The Feedback Cantina

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Ask one of these characters for feedback on your card.

WX-L9 aka Lex - Construct Assassin
(Wording & Formatting)

Groovy Bard - Thallid
(Balance & Fairness)

 Leonitus Magnus - Leonin
(Playability & Acceptability)

Whimsywrangler Zee - Goblin Satyr
(Theme & Flavor)

Mirage Malakai - Pirate Skeleton
(Versatility & Impact)

Soundweaver Vox - Automaton
(Concept & Novelty)

Gunslinger Gandolf - Squid Rogue
(Similarities & Combos)

Saltbeard McGuffin - Homunculus
(Reasonability & Viability)

Archmagus Chroma - Wizard
(Color Pie & Identity)

Rimea Glyphweaver - Kithkin
(Lore & Context)
Jestra the Tricksta - Human
(Fun & Entertaining)

Xpomul - Cephalid
(Secrets & Mysteries)
More May Be Added Over Time


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    Open for feedback. Specify a character and don't feel bad when they rip your card apart. Some of them have a temper.

  • Just earlier today I left a comment on Hinges' Ishmael Temple, writing my rewording of it into a more legible version, so that would give me ten Zib. With that, and the sale, I'm going to ask Chroma for advice. 
    "Master Chroma, I have heard news of a powerful spiritual hermit dwelling in the icy cliffs. He exhibits quite some magical power, would you happen to have heard of him?" 

  • @KorandAngels

     Archmagus Chroma

    Ah, perceive I do, the intricate construct of this carte, burgeoning initiate. Let us undertake the scrutiny of its fidelity to the chromatic spectrum.
    Soaring aloft with aerial dominion, unyielding vigilance, and the premier thrust in combat:

    Commendable, indeed most commendable. These faculties evince martial virtuosity, an amalgamation of alabaster's preoccupation with rigor, crimson's bellicose disposition, with a modicum of Boros concinnity. The card traverses the trajectory of the color wheel with pronounced efficacy.
    {t}: Markoth, the Aerial Ascetic, metes out damage tantamount to his potency upon a chosen assailing or obstructing entity. Should this entity thusly encounter its demise, a carte shall you relinquish, followed by the acquisition of another

    Ah, ha! Now, we plumb the very core of the issue. The capacity to dispense harm, and by extension, vanquish entities, resides harmoniously within red's demesne, as does the concept of forfeiting for advantage's sake. Whilst vestiges of targeted extirpation may be shared by the alabaster faction, the practice of discarding and subsequent acquisition inclines more fervently toward crimson's impulsive predilection. In summative estimation, it constitutes a measure of straining; an alignment not perfectly consummate in terms of chromatic orthodoxy.
    Expositional verbiage: "Your hubris, yearnings, and despair... these facets shall accompany your descent subsequent to my percussive intercession." Hohoho, a frisson-inducing pronouncement, aptly befitting such a persona. Nonetheless, sapor is an arena extraneous to the precincts of the color wheel, fledgling observer.

    Ultimately, I discern a striving to synchronize attributes with the color spectrum, albeit an inkling of incongruity persists. A commendable endeavor, yet not an impeccable execution. The gauge of your card's Chromatic Adherence, were I to adjudge, would approximate a septenary point five out of ten. Potential exists, albeit the stygian aspects of the color continuum exert their sway herein.
  • @jpastor Aye, I shall spend me gold as soon as I has it. I would like to ask me best mate Mirage Malakai for the feedback I be a requesting.

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    @ShadowReign πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

     Mirage Malakai

    Arrr, I'll give this card's design a hearty 85 out of 100, me matey. 'Tis a well-crafted piece, no doubt about it.

    The concept of a Felidar Terrorizer with a landfall ability be an interestin' twist on the usual pirate plunder. The notion of exilin' creatures and gainin' life from tokens be a clever touch, and the limitation of only triggerin' once per turn be a fair balance to keep things from gettin' too chaotic.

    The stats of 4/4 with vigilance be respectable, makin' the Terrorizer a formidable creature on the battlefield. The combination of vigilance and the landfall ability be a nice synergy, encouragin' a strategic approach to gameplay.

    But ye see, there's always room for improvement in the design seas. The cost of {3}{w}{w} be a bit hefty, but I reckon that be to keep the power of the Terrorizer in check. And while the ability be intriguin', it might be a tad complex for newer sailors to grasp quickly. Remember, a clear and simple mechanic keeps the crew from gettin' confused in the heat of battle.

    All in all, the Felidar Terrorizer be a fine piece of work, worthy of hoistin' the Jolly Roger for. Keep honin' yer craft, me heartie, and ye'll be makin' waves in the card design world, just like a true pirate of the game!
  • I have a little something I'd like to present to Leonitus Magnus:

    Tranquil Acceptance

    I'd also like to snag a secret or two from Xpomul. 🀫
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    Leonitus Magnus

    Tranquil Acceptance, you say? Let me delve into the intricacies of this card, dissecting its mechanics and evaluating its alignment with established arcane conventions.

    Card Type and Rarity:
    Tranquil Acceptance is an enchantment that's rarity as uncommon is appropriate, given the potential impact of its abilities.

    Mechanics and Effects:
    The first ability triggers whenever a spell or ability you control doesn't resolve, provided it wasn't countered. This mechanic aligns with existing design principles, using the concept of spells and abilities not resolving to create a trigger condition. The life gain aspect provides a stabilizing effect, reminiscent of white's penchant for life gain and control elements.

    The second ability, requiring {w}{w} and the exile of two cards from your graveyard, adds a cost to its activation. This cost introduces a sense of resource management, contributing to strategic decision-making. The ability to return a target spell you control to its owner's hand is reminiscent of white's ability to provide utility and second chances. The subsequent card draw upon successful activation mirrors white's gradual card advantage mechanisms.

    Archetype Compatibility:
    Tranquil Acceptance seems tailored to suit control-oriented and defensive strategies. The life gain aspect can bolster a player's life total, aiding in stabilizing against aggressive decks. The ability to return spells and draw cards encourages strategic play and provides incremental card advantage, which aligns with control and midrange archetypes.

    Overall Assessment:
    Considering the technical aspects, Tranquil Acceptance appears to align well with established arcane conventions. While the effectiveness of the card depends on the broader context of the set and the metagame, from a technical standpoint, I would rate Tranquil Acceptance around 85.
  • Quick update - I've murdered Rimea Glyphweaver and replaced that kithkin garbage with a more entertaining lad.. Gunslinger Gandolf - He'll handle the thematic coherence and all that flavor you enjoy. 

    Gunslinger Gandolf
    You friggin' nerds ain't got no idear how difficult it is to aim them guns when your target is blowin all kind of icy strange things at you, friggin' fingers got that good ol' frostbite or whatever it is. I can't feel me lips either. I'm not even sure I have lips... friggin' nerds. Flavor and Thematic Coherence

    Don't forget about the other characters here too!

    How may I assist you with my superior intellect and formidable combat capabilities? Query your inquiries in a way that doesn't indicate to me that you're a useless bag of flesh, and I may respond to you in a non-violent manner. Wording

    Whimsywrangler Zee
    Oh dear, what's the point, here? Have you no decency? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this card is mad I tell you, mad! Can't you see it goes infinite? What's the matter with you? You fool?! ... I love it. Relation to Existing Cards

    Groovy Bard
    Yo, what's crackalackin' my peeps? It's your main man Groovy B. Just chillin', maxin', relaxin' all cool, you know how it is. I'm here to drop some of that funky wisdom and spread that laid-back vibe, so if you got any questions or just wanna vibe with me, lay 'em on me, and we gonna have a blast, fo' sho'! So roll it up, kick back, and let's get this party started. Balance and Fairness

    just to give you a few - don't forget about Vox (Concept Execution & Novelty) - Saltbeard McGuffin (Reasonableness & Viability) - Leonitus Magnus (Playability & Acceptability) - Archmagus Chroma (Color Pie & Technical Identity) - Mirage Malakai (Overall Summary)
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    I imagine a place where you can swing by to receive quality feedback from different personalities...actually
  • This is a thing then.  Huh
  • πŸ˜―πŸ€”β€¦

    I have something I'd like to run by Vox.

    Wu Yin the Silent Resonance

    I think I'd also like to pay Xpomul another visit; just one secret this time.
  • @cadstar369

    Wu Yin, the Silent Resonance.

    Novelty: 85

    - Unique Mechanic: Uncommon interaction with unresolved spells and abilities. Unusual in Magic.
    - Layered Gameplay: Adds depth, requires strategic spell casting and deck composition.
    - Resource Management: Strategic resource planningβ€”considering resolution likelihood and library card types.
    - Top Deck Interaction: Incorporates chance and timing by utilizing the top library card based on shared types.

    Concept: 90

    - Strategic Depth: Enriches Magic's strategy, fosters informed decisions.
    - Balanced Design: Rewards unresolved actions without overpowering. Balances risk and reward.
    - Engaging Gameplay: Engages players dynamically and thoughtfully.
    - Deck Customization: Encourages diverse deck-building strategies for maximized effectiveness.

    In conclusion, Wu Yin, the Silent Resonance, offers a highly novel concept, introducing unique gameplay mechanics. Its well-balanced design enhances strategic depth while maintaining engaging gameplay dynamics. The card promotes deck customization and promises diverse and captivating gameplay experiences.
  • @cadstar369

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    πŸšͺπŸ”Žβœ…; γ€½οΈπŸŽ²β“
    (10〽️ for another secret please.)

    I'd also like to ask Groovy Bard about my new composition.
    Sunfall Chaser
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    Yo, let me break it down for you, my dude. This Sunfall Chaser card, it's got some flavor, no doubt. It's rockin' that 5/5 stats, and with flying and first strike, it's sittin' pretty in the battlefield. But what really makes it pop is that Overkill 3 ability. When your creatures start layin' down the smack and dealin' 3 or more extra damage, you're gonna be making your opponent cry like a baby without a pacifier.
    The fact that it makes your opponent sacrifice an artifact when they can't take the heat is a slick move. Plus, you get to chill and gain some life while drawing a card if they can't hang. That's some sweet card advantage right there.
    Overall, I'd give this card a solid 90. It's got some cool mechanics, balanced stats, and it can really change the game in your favor. So, next time you're in a Magic duel, don't sleep on the Sunfall Chaser, my friend. It's got the groove.
  • @cadstar369
    πŸƒπŸ›οΈπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ”’πŸ”“πŸ»πŸ’°πŸ€πŸ‘₯πŸƒπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
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    Yo, let me lay it down for you, my man. Moon's Revelation, it's bringin' some serious heat to the table. You're talkin' about transforming all permanents with just a couple of green mana? That's some next-level magic right there.
    Now, it's a mythic rare, so you know it's got that special vibe goin' on. But here's the deal, this card's power level is off the charts. It can completely flip the script in a game, turnin' everything upside down. And that flavor text, talkin' 'bout beauty and destruction, it's got that poetic touch.
    But when it comes to fairness and balance, I gotta keep it real, my dude. Moon's Revelation might be a bit too much for some folks. It's like droppin' a bomb on the board. So, I'd say it's sittin' at like 60 on the fairness scale. It's cool and all, but it could be a game-changer that might not sit well with everyone at the table. Use it wisely, and remember, with great power comes great responsibility, ya dig?
  • i would like to present "The Snailor" to Mirage Malakai. I've heard that pirates and snails get along really well, or so ...

  • @LvB
    Arrr, ye scurvy dog! If ye be wantin' to speak like a filthy pirate bugger or Captain Malakai himself, ye be needin' to add a touch of salty flair to yer words. Here be a few phrases to get ye started:
    1. "Avast, me hearties!" - This be a way to get yer crew's attention.
    2. "Aye, aye, captain!" - The proper response when the captain gives an order.
    3. "Shiver me timbers!" - A cry of surprise or amazement.
    4. "Batten down the hatches!" - Secure the ship for rough seas.
    5. "Ye be walkin' the plank!" - A threat for those who cross ye.
    6. "Swab the deck, ye lazy bilge rat!" - A command to the crew for some hard work.
    7. "I be lookin' for me buried treasure, arrr!" - Expressin' yer desire for hidden riches.
    8. "A fine booty she be!" - Complimentin' a good-lookin' ship or lady.
    9. "Dead men tell no tales." - A reminder that some secrets be taken to the grave.
    10. "Savvy?" - Confirmin' that ye be understood.
    Now go forth, ye scallywag, and talk like a true pirate! Arrr! Oh, and don't forget, ye'll be needin' to pay me yer fortune of 25〽️ to request me services, ye scally wag.
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    Somehow, people still keep seeking out feedback in the form of "it's a cool card."

  • The cantina is now free for feedback at no charge.

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  • LvBLvB
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    The Snailor meanwhile snailed to the bar where he got totally drunk and then snailed back to that mean skeleton wannabe pirate captain: "Arrr matey! Burp. Avast me hearty! Snail wanna snail your burpinion ... on snail! Burp. Or snail will snail the deck with you lazy bilge rat! Savvy ?!?"
  • @FireOfGolden
    pick a character pal
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  • Oh, my bad. I take it back
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    Arrr, let's take a gander at The Snailor and weigh its merits on the seven seas of versatility and impact, shall we?
    Firstly, this creature be no swift buccaneer, with a 3/7 stat line, but it has Defender and Vigilance. The Defender be quite useful for holdin' back enemy scallywags, protectin' yer crew, and protectin' yer treasures. Vigilance means it can both defend and attack on the same turn without restin' its slimy behind.
    Now, let's delve into its abilities:
    1. Imprison - {u/b}{u/b}, {t}: This be a nifty trick to exile an opponent's creature and slap a pair of time counters on it. It be a bit on the expensive side, but it's versatile. Delayin' an opponent's threat for a few turns be a powerful move, givin' ye time to prepare yer defenses or launch an attack. However, it's worth notin' that the opponent gets their creature back when the time counters expire.
    2. Enhanced Interrogation - {u/b}{u/b}, {t}: Tappin' a target creature and puttin' three stun counters on it be a fine control move. This can keep a dangerous foe out of the fight for multiple turns. However, it's also expensive, costin' the same as the Imprison ability. The added stun counters can be a significant annoyance for the opponent, but the cost might be a bit steep.
    In terms of versatility, The Snailor be quite the toolbox. It can protect yer ship by detainin' threats or keepin' them out of the battle for a spell. The combination of Defender, Vigilance, and these abilities make it a versatile defender.
    Now, for impact, it depends on yer playstyle and the state of the board. If ye be facin' a horde of small creatures, The Snailor may not be the most impactful choice. However, if yer battlin' a few powerful foes or seekin' to control the game's tempo, it can be a valuable asset. 
    In the end, The Snailor be a versatile creature with control potential, but its high mana cost for its abilities could be a drawback. Its impact be situational, dependin' on the state of the game and yer opponent's strategy. If ye be lookin' for a slow and steady defender who can put the brakes on threats, The Snailor be a fine choice. But if ye need speed and immediate impact, ye might want to seek another crew member for yer deck. Arrr!
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