Tell me about yourself.

Sporadic reposting of a common theme I seek.

So, in the past whenever I did a contest anyone who won I'd ask to give me a brief description of their play style and deck styles that they enjoy the most as well as their favourite colour or colours to play and design a card or cards for them.

One of the issues I'm having is a desire to create cards while my font of inspiration has began to dry up.

Time has been cruel to my free time, and as such I have not created any contests in an increasingly long time. Even though I have a bunch of ideas for contests. Ha ha. How ironic.

Anyways, I digress. All I want from everyone is to give me a brief description of;

Favourite colour or colours. (Can be colourless.)

Favourite creature types. If any.

Favourite play style.

Favourite specific cards. (Actual MtG cards, not custom.)

Any or all of this criteria. I just want to gather some aid in creating cards for specific people.

Note to everyone. There is no time frame or obligation for a card to be made, and there will be no particular order that I do these in, if anyone replies. Ha ha.

And if anyone else sees stuff from others and wants to use that info for themselves, feel free. Use this as a repository of knowledge for fellow cardsmiths.


The purpose of this information is just to get a sense of the direction I could possibly take in creating a card that you'd like, as well as play. Each section has no real consequence, and ultimately there are no right or wrong answers.

Favourite creature type (or subtype) refers to the principle of what tribal creatures do you enjoy.


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