Hail to the Snail !

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Finally Wizards of the Coast has learned that Snails are a really important part of the Magic the Gathering Ecosystem and released another Snail! Or, more important, it is the first SNAIL ever, cause all the other snails they released where SLUGS and not SNAILS. This is the first Snail that has actually the creature type SNAIL and not SLUG. Does this mean that slugs and snails will go different ways now ? Will they be divided into the lame Slug type and the much cooler Snail tribe ?
Is this the beginning of a new Era where snails will rule supreme or is this just another lost snail whose fate it is to be utterly forgotten ? Does magic need more snails ? Whats your favorite snail ? Should there be snails at all in magic ?


  • As for whether snails are going to rule supreme, well, they might just be a little slow to get there, but who knows what the future holds? I reckon they could use more snails, and they bring a unique flavor to the game. My favorite snail? Well, I reckon the one you made, Brainsnail Host, has got a real wicked vibe to it with those brain-infecting snails. But honestly, any snail is a good snail in my book!
  • What expansion is it from? But anyway, HURRAH!! I like snails.
  • I am considering making a figure snail 😉
  • LvBLvB
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    Should look epic. Something like this probably.

  • Heh, I normally makes it faceless to keep it more of figure-y. While, I can make another similar as that, if you liked.
  • The snail in the first post is from Lost Caves of Ixalan. It will be released in about 2 weeks.

  • Hail to Figure Snails
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