stormfront Riders.

    It inspired me to go for a ''creature-matters'' and bounce themed archetypal commander, in which I included a ''color-matters'' theme.

    And here comes another one!

    This time, another white card in the mix, as I got Shieldmate's Blessing!

    (Which is a really bad card, ngl.)

    It inspired me to go for a spell named Emaria's Grace, beacause those words are figuring into Shieldmate's Blessing's flavor text. I also used shield counter because of the name of Shieldmate's Blessing haha.

    And another one! I got Peer Pressure.

    And I've chosen to turn it into a Background.

    And another one! I got Jenara, which is imo quite a lucky drop and could already be seen as a commander card on its own.

    It inspired me to go for a full cycle of legendaries Asuras, as there are supposed to be seven of them according to Bant's lore. Here's my revisited version of Jenara. You can find a link to that Asura cycle below.

    EDIT: Well, given that it's only four entries, consider this one as a ''bonus'' one that isn't directly an entry for the contest. I didn't counted the cards I designed since this was really funny concept of contest to work around! So, for that bonus card, I got Mardu Runemark, which is part of a cycle of Auras from Fate Reforged that cares about other permanents colors.

    It inspired me to go for a ''Runemark monument'' that would interact well with those and make all Auras more valuable. It also cares about the colors of other permanents you control and I've chosen to make it so you need one permanent of each color to have it depicting a ''memory'' to all runemarks together.

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    Original card:

    My version:
    It's probably too powerful, but I had trouble fitting all the text and didn't feel like tweaking it any more.

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    Pulled Secret Salvage, Zombie Goliath (vanilla creature; skipped), and Arboreal Grazer. Not particularly stellar material, but might as well go for it! :sweat_smile:

    Secret SalvageAmaya Unscrupulous Salvager Amaya Unscrupulous SalvagerTareth Majestys Herald
  • @cadstar369
    Amaya seems a bit odd for a commander. Since it's a highlander format (only one copy of each card), making use of that ability would require multiple players running the same card, which you can't really plan around.
    It's arguably broken with Rat Colony, though.

    I could be misunderstanding the ability.
  • @Suleman Amaya is certainly a card that is challenging to use (since Secret Salvage is similarly difficult to use in Commander), but there are a few ways I can think to use her: Amaya can function as a “punish homogeneity” commander by building around the expectations of what cards most people will play, such as Sol Ring (this will likely play out with a heavy artifact theme). Of course she works very well with the “any number of copies” cards (could be very spicy in the 99 of a Dragon’s Approach deck). You might even be able to make a sneaky variant of the Maralen + Opposition Agent strategy. At worst, Amaya always functions as nonland graveyard hate, so you could also play around with multiple replacement effects to constantly mess with what happens to cards that go to the graveyard (this last idea is why I specified that the card must be exiled by Amaya, as opposed to leaving the graveyard any old way). Overall, Amaya is one of those commanders that most people would rather put in the 99 than the command zone.
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    I pulled Viridian Claw.

  • Pulled Terminus & mixed in a little Wheel of Sun & Moon.

    TerminusCeres Celestial Chronicler
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  • Okay everyone, it appears that I was a little late on the deadline so on my behalf the deadline will be extended two more days to see if we can get just a few more participants. So the new deadline is July 9 which will be updated as of now. 
  • Fourth entry; based on Widespread Panic.

  • Second card: Cultbrand Cinder

    Commander Version:

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