Land Commanders - Contest (Closed for judging!)

Greetings, and welcome to Land Commanders! In this contest, each participant designs up to three Legendary Lands with Home subtype and/or up to three Legendary Creatures with my brand new "Choose a Home" mechanic, inspired by "Choose a Background" and Backgrounds of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate! Since one of my cards that use this mechanic got featured recently, I decided to host this contest earlier than I had originally planned. If you looked for an excuse to create more land cards on your profile, then look no further! 

Choose a Home (You can have a Home as a second commander.)

The cards will be judged in two categories: Lands and Creatures. Both categories will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing winners.

Farland TavernMakatza Kobold LiberatorUnderground CastlekeepAshtad Light in the Dark

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

1. Each entry must either be a Legendary Creature (or a legendary noncreature, nonland permanent that can become a creature) with "Choose a Home" mechanic OR a Legendary Land with Home subtype.
2. Each Cardsmith is allowed to submit up to 6 entries in total (up to 3 entries to either category).
3. No old cards (even if you somehow had made cards with "Choose a Home" mechanic or "Home" subtype before this contest).
4. Cards can be edited and switched out before the due date.
5. No joke cards, but humor can be involved.
6. Credit the artist of the artwork you use (even if it was AI generated).
7. Post a link to your card with your entry (if it's made on Mtgcardsmith).

Prizes of both categories:
1st Place
- 3 favorites of your choice.
- 1 month of Premium Subscription (to you or to another Cardsmith of your choice.)
2nd Place
- 2 favorites of your choice.
3rd Place
- 1 favorite of your choice.

The winners and honorable mention(s) will have their entries favorited by me. The top three winning entries of both categories will also get a -TROPHY- and added to the -HALL OF FAME-!

The contest will be closed for judging in two weeks, on 4th of November, 23:59 EEST. The judging will take a few days at least.

Present your commander and their homeland!


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