Tell me about yourself.

Sporadic reposting of a common theme I seek.

So, in the past whenever I did a contest anyone who won I'd ask to give me a brief description of their play style and deck styles that they enjoy the most as well as their favourite colour or colours to play and design a card or cards for them.

One of the issues I'm having is a desire to create cards while my font of inspiration has began to dry up.

Time has been cruel to my free time, and as such I have not created any contests in an increasingly long time. Even though I have a bunch of ideas for contests. Ha ha. How ironic.

Anyways, I digress. All I want from everyone is to give me a brief description of;

Favourite colour or colours. (Can be colourless.)

Favourite creature types. If any.

Favourite play style.

Favourite specific cards. (Actual MtG cards, not custom.)

Any or all of this criteria. I just want to gather some aid in creating cards for specific people.

Note to everyone. There is no time frame or obligation for a card to be made, and there will be no particular order that I do these in, if anyone replies. Ha ha.

And if anyone else sees stuff from others and wants to use that info for themselves, feel free. Use this as a repository of knowledge for fellow cardsmiths.


The purpose of this information is just to get a sense of the direction I could possibly take in creating a card that you'd like, as well as play. Each section has no real consequence, and ultimately there are no right or wrong answers.

Favourite creature type (or subtype) refers to the principle of what tribal creatures do you enjoy.


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    It'll be fun to come back and look at this once a few more people respond. 😄

    Favorite color(s) ~ Blue (I'll play just about anything if there's blue in it.)

    Favorite creature types ~ Dragons, Slivers, Walls, Wizards

    Favorite play style ~ Generally anything that requires minimal to no attacking.

    Favorite specific cards ~ Nymris, Oona's Trickster; Meishin, the Mind Cage; Lightmine Field; Far Out (this was difficult to cut down; I have way too many decks...:sweat_smile:)

    If it helps, here's my Cardsmith Personality collection as well.
  • @cadstar369 - Your Cardsmith Personality is either about University Libraries or it's busted.
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  • What is your name?


    What is your Quest?

    To finish the Tournament.

    What is your favorite color?


    What are your favorite creature types?

    Vampires, Pirates, Humans, and Zombies.

    What is your favorite play style?


    What are your favorite specific cards?

    Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, Thalia's Lieutenant, Halana and Alena, Partners, Vona, Butcher of Magan, and Hostage Taker.

    Here's also my Cardsmith Personality.

    Wait... you didn't ask me about Cardsmith Personality-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Favorite color or colors. (Can be colorless.)

    I enjoy playing basically any color in the game. The ones that align most with my personality are Grixis, as I am a diligent academic, a passionate storyteller, and an ambitious project seeker.

    Favorite creature types. If any.

    Goblins, Wizards, Slivers, Elves, Zombies, Vampires! (I love tribal decks)

    Favorite play style.

    Tribal, Tokens, Spellslinging, Mill, Graveyards, Enchantments (god I'm indecisive)

    Favorite specific cards. (Actual MtG cards, not custom.)

    Mentor of the Meek, Monastery Mentor, Divine Visitation, Anointed Procession>, Sigarda's Aid, Clever Impersonator, Docent of Perfection // Final Iteration, Willbreaker, Fraying Sanity, Savor the Moment (the gay one), Jace, Mirror Mage, Bone Miser, Marionette Master, Liliana's Contract, Bitterblossom, Harmonic Prodigy, Purphoros, God of the Forge, Chaos Warp, Undergrowth Champion, Doubling Season, Monster Manual, Coercive Portal, Panharmonicon, Drown in the Loch, Ral, Storm Conduit, Underrealm Lich, , Volo, Guide to Monsters

    Sorry, that was a lot, and yes, I did just run through my binders, naming anything that stuck out.
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    Favourite colours - I like multicolored decks, with WBR being my top choice, and UBG being my #2
    Favourite creature types - Pirates, Shapeshifters, and various undead types.
    Favourite play style - Midrange; I like destroying my opponents field (and will to live) before dropping a few powerful bombs.
    Favourite specific cards - Pestilent Spirit, Angrath's Rampage, Mythos of Snapdax, Echoing Equation, Bioessence Hydra, Volrath the Shapestealer

  • Name - TheKeefMan, Keef for short.

    Fav Color - All of them but red, I don't like red, reds dumb.

    Fave Creature Type - Construct (Not to play, but for their versatility in mechanics and playstyles).

    Fave Playstyle - Agro or Passive Assault.

    Fave Card(s) - Sanguine Bond, The Magic Mirror, Monster Manual, Tezzeret, Artifice Master, Diabolic Tutor, Temple of the False God, Sol Ring, Ajani's Welcome, All the Magus Staffs: W, U, B, R, G.

    Fave Mechanic(s) - Denial (Umbrella term)

    I'm a newer member to the custom mtg card community. I make cards on my own terms to my likings. I make cards I would want to play with, silly or not. I'm a very casual card maker, but I don't mind putting more effort then usually in some cards.

    There are people better then me t making cards, and there are people WAY better at making cards at making cards, and that's alright. I try to make my cards the best they can be and sometimes they aren't that great due to bad word flow and bad color pairings. But every day I not only understand card making better, but understanding more about the entire game itself.

    If you ever want to see unique ideas (or laugh at my god-awful cards) I don't think my card collection will disappoint. 
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    Favourite colour or colours.
    red, with green as a very close 2nd. my favorite 3-color combination is either jund or temur.

    Favourite creature types. If any.
    dragons, slivers, zombies (somewhat)

    Favourite play style.
    gruul midrange/monsters or red deck wins
    i've never played modern due to the price, but i quite like the idea of ponza

    Favourite specific cards.
    stone rain (7th edition white border), bloodbraid elf, lightning bolt, ob nixilis, reignited (the thomas baxa art looks great), doomsday (the junji ito art looks great), ulamog, the ceaseless hunger, korvold, fae-cursed king, dig through time, koma, nicol bolas, god-pharaohwurmcoil engine, inferno titan, embercleave
  • Favourite colour or colours. (Can be colourless.)
    Playwise, black or green, not necessarily together. They're pretty much the best bases for midrange. Flavorwise, all of them can be interesting really, but I think I'm either a temur or bant person.

    Favourite creature types. If any.
    Faeries are so cool! Selfish but not evil. Also, angels and brushwaggs are so epic. Rangers are nice too.

    Favourite play style.
    Jund midrange. Never gets old. Anything midrange is fun, really. 

    Favourite specific cards.
    Kitsune Dawnblade or Lightwielder Paladin, probably. They're the first cards I remember owning. I thought they were absolutely broken because the art was cool.
  • I like all the colors, though I've been collecting some data.  I've built commander decks in every two color combination except Rakdos and Dimir, and every three color combiniation except Mardu, Jeskai, and Esper, so I guess that means I've built Black the least and Green the most.

    I love tribal, and will build just about every tribe that can get a few cards of support together for.  As far as custom cards, though, I love cards that take a tribe with little or no support and help them branch out to a new identity.  Minotaurs, Kavu, Cats, Rats, Beasts, Skeletons, Horrors, etc.

    I am a Johnny.  I love combos that take seven cards to go infinite or alternative win conditions that are nearly impossible to pull off.  I love cards that seem bad, but with just the right shell suddenly seem maybe decent.

    Cards I've really loved in the past (you'll see what I'm talking about with Johnny combo jank stuff) are Skirk Fire Marshal, Pucca's Mischief, Powerstone Shard, Gempalm Polluter, most of the Slivers at some point, Paradox Engine, Isochron Scepter, Gnat and Locust Miser, and Cloudstone Curio, along with every card that allows copies of legendary permanents.
  • Favourite colour or colours: I enjoy almost every color equally as they all have awesome cards and strategies, but I would say I like Gruul the most.

    Favourite creature types: Merfolk

    Favourite play style: Gruul midrange or mono-red aggro.

    Favourite specific cards: That's a really tough one. My favorite card from Phyrexia: All Will Be One is Ichormoon Gauntlet. I also like classic broken cards like Mana Drain. But if I had to choose one card, it would be Monastery Mentor.
  • @Suicidal_Deity

    Favourite colour or colours: I really like mono red foremost, followed by mono green, then blue as tertiary.

    Favourite creature types: Dragons for red, Hydras, Baloths, and Beasts in Green, nothing in particular in blue, except maybe Leviathans or Serpents I guess.

    Favourite play style: Mono Red Burn, Mono Green Ramp, mixed color Mill.

    Favourite specific cards: I'm going to go with some all time favorites here. Thunderbreak Regent. Ulamog, Ceaseless Hunger, Traumatize, Searing Spear (Of all things). My favorite card of all time is probably Chandra Ablaze or any of the Chandra's really.
  • Favorite colors:
    White is my favorite because of the aggro deck, followed by white-black and white-blue-black

    Facorite creature types:
    Spirits, eldrazis, angels and humans.

    Favorite playstyle:
    Aggro. Basically white is my favorite color because of the good aggro decks that appeared on kaldheim and midnight hunt. I also like mono red burn and esper control.
    Favorite cards:
    Enduring angel//angelic enforcer, mana tithe, counterspell and archangel Avacyn//Avacyn, the purifier
  • Color(s): I would say red and blue together are awesome! If it have to be single color, I would choose blue over red without hesitant.

    Creature: I don't have favorite creature, but I find eldrazi to be interesting one.

    Battle style: I often favor in ramping and controlling the battle.

    Specific creature: Gotta love Niv-Mizzet, Parun!
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