Card Questing: A Contest of Storytelling, Cardmaking, and Heroic Prowess

This is a contest in which you make a "hero" card and contribute to the story. Each of your heroes will head his/her/their own faction, and all of the factions will be questing and fighting each other at the same time. 

- Heroes are legendary creatures of rare rarity
- Hero total mana cost cannot exceed 5
- In your post, you may attack an enemy faction and its leader and/or minions if it has minions by sending either your hero or your minions to fight its hero or minions
- In your post, you may quest with your hero by saying you want to quest. I will then write a reply with a mini-story based on the current quest occurrences. Quests may involve combat and/or negotiations. You may also choose to continue questing after you complete a quest. Whenever you complete a quest, you will receive a reward of currency, artifacts, or experience points, or any combination of the above three.

- You start with a faction named after your hero that has your hero as its only member. You may expand your faction militarily, technologically, or territorially.
- To expand a faction, just tell me and which kind of expansion. It will have a cost in currency. If you can't afford that cost, then the expansion will fail.
- If you choose to expand militarily, I will give you a challenge to make a minion card, a creature affiliated with your faction, related to your hero's skillset. 
- If you choose to expand technologically, I will give you a challenge to make an artifact, enchantment, instant, or sorcery card related to your hero's skillset. It will become part of your faction's technology tree.
- If you choose to expand territorially, I will give you a challenge to make a land card related to your hero. It will become part of your faction's territory.
- The larger your factions is in all three domains, the higher your heroic reputation.

Story Contribution:
- In your post, you may choose to write 1-3 paragraphs of story at least somewhat related to the main story.

- If your heroic reputation is high enough, you will receive an appropriate prize from the prize list.
- If your storytelling is exceptionally good, you will receive an appropriate prize from the prize list.
- If your cards are exceptionally good, you will receive an appropriate prize from the prize list.

Prize list:
- 1st Prize: 3 favorites on cards of my choice.
- 2nd Prize: 6 favorites on cards of my choice.
- 3rd Prize: A follow, plus 3 favorites on cards of my choice.
- 4th Prize: 10 favorites on cards of my choice.
- 5th Prize: A card of you, plus 10 favorites on cards of my choice.
- 6th Prize: 20 favorites on cards of my choice.

Example Hero:

The Story:
Darnis panted as he swung his sword left and right, up and down. "Faster, apprentices, faster! Speed is the key to victory!" His mentor shouted. He thought about quitting just as a cry came from the western guardtower: "Incoming invaders, all soldiers to combat stations!" He looked up just in time to see a dragon rider descend upon the eastern guardtower. Deciding to help, he rushed out of the training grounds and toward the western guardtower, bolted up the steps, and swung a ballista toward an incoming dragon rider. He loaded it and fired. Much to Darnis's delight, the shot was a hit. However, his initial glee dissipated as soon as he realized that the shot had not only bounced off and not left a single mark, but had also enraged the dragon even more, causing the crazed beast to open its maws and unleash fire upon the western guardtower.

Unknown Artist
(To be continued...)

I have left a few things unexplained, and that is because this is already an intense write-up.



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    I join! here is my hero:

  • I also join!

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    I don't see a hero card, perhaps you forgot to post it or accidentally deleted it.

    Everybody else:
    You may now begin to quest and/or write story fragments. New participants may also perform these actions.

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    Why not; I'll toss this guy into the mix:
    Pillmaker Nigredo

    A bell tinkled as a large figure in heavy, dull red hooded robes walked into a small shop. The figure carefully squeezed through clusters of shelves haphazardly stuffed with myriad plants and minerals, hunched to abide the low ceiling. A middle-aged dwarf looked up from behind a counter in the back as the figure approached. "Whaddya want?"

    The figure withdrew a few aged half-sheets of parchment from their sleeve. "Do you carry any of these?"

    The dwarf had hardly glanced through the first page before she gave the figure a hard look, unable to discern any features beneath the hood. "What do you need stuff like this for?"

    "This, among other things." The figure offered one of its hands, the dwarf recoiling from the tough blackened flesh and obsidian claws.

    "Well, you won't find anything for that here. Might have better luck with a guild or a larger city, but even then your chances are slim."

    The figure grunted, taking the papers back before purchasing a handful of more common plants, robes rustling as everything was carefully tucked away. So much for the best place in town. How many more of these sorry excuses for experts will it take before I find something, anything useful?

    Nigredo would like to head on a quest.
  • @cadstar369
    Nigredo has found a quest to get rid of a giant insect infestation ruining local herbs and crops. Nigredo ventures forth to fight the infestation. As Nigredo ventures through a desolate crop field, Nigredo hears a buzzing sound close by. It turns out to be a duo of giant bugs. 
    Wave 1 vs. x2  Blister Beetles

    Nigredo is now a 0/3 due to the beetles' abilities.
    What will Nigredo do? Attack or activate an ability? He can also wait for the beetles' effect to wear off next turn.
    Sidenote: Nigredo should be a rare, but it 's okay for just this once. You can rebalance his cost to 5 if you want.
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    Whoops. :sweat_smile: Since Spellshapers don't exist as mythic rares & it's also not hard to justify Nigredo as a rare in its current state, I've updated the card accordingly. (This was originally made a couple years ago for a different saga that fell through early on.)

    Neither of Nigredo's abilities are relevant at the moment, so Nigredo will wait for the beetles' ETBs to wear off.
  • Right. Beetles' turn. They attack Nigredo for 2 damage. Then the effects wear off, leaving Nigredo as a 1/3. Nigredo's turn. What will Nigredo do? Nigredo has mana for activated abilities equal to Nigredo's mana value, so 4.
  • Since effects don't appear to work how they usually do, I'd like to confirm how combat works before I make a decision.
  • Well you take turns like in MTG, you have mana equal to your mana value, and you can only perform 1 action per turn, then your turn ends. You can also skip your turn, and "until end of turn" effects last until their controller's next turn.
  • No instant speed actions? 🤔 In case something unexpected happens, Nigredo will eat a stoneheart pill (activate his first ability to regenerate himself).
  • Alright. Nigredo's turn ends, the beetles attack again, leaving Nigredo as a 1/3. Your turn. I recommend that you attack the beetles. I'm giving this advice so that you don't get stuck in a beetle-attack-regenerate-loop.
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    Nigredo didn't attack because I figured combat damage works like it does in MtG (this is part of why I wanted clarification on how combat functions, apologies for not asking in a more detailed fashion). If this is supposed to be more like an average JRPG, then all Nigredo can do is attack one of the beetles. (Though I suppose it's good to know that regenerate also doesn't work as normal here.)
  • Alright. One beetle down. Nigredo's turn ends, the remaining beetle attacks Nigredo down to a 1/2. Nigredo's turn.
  • Nigredo attacks the other beetle.
  • The other beetle falls to the ground, a crushed exoskeleton.
    Quest complete! Rid the Fields of Infernal Pests
    Nigredo has received 500 XP, along with 100 Silver Stars (Currency), but Nigredo still hasn't enough Silver Stars to expand Nigredo's faction. What does Nigredo do now, continue questing, or attack one of the other factions. You can also contribute to the story.
    These are just made to represent Silver Stars and Experience, but have no in-game purpose.

  • Nigredo will continue questing. I'll hold off on story updates until he reaches an upgrade/expansion opportunity.
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    Alright, Nigredo finds a quest to put an end to relentless elemental incursions into dams and bridges. Nigredo heads toward a dam where the center of attacks have been reported. Nigredo just stands there watching for a while, until he spots a disturbance in the water. It quickly grows into an elemental, which attempts to attack Nigredo, but Nigredo was expecting it, so Nigredo isn't caught off guard.
    Wave 1 vs. x1 Soul of the Rapids

    What does Nigredo do?
  • Nigredo hurls a concoction at the elemental. (Just putting flavor text on the attack action.)
  • Alright. The elemental's down to a 3/1. Nigredo ends the turn. The elemental attacks Nigredo, leaving Nigredo as a 1/2. Nigredo's turn, what will Nigredo do?
  • Nigredo will throw another concoction at the elemental.
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    The elemental slowly falls apart and merges with the river near the dam. Soon there is no hint it ever existed. 
    Encounter complete! Wave 1, Quest: Slay the Dam Reavers. Rewards: Another 500 XP for the elemental. The quest isn't done yet, though. Also, now regenerate basically gives the creature a shield counter for all damage until its next turn. 
    Back to the quest, Nigredo heads to another dam, where there already is enemies waiting for Nigredo.
    Fight! Wave 2 vs. x2 Waterkin Shamans

    However, Nigredo was caught by surprise by the second elemental, and it strikes Nigredo with a bolt of water, leaving Nigredo as a 1/3. Nigredo's turn.
  • Welp, let's whack one of 'em.
  • A skeleton would hop out of nowhere onto the unknown land. "Woah! I never see anything like it!" That skeleton exclaimed in amazed looking. "Just wait until I tell Dream about this!" He noted as he would pushs his a giant paintbrush onto his back. "Let me see what I need to write this... Uh.. Yeah... Yeah, that would remind me!" He said as he would pull out a feather that he would use it to write something against his brown scarf.
  • @FireOfGolden
    Welcome, Ink! Would you like to head on a quest, or would you like to write up a few more things (contribute to the story)?

    One shaman down, but the other one drenches Nigredo in a water blast, leaving Nigredo as a 1/1. Nigredo's turn, what will Nigredo do?
  • @kaoz42
    Imma go tackle that quest down.
  • Nigredo hurls an alchemical concoction at the second shaman.
  • @cadstar369
    The second shaman falls into the river and merges with it.
    Quest Complete! Slay the Dam Reavers. Total Rewards: 1000 XP and 200 Silver Stars. A cost 300 Silver Star faction expansion is available to Nigredo, for all of Nigredo's Silver Stars. Do you expand?, If so, militarily, technologically, or territorially?, or will Nigredo head on another quest?

    Ink finds a quest to destroy some cultists that have been torturing locals and branding them with mysterious demonic symbols. Ink heads to a desecrated temple where cultists have been reported to reside. As Ink heads inside, Ink spots two cultists torturing a merchant.
    Wave 1 vs. x2 Cult Guildmages

    Ink's turn, what will Ink do?

  • @kaoz42 how do expansions function relative to quests? Do those cards start on the battlefield, or does something else happen to them?
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    Before you start a quest, you can order a minion to go with you, if you expand militarily. If you expand technologically, you can carry or memorize the spell, artifact, or enchantment to use during the quest. If you expand territorially, you can use the land for extra mana, or activate its abilities, provided you aren't 100 or more miles/161 kilometers far away from your faction's territory.
  • "Oh! Do I have to destory these people? Hmm... I know! I can ask Error for assistance!" Ink said, he would pull a giant paintbrush out of his back then paints the ground. Then Ink reaches through the paint puddle to pull a figure out.

    "What the?! Did you just pulled me through your paint trick?!" Error said in disgusted as he would wipes the paint off of his clothes. "Can't just you wait and be patient while I am watching another universe? It was getting good!" He added.

    "Heya! I would like you to deal with these people. If I did that, that would be out of character." Ink said causally. Error rised a eyebrow. Ink shrugged. "Okay... I will play your so-call game for now..." He then turned toward to Cult Guildmage, "Wait, you are a puppeteer? Heh, it would be battle of between puppeteers. For now, I need bend this reality to put us on my home level."

    Error used his ability; One of the two Cult Guildmage loses color and all abilities!

    "Aight, my turn! I call this move... 'Smack your Opponent!'" Ink called, with a giant paintbrush, he would jump toward to the colored Cult Guildmage then smacks them in the face. That colored Cult Guildmage been passed out! "What kind move is that?" Error spat in confusion.

    Error, the Reality Destoryer was casted onto the battlefield. His ability been activated afterwards. That ability removed color and all abilities from one of two Cult Guildmage. Ink then attacked Cult Guildmage with 5/5 power and toughness. Cult Guildmage will be slained unless there are any reactions.
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