I'm looking for support? Gifted Premium not active after 48 hours

Hey team,
I'm trying to figure out where to get support but the email included in my receipt does not exist (according to the error I get from Gmail), and there has been no reply to my Facebook query... Hence a quick message here...
It's been over 48 hours since I've gifted a premium account to a friend, but till now his account still shows inactive. Because the email address on the receipt does not exist I am getting a bit nervous.
I can potentially cancel/undo my credit card transaction, but I'd rather have my friend have a Premium account :)
What's the best course of action here? Is there anyone on the forums who can help?



  • As someone who uses gifted premium, it just sometimes disappears for a day or so and then returns. It's not a good system, but it works for me. 
  • sounds like a skill issue personally
  • @hpdavids
    It's up to you. I don't know how long is gifted premium you plan to give to your friend, but.

    You can wait for a week to see whether your friend is still not active. I think some people may have only free time for weekend but not during week.

    Or you can cancel it immediately then wait for your friend to response, so you can hand gifted premium back again in order to save some money.
  • Hi there, I'm said friend.. I've been gifted the Premium membership option by Peter 3 days ago, which should activate within 24 hours, but the status is still Inactive. 
    I've been logging on to check every day, but still nothing.. 
    I have now messaged the General chat of the Discord too, in hopes of finding some help to resolve this issue.
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    I think I mostly got antsy because it has taken >24 hrs, and the e-mail address on the receipt is not in use. It's just a few bucks, so it's not like it's about the money, I just wanted to make sure I didn't just throw my money away and/or the gifted premiums no longer worked...
    However, from prior replies (specifically KorandAngels) gifted premium still works. FireOfGolden's reply implies that it's a very manual process, and that it might take the weekend, which honestly I am fine with too. As for TheKeefMan - I'll skill your issue bruh!@ (This makes no sense, because their reply makes no sense ;-) ) Drakonis and myself are working on a set of custom cards for another friend's bachelor party. That's not something that must be done "today", but if this takes more than a week we'll probably have to start flailing our arms, panic, and potentially hire some strippers instead :smiley:
  • Situation resolved
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