Haunted Battle Mystery Card: The October's Challenge

Muhahaha! I, the October, been waiting all time for this since Battle Mystery Card been created! Indeed! Indeed! This is first time!

Not all rules from Battle Mystery Card will work here! The powerups, enchantment, and curses will not reach here! Here! I determine the rules, not that fox in tophat who likes to keep something fair! Losers weep and complain about unfairness while winners doesn't! Oh also, there is no jury. My word here is the law.

All challengers will be in a battle, all at once, as long as they been in at least one battle from Battle Mystery Card. If you haven't been in battle, then you cannot enter this battle!

There will be three trials, each trial contains three requirements! You must create a card for each trial and submit ALL cards at once. Once you submit cards, I WILL judge cards you submit, as long as it's not edited! If you edited it, you are disqualified! Muhahaha!

Cards must be created in mtgcardsmith.com AND this month, meaning October 1 to October 30! Heheh, pun! Provide the link; otherwise, I will refuse to judge it and give it a zero rating instead!

Muhahaha! The Battle ends by Oct 30, 11:59 PM CST. A moment later and you are done, even if you haven't submitted a card yet! No second chance!

Person with highest wins three Treat tokens,

For someone in second place gets two,

Third place gives one Treat token!

For each time you completed trial without breaking em, you get a Gold token.


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