JRPG/ Isekai plane concept

I've had an idea for a world for some time now that I think would be fun to make with others in the community (like with the Rezatta set).

Mechanics: Hero's Journey Activate effects to turn a specific creature into its legendary hero version at the end.
Horde (multikicker to create 1/1 tokens with effects if X tokens are created)
Venture into Dungeon?

Draft archetypes are
W/U: Knights of Humanity (knight tribal)
W/B: The (Un)Holy Church (enchantments and sacrifice)
W/R: Defenders of the Villages (Soldier tribal)
W/G: Hero's Party (hero creatures and hero's journey effects)
U/B: Assassin's Guild (Control)
U/R: Artificer's Guild (artifacts and constructs)
U/G: Advanturer's Guild (adaptability and adventure)
B/R: Demon King's Army (Demons and amass)
B/G: Unnatural Monsters (summoning circle enchantments to create "unatural" monsters)
R/G: Natural Monsters (goblins, slimes, etc and horde mechanic)

new card types:
Summoning Circle (for encahntments)
Hero's Journey (new side deck card type)

If anyone is interested in this please let me know.  I still have to finish Multiverse United and Rise of Phyrexia before I can focus on this project though.


  • I'm sure others would be interested in chipping in here and there. If you have premium, you can add their creations to your set. When you run dry on an idea for a card, or no that you need a certain card but don't have the time or energy to do it, that's when you can post here to challenge others to create the card for you. Just remember to be happy with the results you get, even if they arent your own.

    Here are a few thoughts and suggestions for your project that would help others be able to partake:
    1. Ensure cards fit well within the existing Magic ecosystem.
    2. Hero's Journey, Amass, Horde, and others: Make sure these mechanics are well-defined and have clear rules. It's also important to consider how they interact with existing Magic mechanics before going public with them. Or just set up a feedback and tweak approach, but make sure the mechanic remains consistent on all cards in your set. (So, get it right before starting.)
    3. Hero, Monster, Summoning Circle, and Hero's Journey: make sure their rules are well-defined, and players can easily understand how they work. Consistency and clarity is key to our understanding of your imagination.
    4. Consider typing your card's name and card text into an ai art generator, then snip an image vs creating a card with no image. This can save time.
    5. Engage with us on here to keep up in the loop on your set. You can get feedback, share ideas, and collaborate with others who are interested in your project.
    6. Quality is more important than speed. Sets can be exhausting, and the sense of completion can kill your project's quality.
  • Are the Artifical color ("New Color") allowed?
  • What do you mean by artifical color?
  • He's talking about the purple nurples he created. Purple mana cards... @TheGamingBolasChannel - if you show @FireOfGolden what it takes to create a set, maybe they can spend the next decade creating a purple nurple set.
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel
    Here's some examples

    These are artifical colors, meaning they don't have their own basic lands. Making land that produces artifical color harder to come by. It will cost either GGBB or YY to cast Planet Demolition, while Pandemonium Ophidian costs either 1BBRR or 1PP. Pink uses white and red as well. Artifical color is focused to only one type of the card. Pink is only strong as long as creature is present, Purple does same as blue/red, but it gives off randomly effect that would normally found in other colors, Yellow only messes with the lands, perhaps alter it.

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