Custom Mechanic: Forerunner Roles

Hey people! I've been dabbling with a new mechanic lately, so I thought I'd post it here. Behold!

Moonlight Rumors
Thalassic Harbinger
Companion of Lord Raye

That's right, more Role tokens. This time, this Forerunner role is only temporary, drawing your card once the Forerunner has survived through an entire turn cycle.

Any cards you post here including this mechanic will receive a fav from me. When you do, you can post another card here that I will fav and also write a review of.



  • I am getting halo vibe here and I don't know what is it.
  • Rolhald Empires Hand

    I really like this one
  • @Castiel_Demiurge Wow really cool card! If you'd like, I can favorite another card of yours (and a review too if you'd want).
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    @ManInMaroon_948 I don't really think it is a good card though. Was kind of a mistake tbh, mebbe if the ward was changed to something else with more synergy then it would be a better one instead.
  • @Castiel_Demiurge I don't find it a mistake at all! I love it, truly! You're welcome to add more cards here if you'd like.
  • @smax My goodness I love flying commanders, lol. Please post another card on here for me to like. I'll make a review of it too if you'd like

    Going for flavour points because the Forerunner Role seems ideal to put on a creature that attacks alone and then amps up the creatures that follow it.  It also seems like an good pairing with Exalted as a future card idea.  Kraseus has some built-in flexibility because it can give the Forerunner Role to any creature that attacks alone and it can sacrifice any Role you put on it from any source, but it also has internal synergy between its two abilities.  Giving Boros additional card draw with limited combat enhancement potential also fills a niche for that guild.

    I took some creative liberty to clean up the reminder text of the Forerunner Role because 1) No player can control more than one Role on any given creature and 2) You can only sacrifice permanents you control. 
    Encharged Cavalry
    My idea for this was that the forerunner was kind of like a creature charging ahead, so I tied that in with the cavalry idea and the must attack each turn if able.
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    Horses are fast and go first, and thundermare is an obsolete creature type only there because this is an entry for two different challenges.
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    The horse is waiting for a fave from the one who gave it its powers...
    In the meantime, I'd like a fave and review of this:
  • Hey, sorry guys for the wait. I had a rough few days which keep me away from this website, but I have the time now to review these :)
  • @Jadefire I think your card is the perfect representation of this mechanic. I never thought the "attack alone" clause would work so well with Forerunner Roles! The card giving extra combat step seems very powerful as well. This a very strategic card and I would love to play a deck with this.

    Please choose another card for a fav and review from me ;)
  • @Robo_Kitty Omg this seems like a rlly fun 5 drop, lol. The fact that it has haste is pretty bonkers XD

    Please choose another card for a fav and review from me
  • @kaoz42 Great job kaoz! I love this card because it promotes the idea of going wide with Forerunner tokens. It has a really strong payoff of reducing costs of spells, which seems like two different concepts that seems really cool mashed together!

    Here's my review for "Eiganjo Challenger":

    A lot of creativity has been put into this card, and the mechanic seems very appealing. I'm going to give it a 75% mainly off of flavour. The idea of "challenging" other creatures into hand-to-hand combat seems really cool, and negating all other effects that could effect the duel seems very thematic. A hybrid "fight" mechanic seems like a very cool idea. I encourage you to keep working on this mechanic, because I don't think it's there yet.

    Firstly, I don't like how the opponent can choose or not choose to be a part of a duel. That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. An opponent would only accept if the duel seems profitable to them. And you would only want to propose a duel if it is profitable to you, which at that case, the opponent would most likely not accept. When would both players want to do a duel? The only way it's ideal to do a duel is if you have some kind of combat trick, and your opponent might not even play into it anyways.

    Also, the fact you can duel multiple times in a turn seems annoying, that you would always have this open-ended trigger ability. That would especially be a problem on online games like MTGA.

    I'm sure that a card like this would definitely work, I think you should look more into it. Good job Kaoz :)
  • Thanks for the feedback @ManInMaroon_948. I'm glad that I was able to make something you enjoy and is a fitting home for your idea. The concept of a forerunner always brings to mind the image of someone who's willing to be the first into the fray and is an inspirer of troops. I also like the challenge of turning drawbacks into upsides.

    I'd be happy for the favourite and review to go to any of my cards. Feel free to pick anything that piques your interest:
  • @ManInMaroon_948 I would like for you to review this card pls: 
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