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Hello mates, as my first challenge was a small fail, I wanted to try something new. As I like the DM role, I thought on making a saga. On this saga you will create a character and a mini deck to complement the character. You will play a magic version while defeating foes and fighting other players.

So let’s get started. The saga is located in the… well that’s the matter.

You don’t remember anything, excepting for who are you and your abilities and spells you know.


-A legendary creature or card that can transform into a creature. You can also create some partners or a card that represent 2 or 3 characters (please don’t create something like an army).That card will be your commander on the game and also will represent your character.
-A 14-card mini deck that represents the creatures your character can summon, it’s abilities, weapons and spells (notice that you only have to create 7 cards because for the deck construction, that is below this).
-To read all the instructions of the game, to have fun and that’s all! If you have a question, feel free to ask me!


-Create a 14-card deck and your commander.
-The deck can have up to 2 copies of each of your cards.
-A minimum of 1 common card.
-To choose 1:
-3 mythic rare cards.
-2 mythic rare and 2 rare cards.
-1 mythic rare and 3 rare cards.
(In neither of this options the commander is included)

+ A commander (or commanders on the case of partners and other abilities to have more than 1 commander) of any rarity with mana value of 6 or less (but I recommend of 5 or less if the card doesn’t have haste).
+A conspiracy or hero card you have unlocked (by now you have one of the 3 starting conspiracies, at your choice).



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    -No lands are played (excepting if you use the @TenebrisNemo “choose a home” mechanic)
    -On your untap step, you untap your permanents and refill your mana pool. You gain an amount of mana in any combination of colors equal to the turn you are already playing (refill at 1 mana on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, 5 on turn 5 and so).
    -You don’t lose unspent mana until the beginning of your next turn (at the beginning of your next turn you lose all mana and then gain the mana of the turn).
    -Starting hand is 4.
    -Starting life total is 25 (as in brawl).
    -Max hand size is capped at 7.
    -You will play a maximum of 6 turns. This is made to make the game faster.

    EDIT: From now on, your commander will always be considered as if it is on the battlefield, this is made to show that your character is the one casting spells and so on.
  • The public shouts. Everyone is happy. Excepting for you, and , probably, anyone that is in a jail like you. Looking at the coliseum. In the arena there is an spirit fighting with a dark warrior. I you think why you are there. You don’t remember. You look again to the arena. The spirit has defeated the warrior. You don’t want to end like that…
  • I have edited the rules so you always have your character on the battlefield, and now you have to choose your starting conspiracy.

  • 6 turns max? 🤔 Let's try something fairly distant from my usual style:

    Amberk Stonebark TrapperSentinel Dispatch

    As for their starting deck:
    Deck Gallery
    Jadespark Archer Pollenbright Troll Verdant Warden Opalescent Mysteries Amber Volley Crystalline Barrage Fracturing Wrath

  • Hmmm… I don’t know from where Verdant Warden is ;)

    But I like the flavor of different costs, I always wanted to create one.
  • Hey guys, I would like to reward all the people that participated on my challenge of CARDSMITH HOUR, so here is the extra reward (an additional hero artifact that you can choose instead of an starting conspiracy).
    @cadstar369 you can change your starter conspiracy if you want.

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    I’ll stick with Sentinel Dispatch for now. Amberk’s playstyle probably can’t afford the relic’s activation cost.
  • Out of curiosity, I will put cards here;

  • @FireOfGolden I need you to choose a starting conspiracy (Hold the perimeter or Sentinel dispatch). Another thing you have to do is to add one more card or to say which of the cards you have 2 copies (you need 14+your commander).
  • OH, 15 deck, including commander? My bad!
    Here's one more card;

  • @smax765 May I ask what kind conspiracy I need choose?
  • The conspiracy should be one between Hold the perimeter or Sentinel dispatch. You will get additional conspiracies/heroes as the saga continues.
  • This looks cool, drop the deadline. I might be interested in joining when I get time.
  • What is Hold the Perimeter and the Sentinel Dispatch?
  • Oh right. I choose Sentinel Dispatch!
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    Hello everyone! Welcome another time to The Arena! On this week we will find an interesting fight!
    First of all, we got an earth elemental, a powerful ranger, Amberk! We also have a dead warlock, dying when trying to deal with a demon. Remember, don’t deal with the devil! Thirdly, we have a strange figure, whose name is Creator. But lastly we have our most old warrior, you know it, you love it, it’s… Agnor!

    One by one, you all enter into The Arena. 

    The presenter says: FIGHT!

    Now it’s your turn to start. Look at your hands. I have sent you the hands + the card drawn on turn 1.Remember that you have 1 mana.

    There is no turn-based game. If you want to do an action, you just have to post it. Then wait until the round 2 start. You have 3 days to respond to a spell if using an ability/instant. Agnor starts playing a card:

    Agnor and his deck:

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    Agnor’s battlefield:
    Call from beyond (0 ritual counter)
    2x 1/1 spirit with flying
    1x 1/1 construct with defender
    1x 1/1 goblin that can’t block.

    Hand: 4 cards
    Life: 23
  • I casts: 
    Decrease Quality is activated, it loses white color and I draws a card.
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    Some quick questions while I formulate my game plan:
    • Is this a free for all brawl?
    • Are there win/lose conditions?
    • Do we (in character) know what's going to, or at least likely to, happen to the winner(s)/loser(s)?
    • Who gets the Goblin token from @ManInMaroon_948 using Hold the Perimeter? Edit: Oops, didn't realize it says each. Seems pretty unfortunate against Agnor.
    • How does the last ability on Volatus work during this first round?
    • Why does Call from Beyond have a ritual counter on it? The tokens are created during Agnor's upkeep, so Call from Beyond shouldn't yet be there to see the Spirit enter.
  • @cadstar369 on our upkeep, we get to make a red goblin token 1/1.
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    Alr, my turn
    I’ll cast Fanatical Firebrand
    I’ll do nothing else and pass priority to Cadstar. To my understanding, Volatus does not trigger.
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    Welp, since I appear to have unknowingly put myself at a massive disadvantage, here goes nothing…

    Edit: Amberk blocks Fanatical Firebrand personally, slaying it (the image also seems to be broken). Amberk casts Jadespark Archer.

    Amberk's board:
    Amberk Stonebark TrapperJadespark Archer
    Construct TokenGoblin Token
  • I read your comment @cadstar369. If this is a “collective first turn” then I’d like to change my plays a little bit.
  • @cadstar369 ;
    1. Yes, it is a free-for-all brawl.
    2. Not by now, but on other cases some villains/you will have alternative win cons.
    3. Nope, but you could try to talk with others while defending.
    5. All ETB effects of characters appear on turn 1, so you all have summoning sickness and Volatus has ETB this turn.
    6. It’s true, I have miscalculated that. I’ll edit the comment.
    A question: How do you make the cards smaller?

    @FireOfGolden In the turn 1 you have only 1 mana, so you can’t cast the decrease quality. Sorry. If you want to do any other thing, feel free to edit your comment.
  • @smax765 Curses. I forgot about that.

    I casted this instead. Boring yet simple.

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    I forgot one thing. As you are your character, if blocking with your character you will be dealt that damage to you and to your life total. The fanatical firebrand has not attacked, @cadstar369. For attacking, declare attackers and to which player they will attack. And yes, it is a collective turn.


    Agnor casts:
    As the spirit ETBs Agnor starts creating tons of minions, but it seems not to be interested on attacking yet. Call from beyond starts getting ritual counters fastly, and all opponents lose 2 life.
    Agnor’s battlefield:
    Call from beyond (6 ritual counter)
    1x Spiritual captain
    2x 1/1 spirit with flying
    5x 1/1 spirit with flying and vengeance
    1x 1/1 construct with defender
    1x 1/1 goblin that can’t block.

    Hand: 4 cards
    Life: 26

  • You don’t have to fight. Just try to talk with another player. Alliances, politics and so are allowed.
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    @smax765 shouldn't Agnor have 5 Spirit tokens? There's the construct, goblin, captain, and the captain's token, so that's +4 tokens for 5 spirit tokens. Where are the other two coming from? (I like how you're saying we don't have to fight as though Agnor isn't going to casually wreck everyone if we don't.)

    Edit 2: Nevermind the above, I forgot Agnor is also Spirit Panharmonicon.

    Edit: On a separate note, does attacking with your character also affect your life total?
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