Arkanion - A RPG Campaign

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This will be a roleplay campaign in the world of Arkanion.
This is it:
The Planet of Arkanion is where it will mostly take place.
Ages ago the Wizards of Arkanion had a really bad idea. They found out, that, when the sun and the planets Pyria, Arkanion and Tenebria are aligned like in the image , their magic was most powerful. So they performed a ritual to keep the planets aligned like this. Of course it went horribly wrong and all the mages died, but the planets stayed aligned, but they stopped rotating, so from now one one side was always facing the sun. This led to Pyria becoming a desert wasteland on one side and a frozen nightmare on the other side. Only in between in the halflight there was some land left where people could live. Unfortunately every living creature tried to get there which caused big conflicts among them.
The planet of Arkanion had a slightly better fate cause the moons kept rotating, so it still has day and night since the moons block/reflect some sunlight, but since Pyria is blocking most of the suns light, most of the time Arkanion is in a state of twilight.
Tenebria as the last Planet is a really dark place. One side is always in eternal darkness and the other in a dark and and cold night, with fog and mist everywhere, so you can see only some feet. And because the magic is still flowing, Tenebria always creates new and twisted mutations and horrors. Theres also a rumor that the lord of nightmares, an ancient evil being lives in the darkest place on tenebria, but surely thats just a rumour.
And as if that wasnt the worst, all planets are connected by portals that the mages once created. Unfortunately all creatures and monsters can pass them, so its nowwhere really safe with a few exceptions.
On Arkanion some Cities learned that light keeps away the monsters, so they found diffrent ways to illuminate their city to protect the inhabitants during the darkest hours, but since stuff that can create light is rare, there might be conflicts between them in the future.

Thats the setting and the world we are in.

I'll be the "dungeon master" and you'll be the players.
A player starts as a common creature of a single color with a single class and gets experience during the campaign so its character will level up in time and become stronger.
Anyone who wants to can partake in this, but i think 3-5 players would be best.

So, lets just start:
First Quest:
Create your hero! Create a Common Creature of a single color. You can be any race/gender/class. And youre a new adventurer, meaning, dont make your card too powerful ;). The creature type should be "Creature - race class"




  • Alright @LvB
    Let's do this. 

    Let me introduce the Twighlight Vanguard, a five mana common that allows you to choose 1 of 5 monocolored characters or choose them collectively as one multicolored entity.

    For this campaign, I'd like to start by offering you the choice for which character I'll use. If you don't wish to make a choice, then I will choose Lyra Silverwing as my character.
  • You can choose any character you want as your Character/Hero for this campaign, as long as its a common creature and single colored. So Lyra Silverwing is fine.
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    Someone who keeps the elven forests of Arkanion undisturbed from trespassers...
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    I’ll join the party with an old hand.
    Scalebound Dragonspeaker
  • LvBLvB
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    Lets see if we find 1-2 more players. And if not, the campaign will start soon anyway.
  • @LvB with green and red on the table, I'll switcheroo to the Thalia Shadowheart as my character, pending no further additions.
  • And so the Adventure begins.
    You start in the city of Luxeria, one of the larger cities on arkanion. The city is filled with creatures of all diffrent kinds and races that somehow get along more or less.
    The city is divided into disctricts and each district is populated by mainly one or two races, with the exception of the nobles disctrict, the merchants disctrict and the slums in which you will find a wild mix of creatures.
    The city is surrounded by a great wall with lighttowers every few meters on which fires of oil and wood are burning during the dark night to keep the monsters away that lurk in the dark. And on the streets there are oil lanterns that keep the city illuminated during the long dark night.

    You, the adventurers have been a bit unlucky in the past and could use some gold. But, fortune seems to smile upon you as you see a paper on the local newsboard:
    "The City needs you! The citys wood reserves for the fires on the walls are running low! We need brave heroes to gather some wood for us in the nearby Gloomwood Forest. And we're paying good gold to those who risk their life for everyone in this city. Come to the Woodlord Manor in the Merchant Disctrict if you want to serve your city!"

    So you decide to go there. After all this sounds like easy earned gold and chopping some trees surely wont be that difficult.

    As you meet in the Woodlords Manor an old friendly man named Igar, greets you.
    "Ah, new recruits. You dont look like Lumberjacks, but maybe thats a good thing. Now heres whats expected of you. You get a cart and an ox, drive to the Gloomwood Forest, fill the cart with wood and come back alive. Depending on how much wood you bring and how good the quality is, you get payed. Hmm, but looking at you, i think you need to equip yourself a bit better. The armory is just over there. Grab yourself something to defend yourself, and then good luck."

    First Quest:
    Create a common equipment card for your character that might be useful in the Gloomwood Forest!

  • Shadowscale Dagger
    Shadowscale Dagger by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    Having both abilities on one card could be redundant in terms of their effect on destroying creatures. However, redundancy can sometimes be beneficial:
    • Consistency (If one ability or source of destruction is removed or countered, you still have another option.)
    • Synergistic interactions
    • Strategic flexibility
  • can I join now?

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  • and for the equipment card:

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    Igar smiles at you. "Ah another brave soul who wants to help our city. Youre lucky, the others didnt start without you. We can always use more people who want to help. And that torch you have there could really help to drive away the dangers that lurk in the dark."
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     Hi everybody. As smax said, I hope I'm still on time.

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    In the last minute a fat and sweaty goblin rushes in "Wanna join too!"
    Igar looks at him and sighs. "Ah, Goblins. Always late. Ah well, since everyone is still here, you might as well join the party. But now hurry up and grab your gear. The City needs that wood."
    The Party is full now.
    We have the elfen preyfinder, who surely makes a fine scout.
    A draconian bard who could provide support or lure dragons to us that will eat the party, who knows.
    A deadly vampire assasin, who seems quite skilled at killing things. Although the need to drink blood might be problematic.
    A guy with a torch, full of hope. But what does he hope? Mass burnings or fighting darkness?
    And a goblin, who will probably be there in time when the group has to fight.
    Once the preyfinder and the scalebound dragonspeaker find their equipment in the armory, the party is ready to leave and follow the road that leads to the Gloomwood Forest.
  • Elven Wood Hatchet

    Elves are the most skilled carpenters, and they recognize the best tools for chopping wood and monsters alike...
  • How did this manage to find its way in here, the dragonspeaker wonders. It's been ages since I last swung a blade, but I might be able to make this one sing

    Dancers Ring Blade
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    Now that you are all ready, you start the journey to the Gloomwood Forest which is about 2 days away. The Ox Cart you got isnt really fast and so it takes a long time before the cities silhouette vanishes in the twilight that is called day now.
    After some hours you find yourself alone on the street. Where near the city there were many travellers around it seems like no one else is coming from where you are driving. And no one else seems to want to go there as well.
    Since you have time now you decide you can as well train a bit while slowly walking beside the Ox cart and maybe tell the others a bit more about yourself.

    New Quest: "Training" - Create a common 1 mana card that represents a skill or a spell your character can use.

    Optional Quest: "Background Story" - Create a card that tells the others more about your character by using the flavour text.

  • Torchs are very useful, says the torchbearer. Not just to light up the path but also to burn the monsters.
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    the ox cart will be created by me when the time comes ;)
    The Dungeonmaster might already have something planned with it, hehe
  • Oh sorry
  • Not all goblins are as slow as our hero. 
    Sometimes, when our hero finally showed his face, the little explosives experts had some kind of urge to run even faster in order to parade around their much better physical condition.

  • The time for the training quest runs out at Thursday 6 PM.
    Not completing it means your character will have less spells/skills to use should you have to fight.

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    Training ~ A support spell:
    Backstory ~ Part of the dragonspeaker creed:

  • Road to Ambush

    Not only is he good at tracking, Preyfinder has been trained to set up ambushes.
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    And so our group of adventurers continues their way on the road until after some hours it becomes a bit darker and the so called short night is near. Luckily you see a village where you might rest for some hours and then continue your way. As you enter the village which is named "Lastwood" , probably cause its the last village before the wood, youre greeted by the villagers who seem quite happy to see some people from outside the village and to hear some news from the nearby city you came from.
    As you tell them that youre on an epic quest to gather wood to safe the City of Luxeria from drowning into eternal darkness they are quite impressed and offer you to teach you how to fight monsters.
    "Here it is, our own more or less harmless village monster! You can try to fight it, but be careful its a tricky beast!", they say as they present you ... THE TUTORISNAIL!
    Here is how combat works in this Campaign:
    Creatures are not healed at the end of each turn.
    You have mana equal to twice your level. That mana doesnt regenerate. It can be used to cast spells/skills your character knows.
    If your toughness drops to 0 or lower, youre unconscious. The other party members can heal you to bring the character back to life if toughness becomes 1 or more.
    If the whole party's life becomes 0 or lower you lost the fight and bad things might happen.

    Right now you all are level 1 common creatures. You have 1 action per turn. You can only use one of this actions on your turn:
    - attacking en enemy. Then both creatures fight against each other like in normal magic. If more than one character attacks the same enemy, the enemy can attack back only one of the characters when they fight.
    - use an ability of your character.
    - casting a spell or a skill that you have learned. Right now all of you know 1 skill/spell, the one you trained. And you have twice your level as mana, thats 2, so you could cast a one mana spell twice, or a two mana spell once.

    New Quest:
    Time for the Quest: Until Monday 0 AM
    Chose one: (Whatever the Majority of the party choses counts for everyone.)
    1. We can all beat it together. 5v1 sounds fair! - very easy
    2. Everyone can beat it alone in a 1v1 fight, but we will cheat a bit and use other characters equipment/skills to buff the one who is fighting it! - easy
    3. Lets be fair and fight it 1v1 without the help of other party members! - moderate

    "Oh and whatever you do to the snail, dont worry, the snail is used to being beaten and more. Its quite good at healing itself and our local healer will take care of it to make sure you dont kill it. After all, we like our village-snailmonster."
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