Question about Set to start

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Thank you for supports, I appreciative that a lot!

This goes to these 30 followers from MtgCardsmith as well!

I am currently working on set called Figures: The Rebellion for Freedom RM (Remastered). If you would like to check em out, here's a link below.

And I planned some sets ahead but since I got 30 followers, I let you guys decide which set I may begin once The Rebellion for Freedom RM set is over. Here's some sets, some of them are remaster version which gives more story detail and unique ability.

The Dawn

The Rise of Inklings

The New World


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    @FireOfGolden - The link appears to be busted!

    As for the sets, I think The New World sounds nice.

    Edit: I think I should mention that not every follower over the card creation site use these forums, so they may not see this post unless you post a card with Disqus link to this discussion.
  • @TenebrisNemo My apologies, the link should be fixed now.
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