How to customize Planeswalkers?

Hello again. As part of my project, I am making some planeswalkers, but I am finding the Planeswalker editor to be a bit wierd. Is there any way for me to:
1. Add a static ability to my planeswalker? The kind that Teferi here has?
Teferi Master of Time  Core Set 2021 M21 75  Scryfall Magic The  Gathering Search

2. Add or remove abilities from planeswalkers so that I could have 4 or 2 like broken Jayce?
Jace the Mind Sculptor  Masters 25 A25 62  Scryfall Magic The  Gathering Search
I appreciate any help you can give. I am still a bit new, and am not particularly experienced with Cardsmith yet.


  • There is currently no way to add or remove loyalty abilities to have 4 or 2 abilities. As for static abilities, you can just leave the loyalty cost blank and it should appear as a static ability
  • Thanks. I suppose that there is no way for me to have a planeswalker with 3 abilities AND a static ability though.
    Thanks for the insight, I appreciate the help.
  • @Knight0Light a chunk of us also use the site, which does support creating this sort of planeswalker and should also allow what you asked previously regarding dual lands.
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