Challenge of Fates — Stitia 666



  • @Tommia Oh darn, do our heroes have to have a noble cause then? Cause based on my character's background they are far from noble.
  • They don't have to have a noble cause; they could just be there to win and no one would really be much the wiser.
  • For combatants / companions, are they limited to a combined total of three mana or a limit of three mana each? (for example, if I wanted to make two companions would I be able to make them both cost two mana?)
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  • I think I might have to drop out, since I'm having a creative block right now, and school is ramping up a bit.
  • @Globert-the-Martian For mana value limitations, these apply to each individual card, not the sum of the cards in the category.
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    @Tonysparks Please do not ping me separately for contestant questions. They put extra notifications in my Forum/Email feed, and I may end up missing notifications because of it.

    I get to notifications as I can, and I may not be available, even if I'm online.
  • Apologies, just trying to help.
  • @SpellPiper2213 You're good! I'll keep you in the ratings just in case you return, but I can definitely understand creative blocks XD
  • Hello, it's been a long while. I kinda disappeared for a years, gomen. Anyways, I'm a bit drunk and can't focus on the total entry requirements atm. I will check back tomorrow, and make proper submissions.

    BTW, I hope Byro didn't flame out in the original Stitia sagas...

  • @spookoops Considering Byro melted a god-to-be's face off I'm pretty sure he'd still be alive-

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    My Champion, Brodi, once the ruler for a small Elven city-state. He was manipulated and framed for corruption and deceit. Had fallen on hard times, he went into a downward spiral. Surviving anyway he knows how. His combat skills are not the best, but has been formally trained in swordsmanship. Brodi specializes in subterfuge, feigns, and thievery. A spectacular get-away artist, he always has a place to hide.

    Upon Brodi's initially fleeing of his city-state, he disappeared in to the nearby swamps, known to be haunted and murderous. He foraged and hid for weeks, slowly willowing away into obscurity. On his final leg of survival, Brodi stumbles upon a great ravine with a guttural bellow from within. Upon inspection, he finds a wounded and trapped fiend, no more than a few months old. Risking life and limb to rescue this bog fiend, to success. Years have past and now the fiend has become his companion, and has grown to epic proportions.

     The event that started Brodi's path...
  • Is this dead, before it lived?
  • Nah. Between me bumping my head and people going through finals, I'm just waiting until after the holidays to do anything super serious about this XD
  • In that case, are my submissions substantial?
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    I took a glance and it looks good; I'll give good looks in a couple weeks because I have to plan to run D&D without warning @_@
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