Mystery Box World

This is a virtual amusement park.
- Post where you want to go with an appropriate request for that place.
Example: "I'll head to the cantina lounge and chill there for a while. One mystery box please!"
- Check out the park App to avoid getting lost!

- Every card posted and prize earned counts as 1➰ (Loy). Accumulate ➰ for milestone rewards. Progress 
- Throughout the park, you also earn 〽️ (Zib), credits that you can spend on prizes in the park's gift Shop. Check your earnings on the 〽️Tracker
- At random points in time, the park launches fireworks, signaling it's time to randomly pick 5 winning cards for bonus rewards.

Park's Cantina (Open 24/7)
- Chill in the lounge to do endless mystery boxes. A mystery box contains a 50/50 shot at a prize and a mystery challenge.
- Head to the balcony to chat with the park owner, @jpastor, to post a card for a ▶️YouTube Shorts Review.
- Check out the downstairs game room to join the underground Cardsmith league to bet and earn 〽️.
- Talk to the park's mascot characters in the cantina for quests, feedback on cards, and more.

- The park's app shows which attractions are open and how to do them.
- Queue for an attraction with a post here, and I'll give you a mystery box for it.


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