RPG: The Figure World

I know this discussion will not get popular immediately, but;

A paper world that's tailored by the players' choice. The system and battle will appear different from others. The decision you made will have consequence, tailor it carefully.

The legend is;

"Long ago, the world was empty as if it was a blank paper. It wasn't long until a figure mysterious appeared and comes in possession of the pencil. He would create some doodles meant to not be serious, yet, it comes to life. Then He gain some great ideas. He would create His own a home. He created The Six Figures. Wenkman, the curious wizard who studies the way of magic works. Guiman, the scientist that works through the body of figures. Queke, the king of figures who brings order to the world. Maxman, the greedy and racist king of stickmen who love nothing but treasures. Jekmo, the captain of warriors whose wanders the world, always raids everything just to provide his strength. Heju, the apprentice of Guiman who walks down the dark path. The Six Figures divided the land into one for each, few of them is alwahs distrust toward other while another is cautious but inviting to other. He who created these figures shall be called; The Creator. The Creator then takes off to another world to keeping create more and more. Will He makes an appearance? We don't know, when, or where. All we know is He created us and this land."

The rule is simple;

THE SYSTEM: As you play, the system is there to keep you and your fellow players in check, it will nerf the overpowered or potienal to be overpowered card, warns player whenever the health or mana or both are running low. It will track your skills, items, stats, and level.

GAMEMASTER: I am your gamemaster, I generate the place and set up characters which has potienal to be your enemy or your ally. I will do my best to keep it interesting and fair, as long as System isn't being bullied. I will generate any cards such as equipment or potions and you will have to work with these. However, if you meet someone like blacksmith or librarian, you may create a card that suits your character based on your golds rather than level.

BATTLE SYSTEM: As party enter the battle, party will find themselves that mana and health appear to be limited, for each turn, character restores mana and health for 1, as long as they aren't DOWN. When character's health reaches 0, they are down rather than dead. Once party are down, game ends. Party has a choice to rewind or restart. Standard enemies cannot heal health or restore mana... However, the boss enemy does as Battle System treat them as if they were a player. Expect for they don't hold the power to rewind or restart, so rest easy. When party is victory, all downs will restore their health to 1 rather than full. When attacking, character and creatures will deal combat damage to enemy you choice. They will not deal damage back unless their card states otherwise. When they attacks you, if your character is being attacked, you may have one or more summons to block attackers. However, these summons will not deal damage back.

JOINING RPG: There are six spots limit. I cannot handle more people than 6 as usually. (Too slow, of course.) All you have to say "I shall revoke past from my soul then begin the new future."

Once you are in, you will be given six gifts from The Creator, each has three traits. Level of your character is your mana, its mana cost also equal to that level. Toughness of character is your health. Choose a gift and a trait from it.

HEJU'S DESIRE (Whenever a creature been slained by you, create a black 2/2 Figure Zombie creature token.)
 - FOR POWER (Creatures you control have "Sacifice this creature: You restore your mana and health for 1.")
 - TO DOMINANCE (Increase power and toughness of Zombies you control by 20%, round up.)
 - BE FEARED (As long as you control at least three Zombies, for each enemy, flip a coin. If it comes out head, they will not attack you this turn.)

GUIMAN'S EXPIRMENT (Your mana is equal to character's base toughness rather than its level.)
 - FOR STRONGER (At beginning of your combat step, you may put a +1/+1 counter a creature you control.)
 - TO FIND CURE (You may remove any number of enchantment and/or effects from a creature you control. You can only do this once per during your turn.)
 - BE LUCKY (If you would flip a coin, you may pay 1 mana. If you do, choose head or tail instead.)

JEKMO'S RAGE (Your power is doubled.)
 - FOR HONOR (Creatures you control have haste.)
 - TO FIGHT (You have an additional combat step.)
 - BE UNDEFEATED (Creatures you control gets +2/+0)

WENKMAN'S KNOWLEDGE (Your mana is doubled.)
 - FOR HISTORY (First time in per a turn, spell you cast costs 1 less to cast. It's free, if it costs 1 or less.)
 - TO LEARN (Whenever an enemy casts a noncreature spell. You may copy that spell then put it into your hand. This ability is triggered once a turn.)
 - BE CAUTIOUS (Pay 1 mana: Counter target noncreature spell, unless enemy pays 2 mana.)

QUEKE'S CARE (Your toughness is doubled)
 - FOR PEOPLE (Whenever a source deals damage to a creature you control. Prevent next X damage would be dealt to that creature, you takes X damage.)
 - TO RESCUE (Pay 1 mana: Untap creatures you control and they gets +1/+1 until end of turn.This ability is activated once a turn.)
 - BE GENEROUS (You may have a player gain control of target permanent you control. This ability is used only once per a battle.)

MAXMAN'S GREEDINESS (Whenever you would pick a gold, pick that much doubled instead.)
 - FOR TREASURE (Increase chance to pick up gold or treasure in a room.)
 - TO CONVINCE (Pay 1 mana: Gain control of target creature, untap it and it has haste until end of turn. This ability is activated once only during your turn.)
 - BE IN CONTROL (Noncreature spells enemy control costs 1 more to cast.)

KEYWORDS - The keywords you usually find in MTG may works differently from here.

First strike (This creature deals combat damage to attacker when it is blocked by this creature.)

Double strike (This creature's power is doubled and deals combat damage to attacker when it is blocked by this creature.)

Deathtouch (When another creature is dealt damage by this creature, put a poison counter on that creature. Creature gets -1/-1 for each poison counter on it.)

Hexproof (Spells you don't control has 75% chance to fail that target this permanent.)

Any rules are subject to being changed any time by myself. I will let you know when that happens.



  • 🤔 … 🤷🏾‍♂️ Why not; I'll jump in.
    "I shall revoke the past from my soul, then begin the new future."
    Outside of selecting a Gift, how does character creation work?
  • edited October 25
    As if you create a creature in MTG. Usually you can have 2/1 or 0/4 for a single mana without any ability to avoid throwing its balance off. So, I would say up to 3 stats. 4 stats, if negative ability is included while 2 stats for positive ability.

    The Gift and each trait doesn't affect the mana cost, so you can create a creature and choose one of them to support that or cancel the negative ability out!
  • A bunch of details are still unclear, so let me ask some more questions:
    1. What rarity creature card are players allowed to create for their character?
    2. Do players have to use only stick figure style art, or can they use other art?
    3. Are there any color or color identity restrictions on characters and/or spells?
    4. How do spells function? In particular, do players start knowing any spells?
  • Right, I forgot to mention these;

    Rarity cannot be mystic; however, it may be rare or more common.

    If you want to make your character a figure, then I won't stop you. Character can be any races. Meaning, you may select other art.

    Since character's level is 1. They can be only either monocolor or splited color.

    Character will only know one spell with rarity common that costs for one mana. That spell can be only used per a turn. There are no limit actions as your mana limits the number spell you can cast.
  • In that case, here's my character's Lv1 creature card, spell, and character sheet, respectively.
    Stoic OfficerSwift ArrestOgam Bluefang
  • @cadstar369
    You can only choose one trait under the gift.
    Once you are in, you will be given six gifts from The Creator, each has three traits. Level of your character is your mana, its mana cost also equal to that level. Toughness of character is your health. Choose a gift and a trait from it.
    Choose one; For History, To Learn, or Be Cautious.

    Otherwise, looks good!
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    Before I fix that, I have a quick question: are spells gained from the trait "To Learn" permanent, or only accessible until end of combat? (Also, how does casting them work if they're outside the character's color identity? Do we just ignore that and focus only on mana value?)
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    To Learn allows you to copy spell into your hand. Once you used it, it disappears to nothing until you copy another new. I don't know how powerful it will be, if I allow spell to be stored even after a battle.

    Mana represents the energy of character, as result, mana value is focused rather than the color of mana.

    Perhaps, all spells copied will be discarded at end of battle.
  • 🤔 … Alright, I've fixed the character sheet.
  • Great! We will wait for more people before we may process.

    I will start generate a place where your character and other future characters will appear to there. It will be tutorial for ya guys to figure out how battle system works before story truly begins.
  • Map generated:
    The Forest

    A land full of trees where figures rarely steps there. That doesn't mean it is completely safe, there are some critters may be vemonous while wolves and bears may shulk around...
  • @cadstar369
    Well, would you like to start solo until someone decides to join this rpg or you prefer to wait until at least one person joins?
  • I'm cool with starting solo.
  • @cadstar369

    As you been summoned to be a guard for the court, you would arrive to there. As you stand, you would blink for a second. You find yourself standing in the world where color failed to exist...

    It seems the objects around you appear to be trees. Something tells you are in forest. Unfortunately, you don't know this land, as result, you are already lost and have no idea where to go.

    What shall you do..?
    1) Explore the forest
    2) Attempt to get out of forest
    3) Forge the forest
    4) You prefer to do else...
  • Might as well take a look around and see if I can find something like a landmark in this strange colorless forest. (option 1)
  • @cadstar369
    You wanders through the forest and you arrived to a place, it seems some trees been cut off. You would see a camp. However, it's empty or some reasons. The fireplace been was ignited a while ago as it is just all cold charcoals.

    It seems Deserted Camp have nothing to loot. What would you like next to do?
  • Hmm…I'll keep note of it as a landmark to center my exploration around, then keep exploring the forest. Is there a sun or anything else to orient myself with?
  • As you would check the sky, it appear to harder to keep your eyes open. Then you now knows that a sun is indeed exists, otherwise, you would have hard time exploring the forest.
  • As you barely left the camp to explore, you found yourself encountering a shadow appeared to be more of a dog. The shadow would comes closer and you heard growl from it...

    It's a wolf! However, as you take a look closer, it appear to be more of a stickman rather than a furry creature.

    The wolf is alone, what will you do;

    1) Attack it
    2) Calm it down
    3) Scare it away
    4) Do something other than given options...
  • Feeling some minor degree of kinship with the creature, Ogam will attempt to calm it.
  • edited October 27
    You would attempt to calm down the beast. It was confused with you and began distrust you; however, for some reasons, your voice lets it know that you are also a wolf. Because of that, you successfully calmed wolf down, it would sits down and tilts its head at you out of curiosity.

    You may:
    1) Procced to explore
    2) Attempt to tame the wolf
    3) Forge the forest
    4) Do else...
  • Well isn't that cute. Ogam crouches down, attempting to tame the wolf.
  • @cadstar369
    The wolf would move its head toward your hand as it would sniff your hand. You attempt to pet its head, it pulls its head back then it stands up then walks to behind of you. You turned to the wolf, the wolf seems ready to follow you as it seen you as its alpha. Something tells you that it has no parent.

    You tamed the wolf! It becomes your loyal companion, you may name it.
  • The unnamed wolf would lies down as it awaits for your decision as wind would sing to the trees and these dances to it. Wind would run over your fur and your loyal companion as your and its hairs dances like these trees.

    You may:
    1) Procced explore.
    2) Forge the forest
    3) Do else...
  • "Hmm…I think I'll call you Fen. Let's head back to camp for now."
  • @cadstar369
    You would find way to the Deserted Camp, Fen would knocks one of the tents down then it makes its a bed-like. The sun is now at the highest point that lets you know it's noon.

    What shall you do next?
  • 🤔…we should probably try to find a way out of the forest at some point, so we'll explore as far north as we can before returning to camp for the night.
  • edited October 31
    Fen would jumps off the "bed" it created, it follows you as you left the camp. You and Fen walked for about a or two hours and you found a bush, which you noticed Fen stopped by and would nibbles on it then comes back to you. Perhaps these leaves from that bush may be helpful for your adventures.

    You may;
    1) Ignore it, continue to try get out of the forest
    2) Check these bushes out
    3) Do else...
  • Fen knows better than I do about what's safe here, so let's take a closer look at the bushes before we keep going.
  • @cadstar369
    You take a closer look to the bush. It turns out it's full of shiny black leaves. As you touched it, you could feel that rubbing the leaves gives black dust off happens to stain your finger as if you touched the tip of pencil.

    Bush is full of leaves! You can only carry 10 artifacts and Fen can carry only two artifacts for you. You may take any number then;

    1) Attempt to get out of forest
    2) Return back to camp, I will come back for this!
    3) Do else...
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