Poor graphical quality of downloaded cards for printing

I'm helping my son to get his deck of cards printed. We have read and followed your guide:  https://mtgcardsmith.com/blog/printing-custom-mtg-tokens. But it seems to me that the basic quality of the image is very poor (low resolution), esp. the text. Images are roughly 100 KB, which indicate lossy compression. Is there any way we can improve the basic quality - before spending sums on photo paper and printing services ? Like do you offer a special plan with higher quality as a feature ? Br the non-playing IT consultant ;-)


  • The quality is set at the current parameters so as to prevent and hamper counterfeiting of cards from the site. For increased picture quality try using MTGDesign. 
    Don't be a counterfeiter!
  • I fully understand the wish to prevent counterfeiting of official cards and the cards made by other users. Though, the prime purpose of MTG Cardsmith, I take it, is to offer a service to design your own cards. And I guess most creators strive for quality in their work. Why else bother spending countless hours creating. I don't see why both targets can't be met! Exporting and printing high quality versions behind strong login to your own account would take us a long way. Inclusion of various watermarks and copyright tokens on the cards is fully OK. Copying/saving card images elsewhere on the site may then continue to work with lower image quality.
  • One day it may become a reality, but currently we're not running the higher image quality that you're looking for. MTGDesign does have a higher image quality, which is why I pointed you in that direction. We're not trying to keep you from making those higher quality cards, we just don't offer them at the moment.
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