What counter type would be best to use for this concept?

Hello! I am working on creating a block set of custom mtg sets. Within of which I will be needing a counter type to keep track of for abilities on some cards. However, I am struggling to determine what type I should use and what would be most appropriate or if I should create a new counter for this instance instead.

The concept is an ability that can put counters on a permanent, such as lore counters. Something to track value without allowing the card to gain any initial value in ability. I've thought of experience counters but that is for players only. So far I've been using lore counters but this feels wrong since wizards has made them the default for sagas. That said lore counters fits this roll best so far.

Examples of how the counter would be used,

Example 1
  • Whenever a Creature you control ETBs, put a lore counter on THIS CARD.
  • 2G,Tap: Create 0/0 token. Put X +1/+1 counters on it, where X is the number of lore counters on THIS CARD.
Example 2
  • Take control of target creature and put 3 lore counters on it. It gains, "At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a lore counter. Then if there are no lore counters on this creature , return it to its owners control."
Example 3
  • Whenever a creature delt damage by THIS CARD this turn dies, put a lore counter on THIS CARD.
  • 1W,Remove X lore counters: Exile target creature with converted mana cost equal to X.


  • This sounds similar to how oil counters are used in the recent set Phyrexia: All Will Be One (ONE), so I’d suggest making new counters counters named after whatever best fits the theme of the cards that uses them.
  • I agree, though, if it's an artifact heavy set, I'd consider Charge counters, which are basically what you're going for, but generally artifact specific, just like oil counters are also very similar but phyrexian specific.  I'd find some term that represents the idea of what you're doing, honor counters or value counters or training counters or adventure counters or... something like that that can be thematic with the flavor of the cards that are using it.
  • Thank you @cadstar369. I hadn't thought about oil counters yet. Ill be creating a new counter type sense most people have been giving many good reasons for it!  :)
  • @StuffnSuch Alright alright! BIG BRAIN (I'm sorry I cant think of any other way to describe what I'm trying to say there lol) This is game changing, Thank you! This specific set of the block will be more focused with artifacts as, thematically, the set will focus upon a story of a teacher and student going separate paths because of one artifact and its connections between the two. However, i do want this counter type to be fluent between artifact and non artifact, as in instant/sorcery and or enchantments due to later cards within the other 2 sets of the block. I am searching for both limited draft and limited cube possibilities for the block to be balanced. 
  • I liked energy counters. I know they were used in an artifact theme block but I think they could be used almost for anything. 
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