The Mystery World of Enigmara

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This is a sequel to Spellwebs.

Character Creation - Step 1
  • You start as a common creature of any subtype(s) of your choice.
  • Create your creature card and submit it to start your story.
  • Your character is roaming an open world concept, mystery world, shared by all other participants. 

Character Progress

  • You'll receive a mystery challenge based on your storyline update. 
  • Your entry may or may not dictate your progress in your storyline. 
  • You'll receive a new story segment after you submit an entry.

Storylines - The Premise

A mystery world with a diverse landscape and different regions sounds intriguing! Let's start by establishing some of the key regions in this world.

Perhaps there is a dense forest that stretches for miles, with hidden pathways that lead to mysterious destinations. In another area, there might be a sprawling city that is full of intrigue and danger. Or maybe there is a desolate wasteland, with ruins of a once-great civilization scattered throughout.

There could also be an underground network of tunnels and caverns, full of secrets and danger. Perhaps there are also mystical locations, such as a hidden temple or a shrine to an ancient deity.

Now, let's introduce some characters. We can randomly insert them into different regions of the world and give them separate storylines.

As these characters pursue their individual storylines, we can begin to weave them together in unexpected ways. With an open world concept, the possibilities for how these storylines intersect are endless!



  • May we submit old creatures for this?
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    - (Alt Art)

  • @cadstar369
    Yes, if you would like!
  • @Tonysparks

    A shapeshifting elemental creature like a Fluidling would certainly be an interesting addition to Enigmara.

    Given their adaptability to water environments, perhaps the Fluidling could reside on a series of small islands that dot the ocean. The islands could be difficult to navigate, with rocky shores and dangerous currents that discourage most visitors. However, the Fluidling would have no trouble swimming through the treacherous waters and blending in with the native wildlife.

    As a shapeshifter, the Fluidling could take on the form of any creature on the island, from a brightly colored bird to a sleek sea serpent. Their abilities could make them valuable for gathering information or infiltrating areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

    However, their tendency to flee once their disguise is discovered could make them difficult to trust. It could also make them a mysterious and unpredictable presence in Enigmara, as no one knows where or when they will appear next.

    This is just one possible way the Fluidling could fit into the world of Enigmara - but the flavor text provides an interesting twist. So the Fluidling took on the form of the fallen soldier, Tidhius, just as he drowned, and was then mistaken for him by a phalanx soldier.

    With this backstory, perhaps the Fluidling is now trying to navigate their way through the world of Enigmara while disguised as Tidhius. This could be difficult, as Tidhius likely had a history and relationships with people in the world that the Fluidling is not privy to.

    The Fluidling would have to be careful not to give themselves away, while also trying to learn as much as they can about Tidhius and his life in order to maintain the illusion. This could involve interacting with Tidhius' friends and acquaintances, learning about his past missions and battles, and even trying to mimic his mannerisms and speech patterns.

    At the same time, the Fluidling would have to be cautious of the phalanx soldier who initially mistook them for Tidhius. They could be keeping an eye on Tidhius' activities and behavior, and any slip-ups could potentially give the Fluidling away.

    Overall, this storyline could involve a lot of deception, intrigue, and danger as the Fluidling tries to maintain their disguise as Tidhius while also uncovering information about the world of Enigmara.

    Your Next Challenge: Create a card that exemplified deception, intrigue, or danger. 

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    As always you are a genius. Not only were you able to understand the essence of a fluidling, you were able to craft an intriguing story about it that went beyond even my conceptualization. I definitely have to put thought in the next card.
  • @Tonysparks
    Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad that my interpretation and ideas about the Fluidling character were able to spark your creativity. I look forward to hearing about what you come up with next for Enigmara!

  • (Alt art) - I do these just for fun :D

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    I’ll toss this guy into the fray.

    Chillbrand Fiend
  • @Tonysparks

    That's an interesting card! So perhaps the phalanx soldier who initially mistook you, the Fluidling, for Tidhius has started to suspect that something is off about the supposed fallen soldier. Perhaps they have noticed inconsistencies in Tidhius' behavior or mannerisms, or have heard rumors that suggest Tidhius may not have actually drowned.

    Based on your card, I have devised the following storyline entry: 

    The soldier confronts you, the Fluidling, alone, thinking they have the upper hand. However, you are able to use your shapeshifting abilities to escape the confrontation and avoid suspicion. Here are a few potential ways you could do this. Create a card that reflects your decision, or choose a different option, as suggested in the closing paragraph.

    1. The Fluidling shapeshifts into a small, unassuming creature, such as a mouse or a bird, and slips away unnoticed while the soldier is distracted.

    2. The Fluidling shapeshifts into another person - perhaps someone the soldier trusts or is familiar with - and uses this disguise to deflect suspicion and gain the soldier's trust.

    3. The Fluidling shapeshifts into an inanimate object, such as a rock or a tree, and hides in plain sight until the soldier leaves.

    Of course, the Fluidling's escape could also be a combination of these methods, or you could go the obvious PG13 route by shapeshifting into your pure form, which is more or less a blob of water that would consume the soldier whole, drowning them. The choice is yours

  • @cadstar369

    As a Chillbrand Fiend, this demon spirit is feared and avoided by many in Enigmara. However, there is one person who seeks to harness the power of the Chillbrand Fiend for their own purposes. This person is a sorceress, named Xandra, who is known for her love of power and her willingness to do whatever it takes to obtain it.

    Xandra has been seeking a way to control the Chillbrand Fiend for years, and finally, she believes she has found a way to do so. Using her knowledge of magic and her natural charisma, Xandra is able to convince the Chillbrand Fiend to enter into a pact with her.

    The pact gives Xandra control over the Chillbrand Fiend, allowing her to use its power for her own purposes. However, the Chillbrand Fiend is not easily controlled, and it has a tendency to rebel against Xandra's commands when it feels that its own interests are at stake.

    As Xandra and the Chillbrand Fiend journey through Enigmara together, they encounter a variety of other creatures and characters, some of whom may be allies and others who may be enemies. It remains to be seen how the Chillbrand Fiend's story will ultimately play out, but one thing is certain: it will be a journey full of danger, intrigue, and betrayal.

    Create Xandra.

  • LvBLvB
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    Meanwhile Green entered the Story:

    (Is there a way to create cards with "level up" ability that look like magic cards with "level up"?)
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    Interesting character!

    The Druid of the Ooze spends most of its time in the deep forests, seeking out slimy and gooey substances that it can turn into living creatures. You, the Druid of the Ooze, have become quite skilled at this and have even begun to experiment with different combinations of oozes to create more complex life forms.

    However, your obsession with oozes has caused you to become increasingly isolated from other creatures, even other druids. You're so consumed by your work that you've begun to neglect your own well-being, and some fear that you may eventually transform into an ooze yourself.

    Despite this, you continue to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible with your abilities. You've even begun to create prototype ooze-based defenses to protect yourself and other creatures from harm, using your creations to form impenetrable barriers and traps.

    Perhaps one day, your creations will be the only things that stand between the world and destruction at the hands of other, more malevolent forces. But for now, you remain a solitary figure, lost in your obsession with the slimy and the gooey.

    Create a creature card that represents one of the ooze creatures created by the Druid.

  • LvBLvB
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    Create Xandra.
    Not quite satisfied with this design, but agonizing over it likely won’t get me anywhere.
    Xandra Pactbroker
  • @LvB
    This flavor is intriguing.

    It sets up the potential danger of encountering the ooze creatures and hints at the possibility that killing them might not be the best solution.

    To continue from here, perhaps you are searching for this particular kind of ooze and encounter the aftermath of the research team's encounter. You could investigate the scene and discover that the ooze was killed, and as a result, multiple smaller ooze creatures have now been unleashed into the environment. You could then feel a responsibility to contain or control the smaller ooze creatures before they cause harm to other creatures in the area. If so, create a fitting card using the mechanisms of containment with green.

    Alternatively, perhaps you are experimenting with creating your own ooze creatures and use the knowledge gained from the junior research team's encounter to perfect your own creation. You could be testing the creature's strength and capabilities when the creature escapes and becomes a threat to nearby creatures. You would then have to take responsibility for your creation and figure out how to contain or eliminate the threat it poses. If so, create a spell that creates temporary tokens or a temporary boost with a drawback (or a catch) to balance the card.

    Either way, the story could explore the consequences of creating or destroying living creatures, and the responsibility that comes with doing so.

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    That's an interesting development for Xandra. It seems like she's gaining a lot of power, but at the cost of her own well-being. It also creates an interesting dynamic with her ability to control other beings and gain their abilities. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in future storylines.

    As you roam the skies of Enigmara, you notice something strange happening to the climate. The air is growing colder and harsher, and strange ice formations are appearing in places where they shouldn't. You realize that something powerful is at work and decide to investigate.

    As you search for the source of the disturbance, you encounter a group of druids who are performing a ritual to summon a powerful winter spirit. You realize that this spirit could pose a threat to your own powers and decide to intervene.

    Using your ability to tap into the chilly air around you, you launch a powerful attack on the druids, hoping to disrupt their ritual and prevent the winter spirit from being summoned. However, the druids are prepared for such an attack and have their own defenses in place.

    As the battle ensues, you must decide whether to continue your assault on the druids, risking defeat and potentially losing your powers, or to retreat and find another way to stop the winter spirit from being summoned. Create a card referencing your decision.

  • @Jadefire
    That's a great card!

    To introduce the character into Enigmara, perhaps the Nightguard is a soldier from a long-forgotten army, summoned to the world by a powerful spellcaster who seeks to tip the balance of power in their favor. The Nightguard's spectral form makes it nearly invulnerable to physical attacks, and its weapon can phase through solid objects to strike at its foes. However, the spell that brought the Nightguard to Enigmara has weakened over time, and it must periodically return to its original plane of existence to recharge its power. This provides an opportunity for enemies to strike while the Nightguard is vulnerable, but it also gives the Nightguard the chance to strategize and plan its next move. Is it too early to give this creature a sad backstory? Let's try something funky here and create a card with flavor that would represent this soldier before he became a spirit.
  • The Druid of the Ooze decided to contain and control the ooze and he found ...

  • @LvB ;Interesting development! So, based on this new information, perhaps the Druid of the Ooze realizes that the ooze within the cave is not just a random occurrence, but rather a vital component of the creation of The Slimy Pits. As a druid who is connected to nature, the Druid of the Ooze sees the potential for this magical wonder and decides to take on the responsibility of nurturing the ooze and aiding in the creation of The Slimy Pits.

    To do so, the druid begins to study the behavior and needs of the ooze within the cave and comes up with a plan to protect them while also ensuring their growth and development. This involves creating a series of barriers and feeding stations to keep the ooze contained and prevent them from causing harm to the outside world.

    Create an Enchantment that accomplishes this and include some flavor text on the enchantment.

    Over time, as the ooze feed and grow stronger, the cave begins to transform into a magical wonderland of slime, with different types of ooze taking on unique properties and forming intricate patterns and designs. The Druid of the Ooze becomes known as a protector of this mystical place, and those who seek out its power and wonder must first gain the druid's approval to enter.

  • Thanks @jpastor!  It's not too early for a sad backstory at all.  Let me see if I can move things along there.  I'm taking some artistic liberty in having the flavour show the soldier (literally moments) before becoming a spirit.  The blessing in the flavour text was apparently answered as the Weave mechanic can literally be activated indefinitely as long as you have the mana.

    Create a card with flavor that would represent this soldier before he became a spirit.

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    1. Shapeshift into an unasuming creature

    I'll add my signature alt art if I get time.
  • LvBLvB
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  • @Jadefire

    Great entry. Please stand by for your storyline.

  • @12SidedGuy

    Great, let's see how we can introduce this new character into the world of Enigmara.

    The Disciple of Sprawling Roots is a young druid who grew up in the lush forests of Enigmara. From a young age, she was drawn to the power of nature and the magic of the forest. As she grew older, she began to understand the intricacies of the forest and how to harness its power.

    One day, while out on a nature walk, the Disciple encountered a group of loggers who were cutting down trees in the forest. Horrified by their actions, she realized that she needed to take action to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

    Using her druidic abilities, the Disciple of Sprawling Roots was able to summon the power of the forest itself and thwart the loggers' efforts. From that day forward, she has dedicated her life to protecting the forest and all the creatures that call it home.

    Now, as she journeys through Enigmara, the Disciple of Sprawling Roots continues to seek out those who would harm the forest and its inhabitants. With her powerful connection to the natural world and her unyielding determination, she is a force to be reckoned with.

    Create a spell that turns a land into a creature.

  • @Tonysparks
    So the Fluidling decided to transform into a Cave Tiger, using its shapeshifting abilities to move quickly and avoid being seen by the soldier. The soldier, caught off guard by the sudden disappearance of the Fluidling / Tidhius, was left wondering what had just happened.
    Create a card that's got flavor text hinting at where the fluidling may have gone but theme the card around "Left Bewildered" or "Sudden Disappearance".
  • @LvB

    Interesting development! The Druid of the Ooze seems to be taking control of the situation by creating this magical barrier. This could have both positive and negative consequences. On one hand, it could help regulate the ooze population and prevent them from spreading too far beyond the cave. On the other hand, it could potentially attract more predators to the area who are seeking an easy meal, leading to an imbalance in the local ecosystem.

    Perhaps the creation of the magical barrier could also draw the attention of other magical beings in the area who are intrigued by the druid's powers. They may see the Druid of the Ooze as a potential ally or adversary depending on their own motivations and values. This could lead to some interesting interactions and conflicts in the future.

    Create a card of any type that speeds up the addition of creatures to the board state for all players.

  • "Create a card of any type that speeds up the addition of creatures to the board state for all players."

  • The fluidling was quick to flee in its tiger like form, opting to jump into an empty bowl like vessel to hide out in its watery form before almost running into an approaching old man.
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