Creating a Basic Land

Hey people,

i am very new to card smith. I just get started and now i want to build a completely self created commander deck.

As a part of this i of course want to create basic lands, but i am failing to get the created symbol in the lower text box, where normally the symbol of created mana is displayed in full size. I searched a bit through the tutorials and tried to find a thread  where this is asked by somebody else but my search wasn't of any success.

So i started a new one and hope for all your experience and kindness to help me out even though i think the answer will be very simple. 
Best regards and thank you all in advance.


  • Hi! That's a fair question, and one without an obvious. There's this box in the card creator that reads "Add a watermark". It's right under the first mana symbol selection, next to the card frame box. Scrolling down that will get you to the basic land symbols, as well as a few others if ever you need them.

    Hope that helped!
  • Oh my man. I'd like to hand you a cape. Yeah, that is definitely what i searched for.
    Thank you very much. Huge help. Wishing you all the best.
  • don't feel bad.  It took awhile before I realized the basic land water marks were a thing.
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