Game playmats without watermark

Is it possible to request a game mat without the watermark?


  • Sorry buddy, but it's part of the branding, Plus they have already been printed.
  • I mean like, if you buy a sketch one they don't usually have a watermark on 'em because they're sold by like 43 different dime-a-dozen Chinese companies. Though the quality may leave something to be desired. Other than that things like UltraPRO always have a big watermark on their mats, and theirs are licensed. If you want an actually good mat, you're probably out of luck.
  • Actually, my main playmat I use, which is a Paramint mat has no watermarks or branding on it at all. And I've compared the quality to that of another UltraPRO mat I have and it doesn't feel cheap at all in comparison. I got it for Christmas last year and I've used it graciously, barely signs of fraying. And none of Paramint's mats have watermarks, though I can't vouch for their legitimacy of their designs, unsure if they're ripped or not. But they are a good option

    Here's the link to the one I have if you're interested.
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