Scryfall Random Commander Interpretations



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    Entry 3:

  • Random Card:

    My Card:
    Jazah Patient Rebellion
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    Tomorrow the contest will be officially closed at 3:00 PM Mountain Time and the results should be in by the day after. So there is still some time to get any cards submitted if needed. 
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    Entry #3

  • Okay everyone the contest has officially closed and I will now proceed with judging based off the criteria. 
  • Okay everyone the results are in. There were not many entries this time around which made it a tad bit difficult to judge all your wonderful creations. I thank all of you for submitting cards anyways to just show how creative we all are. 

    Third place: Bachzim, Lord of Cinders by hileandr

    This card is the embodiment of just BIG and I love it. My main knack about is how much of a pain it would be to keep track of his counters and what type of counters as well and it just being sent to the command zone with all those counters can be a bit powerful. But this can be resolved with cards that bounce it back to your hand or put it into your library. None the less well done.

    Second place: Galark, First Tree Evangel by Jadefire

    I always saw those cycle of cards from Fate Reforged as basically "legendary" like Soulfire Grand Master and Shaman of the Great Hunt and this is a very good translation between creation and inspiration, Good job.

    First place: Flagis, Panic's Flame by cadstar369

    This card is the embodiment of just pure chaos and I love it. I always like cards that spice up the game a bit making it just that much more interesting. If this card were real I would 100% make a deck around it. It would be an interesting one to build around, Good job.

    I thank you all for participating and hope to host another contest again. As a thank you I will be flavoring everyone's submissions, Until next time my friends.  
  • Thanks @Commando for hosting this contest, it was fun.  Congratulations to @cadstar369 and @hileandr!
  • Hey, I'm glad I made top 3 even though I don't play commander!

    And I agree, this was a fun contest! I wonder if there's some similar contests that would be fun, like "random until you get a common and turn it into a mythic" or vice versa.
  • Yeah this random generator idea is super fun. Great contest!
  • This was an amazing experience and contest concept, thanks a lot for hosting it! Congrats to @cadstar369 for the win and to @Jadefire and @hileandr ! I had a great time looking at all those really cool and inspiring custom cards. :) 
  • Thanks @shelko, a lot of good ideas definitely came out of this challenge.

    I would do a random common to mythic challenge.  Or find a random card and create a card that combos with it challenge.  I was holding onto that idea for a long time but I'd rather see someone else host it as a challenge than have it sit on the back burner indefinitely.
  • @Jadefire Both those surely sound appealing as well for challenge concepts! As a little idea for the ''random common to mythic'' one, I'd think it would be more fun if there is some kind of rule in the mix that makes it so that the ''random generator'' would exclude cards that have seen their rarety downshifted from higher rareties to common over time when those cards got reprinted. I don't know if I'd get enough time this summer for hosting such a thing, but if you need someone to host one of those challenges I could maybe look into doing it!
  • @Shelko The common to mythic idea was from @hileandr.  I agree that some commons would be easier to upshift than others.  No worries, I'm just floating an idea for anyone who's interested.  Better to take the time to do it well than to cram it into an already busy schedule.

  • This is a surprisingly nice card! It's not a good card, it just looks good.
    This is all I could come up with. It probably shouldn't be uncommon, and it's a very bad commander, but it counts! 
  • I got
    I made

    There kind of similair,but i still like what i did
  • It's been a while since I've made one of these! I should do it soon!
  • I got Batterhorn, and it's not the most logical connection to it, but the wording of "may destroy" gave me an idea that is barely tangentially related to Batterhorn! Hold tight for the product!

  • Ok, so Batterhorn got me thinking about the mechanical play differences between optional and necessary, so I made them the same!

  • Original card

    My version

  • Btw, that illustration is Goldmane Griffin by Paul Scott Canavan; please credit your artists!
  • Sorry! I’ll try to do better next time.
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    Oh god it gave me a legal unfinity card... I think? I don't actually know with the new sets horrible design... anyways here's my go.


    My version:

    Zenitsu, the Speed Devil by Laharl897 | MTG Cardsmith
    Don't like alpha strikes idea... so I made my own alpha strike.
  • @Laharl897 That flavor text on your card killed me  :D
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