What's your favorite card(s) you've ever made?

Hi everyone! Been some time since I've been in these forums. I think I'll be getting back to making cards and contests here again, but before I rush back into things I'm curious, what's some of your favorite cards you've ever made? Was it something simple but interesting? A brand new mechanic? Maybe a joke card? Just post however many you want below! I'd love to hear some fun design stories.

I'll start with one of my earliest cards that got popular, Ever-Adapting Salamander. I just got back from the Ravnica Alliegnce prerelease and kept thinking about how weird Adapt was. I thought, "What if there was a card that could just keep adapting?" and bam, here it was. The only thing I'd really change about the design was the flavor text. As amusing as it was, there could've been a bit more world building. (Or a better punchline)

Ever Adapting Salamander


  • With the exception of the sunken Pirate - the rest were all ideas that just came to me randomly and I had to make them an actual card.

    Sunken Pirate was more or less "loved the art, made a card match it" thing
  • Here are a couple of my personal favorite cards I've made as a Cardsmith.

  • Here are a couple personal favorites of mine:

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    I think one thing I'm most proud of was my cycle of Epic Spells.  I just thought it was really fun to create a spell with Epic that a) will end the game, but not necessarily in your favor, and b) gave you more of an element of choice each time you copy it.



    I do have some adjustments that I need to make (shutting down life gain for the blue one, making you lose if you don't sacrifice a land for the green one, that sort of thing), but I really think they do a good job of feeling Epic and doing cool things while not being nearly as boring as the original cycle.

    My favorite recent contribution to the world of Custom MTG Card Design was the concept of Book Tokens, as seen here:

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