Times Combined: Solamen and Bolas' Nine

          200 years after The Hour of Devastation, Nicol Bolas was banished to a realm of unknown proportions by Urza, after unlocking immortality, he ruled over Dominaria, free from Nicol Bolas, Dominaria became a Utopia. During this time, Uzra created the Orachromidon, in order to protect Dominaria from any future Rifts, though, ironically, creating the greatest rift in history, merging every plane together in one—Solamen. This was called The Cursed Mending, starting a new age; After the Cursed Mending (ACM).

          50 ACM: After the chaos of the merge, Solamen was split into 5 main territories, Dominaria, Innostart, (Previously Innistrad) Ixalan, Tortumro, (A combination of The Abyss and Amonkhet.) and The Wastes (Comprising of the Eldrazi and the Phyrexian who get along better than you’d believe.) In Tortumro, a hidden cult starts, known as Followers of the Suns, whose original purpose was to find a way to undo The Cursed Mending. Believing Nicol Bolas being banished was the omen that truely caused the rift, and not purely the Ocachromidon. Their goal was to unbanish Nicol Bolas to Solamen. Before being renamed to Bolas’ Nine.

          The members of Bolas’ Nine comprise of Okka Soulmer, Jillas Totamo, Xxor, Pla-Ko Corus, Replar Chromat, Oraphin Ortin, Yhogth Potho and the leader and founder, Yyox Morthou. And a former member, Hegmor Sontar.

          To enter the game, say “My soul wishes for the past to present itself.” You and another player chosen by me will go against each other will be assigned one of the Bolas’ Nine, or a member of the resistance, who will not be named at this time. These cards will be a commander, and your task is to make a card that would belong in its deck. You may also challenge a player if you do not want to be assigned one. Cards will be graded by me, but if you believe the vote is not fit, you can turn the vote over to the hand of the Council, where the people will then vote.

          At the beginning of each round, it will be stated if the winner will receive a prize, or the loser will receive a curse. Prizes can be either a blessing, or an item. Blessings are positive attributes that will be added to your next round requirements to make things easier, they are passively added automatically to your next round unless another blessing or item states otherwise. Items are tools that can be used anytime, that can be played on your opponent, yourself or even a random player. Curses are like blessings, but give negative attributes that work against you in your next round. There are also legendary items, no more will be said on these but their existence. You may ask to see your "inventory" to see all items you possess, and your current blessing/curse you are under at the moment. Items can be stored as long as you wish, and you can hold up to 7 items at a time, and 1 legendary item at a time. Legendary items do not count towards your total item cap.

          At the end of each month, 5 of the cards that I see as “the best” will be selected, and it’s up to the people to vote for who had the best card this month. Cards can be made in either MTGCardsmith, MTG.Design, MTGNexus, Magic Set Editor and FalseBlue, if you’re old lol. If you use MTGCardsmith, we advise you to link your card so people can show their love for it by favoriting it! Now, without further adieu, let the rift open, and let up begin.



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    Bolas' Nine (Excluding Hegmor Sontar.)

  • Thought this would be more popular but I digress. The resistance will be out shortly for those who care, and don't be shy to join.
  • Hegmor Sontar and preview of the resistance

  • It seems like you've created an intricate and imaginative alternate storyline for the universe. The concept of merging different planes into one and the formation of various factions, including Bolas' Nine, adds a layer of complexity to the setting. The contest you're proposing involves players creating cards for characters in this universe. It's a creative way to engage with the community and explore new card designs. My soul wishes for the past to present itself. I guess. Although - I'd prefer to leave most of the past in the past.
  • @jpastor you have opened the vault, but can you comprehend its values? Would you like to challenge someone or would you like one to be picked for you?
  • @TheKeefMan - I'd personally like to challenge you, but instead, I believe it would be best if I challenge @spookoops
  • @spookoops do you accept the call of a challenge?
  • Ooh, let me read through everything first... @jpastor, @TheKeefMan
  • Write fanfiction 
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    Oh btw I forgot to include this in the main body text, but at the beginning of each round it will be said if the winner will receive a prize, or the loser will receive a curse. Winners can receive items, or blessings. Blessings are attributes that get passively used on your next turn, and items can be played at anytime on your opponent, yourselves and sometimes, a random player. Curses are just blessings with negative attributes.
  • There are also mystery challenges, where instead of making a card around a commander, you get a special, mystery task. No more details will be given at this time, it's a mystery after all.
  • @KorandAngels I'm actually a writer
  • Potential mystery tasks? ?...my soul wishes for the past to present itself.

    @TheKeefMan please select my opponent at your leisure.
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    My soul wishes for the past to present itself.

    Challenge accepted. @jpastor

    But, what exactly am I supposed to make? @TheKeefMan
  • Alright let me start the first roun
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    @jpastor Your commander is:

    Your requirements require the card to be a sorcery that interacts with the number of artifacts you control.

    @spookoops Your commander is:

    Your requirements require the card to have a dual color identity, but has the potential to be cast with one color.

    The winner of this round will receive a prize.
  • Alright @cadstar369 I think I hear the rift call upon @Robo_Kitty if they are willing to hear it's calling. How about it Robo?
  • What creature types did Yyox get retconned to, and seriously do you have ao3 I want to read this as a story
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    @TheKeefManMy soul wishes for the past to present itself.

    @cadstar369 I accept the challenge!
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    Alright, then lets get this second round started.

    @cadstar369 and @Robo_Kitty you will have the same commander, being:

    @cadstar369 You are required to make a legendary creature that interacts with +1/+1 counters in some way, other than creating them.

    @Robo_Kitty You are required to make a black permanent that creates a token(s) of some kind, existing or new, that would benefit from Okka Soulmer's triggered abilities.

    The winner of this round will receive a prize.
  • @KorandAngels I might turn this into a full story at some point if anyone else would like to see it. Didn't know anyone would care too much about the story aspect of this lol.
  • @KorandAngels Also Yyox has no creature type, no I just shortened it so the old wording of "Summon Legend" to look cleaner
  • Testing inventory management, how does this look?

    Just whipped it up in Google Docs

  • messed with thickness and color for contrast and easier reading

  • @TheKeefMan here is my card to support Xxor.
  • Here’s my card for Okka Soulmer

  • Hard choice, but I'll have to give this round to @cadstar369

    @cadstar369 You received, Ring of Balance - one time use - When used, you and your opponent's card have no requirements this round.
  • @Robo_Kitty and @cadstar369 if you would wish to continue playing, you may request another opponent or ask to be assigned another one
  • I’d like to be assigned another opponent.
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