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This endless contest will test your knowledge of existing magic cards, card creation, and strategy in the format of a game with roles you may play and prizes you can earn.
  1. I play the role of The Foe by creating a card to represent a physical threat.
  2. The Foe has a small deck of cards representing the spells it can play throughout the encounter.
  3. You will try to defeat The Foe by submitting custom cards (new or old) or existing magic cards in response to its plays.
  4. The Foe responds to your cards until it is defeated or runs out of deck, but it cannot win an encounter.
  5. Once defeated, prizes and/or roles are randomly given out to all who participated in the last encounter.
  6. Then we start again with a new foe.


  • 1-5 favorites
  • Gifted Premium
  • Mystery Prizes

Possible Roles

  • If you don't have a role, you are a generic participant trying to defeat the foe with cards of your choosing.
  • The unidentified roles will become known as the game goes on.


The Adversary

  • The corrupted plays the role of the foe with me and creates cards in response to any card posted so far.

The Bomber

  • The bomber can destroy a permanent or exile a spell played by the foe, forcing the foe to deplete their deck quicker by playing another card. 

The Crypt

  • The participant playing the role of the crypt becomes an actual crypt and plays only cards that are the afterlife versions of creatures previously played by other participants, including the hero.

The D___?

The Entity

  • The entity embodies a potential future foe, but tries to defeat the current foe.

The F___?

The Ghost

  • The ghost plays the role of the former foe but tries to defeat the current foe.

The Hero

  • The hero plays the role of the Legendary Creature or Planeswalker and is the only one that can create Legendary or Mythic rare cards during the battle. If the Hero is defeated by the foe, they become a generic participant with no role.

The I___?

The Joker

  • The joker must post silver-bordered cards for the duration of the encounter.

The King

  • The king can only play cards with mana value 8 or greater for the duration of the encounter.

The Librarian

  • The can only post old cards they've created for the duration of the encounter.

The Mages (Sun - Water - Skull - Fire - Tree)

  • There can be up to 5 mages, one mage for each color. The mages can only post cards of their assigned color.

The N___? 

The O___? 

The P___?  

The Queen

  • The queen can only play cards with mana value 1 or less for the duration of the encounter.

The Rogue

  • The rogue has disbanded from the main fight and posts any cards they want during the encounter, forcing the foe to respond to seemingly random plays.

The S___? 

The Trickster

  • The trickster fights fire with fire, trying to defeat the foe with cards similar to what the foe plays (ie. same colors/subtypes). Watch out for the trickster's cards, since they will look like cards the foe plays.

The U___? 

The V___? 

The Wizard

  • The wizard can only play real magic cards for the duration of the encounter.

The X___? 

The Y___?

The Z___?



  • 😮 Sounds epic! I’d like to join the first encounter.
  • I'm in too.
  • Yes @cadstar369 and @Jadefire - I'm glad! The world is calm right now, but soon, the first foe will arise.
  • Encounter - Unknown Foe

    In the depths of space, a group of intrepid explorers stumbles upon a mysterious alien starcruiser, adrift and beckoning with untold secrets. Drawn by curiosity, they venture aboard, unaware of the perils that await them. The fate of the explorers hangs in the balance as they seek to unravel the mysteries of the alien starcruiser, using their wits and courage to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Will they conquer the unknown, or become lost amidst the stars?

    Alien Starcruiser
    Alien Starcruiser by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    Foe's Deck Size: 18 Cards

    - The unknown foe has been shuffled into the deck.
  • No Roles will be assigned this first encounter.
  • edited June 1
    Welp, time to start mapping the place out until we make first contact!

    (Does this work, or are we currently required to answer the starcruiser as a card with something like Abrade instead? Not quite sure if I should be focusing more on flavor or treating this like Horde Magic/Challenge Decks.)
  • @cadstar369
    This'll work since no obvious threat is in your way!
  • While we're exploring, we might as well make a record of the trip.

  • @Jadefire
    Indeed, for this turn, the foe will not play a card.  The foe assesses the explorers' moves and observe their cautious approach. It's now your turn to make your next move, and the explorers' journey continues.
  • 🤔 If nothing's going to come out, let's see if we can gain some insights into what exactly we're looking at.

  • @cadstar369
    Your attempt to gain deeper insights into the mysteries of the Alien Starcruiser focuses on mindset and attention. You delve into your thoughts, seeking clarity and understanding, hoping to uncover valuable information about the starcruiser's secrets. You've refined your knowledge and hone in on your approach.
    The Foe draws their next card, contemplating their next course of action. 

    It is the community's turn again as the foe continues to conceal its intentions.
  • @jpastor this looks like fun. I’d like to join if possible!
  • @Robo_Kitty of course, jump right in
  • Well, if we are to explore this mysterious ship, I believe that we are going to need a team captain to lead us on this endeavor.

  • While we're waiting for its first move, we'll to study it and try to be ready for whatever comes.

  • @Robo_Kitty
    Indeed, as the game progresses, the foe will certainly play one of the 18 cards in their deck when the time is right. The foe will maintain silence for now, observing the explorers' every move. The suspense builds as they continue their exploration of the Alien Starcruiser. It's your turn, community, to make your next move, and I await your choice.
  • A curious snail looks at the Starcruiser, then snails away, looking for more interesting things.

  • edited June 2
    Much as I’m willing to keep quietly playing the waiting game, it may be best to provoke an encounter sooner rather than later, lest any denizens of the ship decide to purge the explorers all at once. (Not that I’m looking for trouble; just for conversation and mutual understanding.)

    Time to prepare for some action.

  • I think you're right @cadstar369. And if they won't make the first move, we'll have to.
    @jpastor I don't want to take over your thread, so I'll let you decide how to handle this, but I for one vote for peace.
  • @LvB

    Curious Giant Snail - The explorers' Curious Giant Snail taps a target vehicle and puts a stun counter on it. In response, the foe plays:

    Voidwave Distortion
    Voidwave Distortion by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    By manipulating the void energy aboard the Alien Starcruiser, the foe disrupts the Snail's ability, preventing it from tapping the target vehicle and placing a stun counter on it. The explorers' attempt at cautious exploration is thwarted as the foe maintains control over the situation.

    Field Research - The explorers delve into their field research, drawing two cards (or three if it was kicked). In response, the foe plays:

    Psionic Interruption
    Psionic Interruption by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    As the explorers focus on their research, the foe seizes the opportunity to disrupt their plans. By sacrificing a creature from the Alien Starcruiser, it cast Psionic Interruption, forcing the explorers to discard two cards, disrupting their progress and disrupting their access to vital information.

    First Contact - The explorers initiate a vote for peace or war, with each player gaining life and drawing cards for peace votes and sacrificing permanents for war votes, selecting peace. In response, the foe plays a card to exemplify their vote: 

    Malevolent Influence
    Malevolent Influence by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    As the explorers seek peaceful resolutions, the foe exerts its malevolent influence, imposing a heavy cost on those who choose war. Each opponent is now forced to sacrifice a permanent at the beginning of their upkeep unless they pay 3 life, pushing them closer to the brink of destruction.

    With the foe's responses played, the encounter intensifies. It's now the community's turn to react to these developments and devise their next strategy.

  • This is going to be one of the discarded cards. It will nullify half of the Psionic Interruption discards and buy time to find an answer to Malevolent Influence.

  • edited June 2

    In response to Obstinate Baloth, the foe plays a card:

    Disrupting Shadows


  • edited June 2
    I believe that we should not be harming each other, so we should declare peace with this alien race before things get out of hand.

  • edited June 2

    In response to Peace Talks, the foe plays a card:

    Eldritch Manipulation
  • In response to Disrupting Shadows, I'll play:

  • In response to Pure Intentions, the foe plays a card
    Psychic Drain'
    Psychic Drain by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith
  • In response to Psychic Drain, I'll play 
  • With the protection of Autumn’s Veil, I’ll play,

  • @Jadefire
    In response. The foe skips its next turn.
  • This will be the other card that gets discarded to Psionic Interruption. When it triggers, I'll create our own token copy of Malevolent Influence against the Foe.

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