How do you Change Land Borders without changing Card Background?

Hello all,
I have been working on a custom 261 card set based on The Legend of Zelda, and wanted to print my own dual lands. However I don't seem to be able to get an accurate recreation of magic's dual land borders with the cardsmith editor.
To clarify, I want to be able to do this:
With the grey land background and the white-blue foreground.
But so far the best I can manage are these:

There must be some way to do this properly. Would anyone be willing to help me please? It is driving me crazy.


  • @Knight0Light - The reason for this is simply that mtgcardsmith card creator doesn't have the necessary borders for dual/multicolor identity lands. They've said that they're working on it, but I wouldn't hold my breath, since it's something people have asked for a long time now.
  • Shoot.
    That's a shame, I noticed they also don't have legendary land frames. I hope they actually get around to it soon or my set is going to have some very wonky looking lands.
    @TenebrisNemo - Thanks for your insight! I would have been left wondering otherwise.
  • @Knight0Light Depending on how you want people to see your set, MTGDesign is capable of doing these things.
  • @Knight0Light
    Or MSE (magic set editor) 
  • edited March 2023
    Or if you cant get that downloaded, let me know and I can make them for you. 
    (sorry, didn't realize how old this thread was.  Well let me know if this still applies anyway).

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