The correct order for combinations of phyrexian mana and regular mana symbols?

What's the correct order for combinations of phyrexian and regular mana symbols of the same color on a card? If a card costs {b}{p/b}, which symbol should go first?


  • There's no precedent for mixing regular and Phyrexian mana on the same card except for Tamiyo, Compleated Sage and there it was positioned between two regular mana symbols.  The reminder text for Phyrexian mana lists the payment options in the order of coloured mana and then life so you could place it after all the symbols that can only be paid with mana.  Otherwise, it may just be an aesthetic choice. 
  • @Jadefire Thanks! I'll experiment and see what looks and feels best.
  • It may also depend on which other colours of mana are in the cost: {g}{p/g}{u} looks better than {g}{u}{p/g} and {p/g}{u}{r} is a more correct order than {u}{r}{p/g}, so there are other factors that need to be considered.
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