MTG Cardsmith Secret Santa

Hello, everyone! 

Today, I've got an exciting idea for everyone. With the help of @Usaername, we are looking to host a MTG Cardsmith Secret Santa where you will be able to design cards as a gift to another participant!

How will this work?
1. Fill out the google form linked below. This will indicate your willingness to participate, and give the person assigned to you some information on what sorts of cards to make for you.

2. The google form will close at 11:59pm EST on December 2nd, 2022. Afterward, @Usaername and I will work to randomly and secretly assign everyone somebody to make cards for. We will DM you who you were assigned. The way this is set up, you will know only who you were assigned to. Please keep this a secret, as not knowing who you're going to get a gift from is the crux of Secret Santa.

3. You will then have until 11:59pm EST on December 25th, 2022 to make at least 4 cards for your assigned cardsmith. You may make anything you'd like. There's no required theme, spread of rarities, color, etc. Just go nuts and have fun with it. You will then submit them to Usaer and I via DMs. Do not send your cards directly to your assigned cardsmith. This is meant to be kept a secret until everyone has submitted.

4. On December 26th, we will reveal all the cards people made, and who they were made for! We will both DM you the cards made for you directly, and but the card gallery in a forum post for everyone to look at.

Hopefully this should be obvious, but all cards created should be kept acceptable to the MTG Cardsmith guidelines. If it wouldn't fly on Cardsmith, it won't fly here.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this google from by 11:59pm EST on December 2nd, 2022.

@Usaername and I are looking forward to seeing what everyone does for this event! Thanks, everyone!


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