Battle Mystery Box Challenge

Inspired by @jpastor

It's same as jpastor's Mystery Box Challenge, something is different...

When you asks for a mystery box, you MUST challenge another fellow opener before you and he/she can get a box. If you can't think of anyone to challenge, I will arrange one for you.

You and challenged player will be given boxes with some rules to it. Such as you will create a blue creature that must avoid spell target to itself in hard situation while your challenged player must create a red or green spell that will counter your blue creature while remain true to mtg. The rule of this box will prevent your challenged player from creating silver bordered card while you will must keep it balanced.

SubjectA! Here's your battle mystery box
You are creature engineer!

When your creature enters the battlefield, mana must be spent to increase BOTH power and toughness up to 7.

The mana cost is 4 total.

You are creature destroyer!

You can only create red noncreature spell.

It must able destroy creature and this card is source of dealing damage.

SubjectA can only create a colorless creature, however, he or she may have it become color once ability is either activated or triggered.

SubjectB cannot create simple ability such "[source] deals [amount] damage to target" while it remains true to red.

I, myself, will judge the card based on color, ability, rarity, mana cost, the power/toughness, and balancing of the card.
I may will invite a nonplayer to judge how it have a impact on the battlefield as if it is real card.
And another player as tiebreaker.

Winning player earns a point.

Completing a box will earn you an item which you can use in later game. Beware, these can be only used once!

At end of each week, I will favorite a card of player's with most points.

Any questions? If not, then have fun smithing!

Additional Rules:
#1 As you challenge a new player, I will check with them to see if they wish to be in or out. This request will expire in a week. If it expires or is denied, he or she become unchallengable and you must find different one.



  • (Did I do something wrong? Is my challenge too boringly? Is there something wrong with rules?)
  • I’ll give this a shot, I challenge @Izzy
  • Globert-the-Martian! Here's your offensive mystery box.
    You are ability blocker!

    The card cannot be either blue, white, or green.

    This card should be able to counter or prevent the ability from being triggered or activated.
    Izzybean! (Am I talking to right person?) Here's your defense mystery box.
    You are builder!

    Create a legendary land.

    The land should be able to deal damage to player and/or creature in any manner.
    Globert-the-martian cannot create a silver-bordered card.

    Izzybean's land must uses other fuel to activate or trigger it. (Sacrifice a creature, discard a card, etc)

    Bonus point: If ability of the land is blocked by Globert, they will earn extra point. Otherwise, Izzy gets extra point.

  • ( @Globert-the-Martian Did I do something wrong or you lost interest in attempting to create a card...? If so, let me know how can I fix it.)

    New Rule soon will be updated; When challeneger challenges another player. I will check with them whether they may choose to enter contest to perform challenge or they may deny it then they become unchallengable. No respond in a week will result as unchallengable and the challenge automatically is denied until he or she decides to enter contest.
  • @Izzybean Your request will expire on Oct 11, 11:59 PM Central Time.
  • @FireOfGolden you’re good, I just haven’t had much inspiration yet. I fully intend to complete this challenge when I come up with something.
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    <Thumb up>
  • @Globert-the-Martian Unfortunately, the request is almost expired. Would you like to abort the box and try to challenge different person? You will still earn a point for any inconvenience may cause you.
  • @FireOfGolden - It's a bit quiet around forums these days, but I doubt it'll stay that way for long. 

    Anyways, I'll take a box, and I want to challenge... *looks at recent activity on other threads* ... @Tonysparks!
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    @Tonysparks you been challenged, do you accept? (Your request expires in Oct 19, 11:59 pm CT
  • Unfortunately, Izzybean become unchallengable because request expired.

    @Globert-the-Martian you get a point for any inconvenience it may cause. Would you like to challenge another player?
  • Sure. I will challenge… @SpellPiper2213!
  • @SpellPiper2213 You been challenged, would you like to accept? Your request expires in Oct 19, 11:59 pm CT
  • Great!

    SpellPiper2213! Here's your battle mystery box.
    You are creature engineer!

    Create a black non-zombie squirrel

    Once it becomes tapped, its ability must be triggered from it.
    Globert-the-Martian! Here's your battle mystery box.
    You are creature preventer!

    Create a nonblue instant or sorcery.

    Once casted, it must be able stop the creature from entering the battlefield under enemy control.
    Rules for this battle:
    SpellPiper2213 may create common or uncommon cards only.

    Globert-the-Martian cannot create a silver bordered card.

    Bonus Point:
    SpellPiper2213 earns a bonus point, if the created creature is favorited by Corwinnn himself. Otherwise, Globert-the-Martian can win up to two points.

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    It's tough battle, but I selected a winner.
    Well done, you created a card that's white spell which can counter Chattering Outrider and its controller get "money back". That's white specialty.

    I love your flavor text and it matches the artwork so well.
    I noticed you went with common and you made the ability only useful triggered when it attacks. (And while it is tapped.)

    And you balanced it regarding to its common rarity makes it fun to use and used the adorable flavor text for the picture. Great job.

    Therefore, both of you almost made to the tie which I might have to get another judge... However, what really wins me over.

    Flavor text!

    The winner is Liquify Assets because its flavor text gives a short story which I love it!

    Unfortunately for Spell, but fortunately for Globert...

    Globert earned 2 points!

  • Glad you liked it! And gg, @SpellPiper2213!
  • How ‘bout another. I challenge @SussyBakaUwU!
  • @SussyBakaUwU You been challenged! Do you accept it?
    Your request will expire by Oct 25, 11:59 pm.
  • @Tonysparks Your request will expire in two days. After that, you will become unchallengable until you join the challenge.
  • Oh, I was unaware. I accept @TenebrisNemo, @FireOfGolden. What do I do?
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    @Tonysparks Simple, you and TenebrisNemo both get a battle mystery box. (And it's coming soon)
  • TenebrisNemo! Here's your battle mystery box 
    You earned an item called "Swap Mystery Box". You may only activate it after this battle. (When this item became activated, you swap your battle mystery box with your enemy.)

    You are artifact engineer!

    The artifact must contain at least a color.

    It cannot be equipment, yet it must be able to attach a creature.
    Tonysparks! Here's your battle mystery box 
    You are enchantment/artifact destoryer!

    Create a nongreen card.

    It must stay the battlefield after it was casted. (This means no instant or sorcery)
    Rule for this battle:

    No silver bordered cards

    No players may create instant, sorcery, or land.

    There is no Point Bonus, do your best to win!

  • @FireOfGolden

    My current account is dragon based so excuse the theme. I could have gone and deleted some in my main but it is too much work.

    It was never specified how the "artifacts and enchantments" had to be destroyed or that only "artifacts and enchantments" had to be destroyed so I will assume forcing people to sac them counts.

    This is only in case @TenebrisNemo swaps the mystery challenge with me.

  • misread when the thing might be activated so ignore the second portion.
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    I just realized SussyBakaUwU doesn't have an account for this forum. I am sorry, but you must challenge different one.
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