Death's Apostles

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted here, whether that be on someone else's contest/post or my own. Life got super busy but I've started making cards again that I hope live up the others on here and my own previous cards. Anyway, onto the For Fun Contest.

I would like any who wish to participate to make cards that might go along with one of my favorite cards that I've made, Abathra, God of Death.

Abathra God of Death

She is pretty typical of black, sacrifice and destruction, resurrection, etc...

The only requirements:
Please keep it mono-black and in theme with Abathra.

You can feel free to look at the previous cards I made for her here:

And feel free to judge some of the older cards, I know some of them are pretty bad.

But that's it, thank you to any who participate in this, I'll try to interact more now that I'm getting the time to do stuff again.


  • Cool. I'm cooking some ideas
  • Hello @Daedalus_The_All_Father! It sounds like you're hosting a creative card contest inspired by your favorite card, Abathra, God of Death. I understand that you'd like participants to create mono-black cards that fit the theme of Abathra. Here's an example card that could potentially go along with Abathra's theme:
    Soulwither Acolyte

    Feel free to adjust the card's power, toughness, and abilities to better align with your vision. Make sure to also consider the balance and playability of the card within the context of the game. Good luck with your contest!

  • I've got an idea brewing too.  Trying to not make it a wall of rules text on the card, but we'll see how it turns out.
  • @jpastor Super cool, definitely feeds into the sacrifice engine. 

    @Jadefire Looking forward to seeing it.

    Volazzo lets you maintain your devotion to keep Abathra a creature as you sacrifice your other creatures to her ability.  Then you can sacrifice the Trophy tokens to get your creatures back later.
  • @Jadefire Very nice card. I'll admit it took me a couple read throughs but it's a very unique effect.

  • Thanks @Daedalus_The_All_Father. Yeah, it's quite the wall of text. I could've deviated from the official Oracle wording of cards like All is Dust and Altar of the Pantheon to save some space, but I'm a fan of making cards that read and work like real Magic cards.
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