Land Commanders - Contest (Closed for judging!)



  • Closed for judging!

  • How’s judging going on this?
  • @Aggroman15 - Hey! Thanks for asking!

    I've added all 66 entries to my judging files, and the judging has gone smoothly... when I had time to do so. These past 10 days or so, a few short projects had been thrown onto my lap, so I've had to work on those nonstop.

    Worry not, I'll resume judging very soon, as I'm aware that two entire weeks have already passed when I closed this! The projects are almost over, and I'll have enough free time to judge this.

    I hope you understand, and I thank you for your patience!
  • That’s absolutely fine, you do what you need to do. Life comes first. Thanks for the response!
  • Judging Results!

    First of all, thank you everyone who joined, and for your patience! I've hosted exactly 10 non-Tournament contests here in Cardsmith, including this one, and I can easily say that this has had the fiercest competition of them all! Judging took roughly five weeks thanks to the abundance of your wonderful entries and the busy schedule of this year's end.

    It's been exciting, while also a bit heartbreaking, to only choose three winners for both Land and Creature categories. There are 8 Honorable Mentions for each category, more than I have ever mentioned in any earlier contest. Without further ado, let's start with...


    Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

    Bjarnogs Roaming HutBusy TownplaceHolt Detective AgencyLoreweavers Spire
    Office of the Wizards CollegeSaagowi Cradle of LoreTacron AcademyVault of Pandemonium

    The Top Three Lands

    ! 3rd Place !

    Cyluna Enclave by @cadstar369!

    Surprisingly nice land with sweet flavor, a good Home for peculiar Commanders!

    - You get 1 favorite from me to a card of your choice -

    Cyluna Enclave

    !! 2nd Place !!

    Ruins of Mylis Keep by @Aggroman15!!

    This Home resonates savagery, which would be quite tasty for some Commanders!

    - You get 2 favorites from me to cards of your choice -

    Ruins of Mylis Keep

    !!! 1st Place !!!

    Elysia, the Desert Sanctuary
    by @Lujikul!!!

    Simple, straightforward, and fun. Full of potential for a plethora of different Commanders and their plans!

    - You get 3 favorites from me to cards of your choice -
    - You also get 1 month of Premium Subscription to a Cardsmith of your choice -

    Elysia the Desert Sanctuary
  • Creatures

    Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

    Agartha the FacestealerDan Holt Crowd ReaderDenkan Academy OratorFerrius the Deepspeaker
    Flamebearer GehrtanNora Depravitys HeraldRimko Vigorous CultivatorSharan The Boundless

    The Top Three Creatures

    ! 3rd Place !

    Mileena, Night's Confidant by @balloonnation!

    Interesting take on scry! I adore the artwork and the overall theme.

    - You get 1 favorite from me to a card of your choice -

    Mileena Nights Confidant

    !! 2nd Place !!

    Cerano, Master of Encores by @Jadefire!!

    Spectacular! Marvelous design! I get Jaskier vibes from the artwork, and I like it!

    - You get 2 favorites from me to cards of your choice -

    Cerano Master of Encores

    !!! 1st Place !!!

    Bjarnog, Oldmother of the Fens
    by @theirintheattic!!!

    Spooky discard commander with exquisite flavor!

    - You get 3 favorites from me to cards of your choice -
    - You also get 1 month of Premium Subscription to a Cardsmith of your choice -

    Bjarnog Oldmother of the Fens
  • @TenebrisNemo thanks for hosting the contest! It was fun making cards and looking at what other people had made. Congrats to the winners!
  • Lastly, here's this contest's trophy! Congratulations to all winners, and thank you everyone who joined, once again!

    TROPHY Land Commanders

    Winners can claim their prizes either by commenting here or by sending me a DM via the Forums or Discord!
  • Thanks @TenebrisNemo for hosting this contest and doing all the work of judging.  No doubt it would've been a difficult task to choose from all of the entries.  Feel free to put the likes on any of my cards that you enjoyed:

    Congratulations to all of the winners and HMs!
  • Congrats to the winners!!!
  • Congrats to all the winners & HMs. :)

    @TenebrisNemo please favorite Koku'en, Crimson Smith.
  • Huge congrats to all winners! @TenebrisNemo, thanks for hosting such a fun contest.

    Threshold of Delirium is the card I'd like to get favorited as the prize. Thanks!
  • Thanks for hosting @TenebrisNemo. Congrats to all the winners!
  • @Jadefire - I favorited Starfield Heart and Aeyora, Icon of Brotherhood. Congratulations once more!

    @cadstar369 - Done! Congrats!

    @balloonnation - You got it! Congrats!
  • I've just distributed the last prize among the winners! Hooray!

    Since this contest got so popular and people seemed to have a fun time, I would happily host another one around this mechanic! That new contest will have slightly different rules, and I'll most likely start it after New Year's Day. We'll see!

    One final time: Congratulations to our winners and thank you everyone for creating your cards and joining the competition! I hope to see you on the next one!

    Happy holidays!

    @Corwinnn - You may close this discussion now!
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