I've run into a horrible site bug

Adding a custom Url for the set symbol gives me an error when I click preview card and I don't have a clue why. The link still works, its the same link I've used on over 200 previous cards.

I haven't made a card in some time but wanted to get back into making some cards but this is killing my motivation. Please help if you have any clues on how to fix it. 


  • if it matters heres one of the links ive been trying to use https://i.imgur.com/js4ijcN.png
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    this is what happens after I click preview card
  • Thats the new "Artcheck-System". If your card is too ugly it wont preview. o:)
    And now the real help: Try updating your browser. If that doesnt work try another browser.
  • Do you have premium? I have premium on one of my accounts and the custom works fine, but on the one without, I get that error. The custom set symbol is supposed to be a premium feature, so if you don’t have it, the bug is that you can in fact select it in the editor.
  • @LvB - that's hilarious - I've been having similar issue @Laharl897
    --- only thing that works now is to copy the image link directly from the image by right clicking on the icon itself... idk wassup
  • @LvB I tried other browsers to no avail unfortunately

  • @Ranshi I do have premium and to my knowledge it is up to date. Thank for the helps anyways
  • Thanks @jpastor for the suggestion however it doesn't result in a difference.

    I really wish I could get this to work I only need like 40 more cards to complete this set I've been making.
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    Size reduced
    new image link generated
  • This is actually more of an imgur "bug". They did a massive purge because so many people were uploading just a few images to link and not using the site after; they want it to be an image sharing platform like Pintrest, not the image linking platform that people have been using it for.

    If you want reliable long term image links and don't have Discord, Google Drive is fairly reliable. Plus, if you regularly use your Google account, it shouldn't get purged, even if you don't ever use Drive again.
  • @jpastor oh thankyou so much. I really appreciate it. I was frantic trying to get things to work
  • @AddGG Thanks for info ill see if I can get these images onto discord and link from there, cheers!
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