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This is a RPG set in a mostly fantasy world where Pokemon occasionally come through portals. It is in a solar system with a Sun, a Moon, and the other planets of Rathalat, Yrzelnos, and Delaxis. 


To play, you must create a no more than three mana common creature card that can have no more than one color or split colors and can't have total power and toughness more than 5. This will be your level 1 character. You must then create a level 1 spell for your character, a 1-mana common spell that doesn't use colors your character doesn't have. 


On your turn during combat, you may do one of the following actions once, or RP:
- Attack an enemy
- Cast a spell
- Attempt to flee the battle
- Attempt to persuade the NPCs
- Attempt to catch the pokemon (Pokemon encounters only.)
You have mana equal to your level. (1 for now.)
Casting spells costs their mana cost in mana, plus any additional costs. Just chatting costs no actions.

Other Information

There can be only five players playing at a time, plus any NPCs who are helping the party. 
You will level up after certain fights. 
You each start with 20 poke balls to catch Pokemon during Pokemon encounters.

Also choose one of the following classes for your character:
Mage - +1 Max mana.
Warrior - +1/+0 or haste.
Cleric - You can use an action to heal 2 damage from you or a party member.
Ranger - Create a 1/1 "familiar" a common creature that appears at the start and end of each encounter and is controlled by you. Must be the same familiar each encounter and can't cost more than 1 mana.
Paladin - +1/+0 or +0/+1.
Sorcerer - Damage spells deal +1 damage.
Rogue - Skulk or Shadow. (Shadow can only attack or be attacked by creatures with shadow.)
Necromancer - Can pay mana cost of dead enemies to raise them as a 2/2 Zombie with last strike or a 1/1 Skeleton with first strike.
Samurai - Has 1 honor for every enemy with higher mana cost or rarity slain by you. Honor counts as mana for activated abilities. Can have no more honor than your level.
Do not add class bonuses to your character card, just state your class and/or what choice of bonus you choose in your post.



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    What about necromancer class? ?

    Because you know Heju, right? I am planning to make necromancer just like this card.

  • I have some questions:
    1. How does combat function in this game?
    2. How do Pokémon function in this game?
    3. When you say "no more than one color or split colors," do you mean mana cost or color identity?
    4. Are there any color and/or color identity restrictions on a ranger's familiar?
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    1. It is turn-based, with usually the attacking party going first unless I decide the enemy has high initiative, in which I roll to see who goes first. Attackers can also surprise the defenders, in which case only creatures with haste can get a turn or use instant speed actions before the attacking party.
    2. Pokémon are like NPCs that can go into poke balls and act on their own turn as combatants under their trainer's control. They can't attack unless they have a spell (A move.) that lets them, I will provide exact stats when Pokemon are caught.
    3. I mean color identity.
    4. No. They can be any color.

    Fine. Added a Necromancer class and more other classes. As for the character, please follow character creation instructions in the "Requirements" section of the first post.

    Added more classes and changed the mana to mana equal to level x2.
  • It appears my first question was too vague, so let me try this again:
    • How does attacking/blocking work?
    • How is combat damage dealt?
    • What defines lethal damage?
    • What happens when a character is dealt lethal damage?
    • What resources regenerate during/after combat, and at what rate do they regenerate?
    • Are there any keywords that function differently here relative to normal MtG?
    • Is there a time limit on choosing one's action?
    In the meantime, I'll submit this character:
    Scalebound CursemongerSearing Malice
  • @cadstar369

    Not sure if it was intentional, but Scalebound Cursemonger goes infinite with itself sinse you can just tap it to ping an opponent, then untap it to ping an opponent, then repeat.
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    @TheDarkKnight1234567 while this would normally be a valid concern, players currently get only one action per turn, which prevents Scalebound Cursemonger from going infinite. (If I were to publish this as an actual card, it would only have wither and the untap ability, along with appropriate changes to the cost, statline, and typing.)

    Edit – Went ahead and made a "normal" version since I really like this idea, you can see it over here.
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    @All-Players @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden

    I just want to confirm that you don't have to put your class in your character's creature types.

    Attacking costs an action, as previously stated, and deals damage equal to your power to the attacked creature and taps your character. Blocking... Well, it works just like in actual MTG, but most enemies and characters can't block, unless their card says so.  Lethal damage is defined as damage that would reduce a creature to 0 or less toughness. Most monsters don't have this, but when a player is reduced to 0 or less toughness, they go unconscious and skip their turn until they heal to at least 1 toughness. They die after being dealt damage equal to their toughness after becoming unconscious. You regenerate all mana and HP after combat. Keywords that function differently:
    - Haste (Always get to take a turn first, even if surprised or enemies are supposed to go first unless an enemy has haste, in which case whichever haster is supposed to go first goes first normally.)
    - Deathtouch (Counts as lethal damage, so won't insta-kill characters or monsters that go unconscious after being dealt lethal damage.)
    - Lifelink (Restore 1 toughness per damage point dealt, might increase toughness temporarily over max until end of combat.)
    Limit time... Please respond within 24 hours or you will be considered AFK until you rejoin. Might wait a few more hours, but not an extra 24.

    Please don't make card reviews unless you're playing. You can always do that on another thread meant for that.

  • I see little point in not including a character's class in their creature types if there's space for it (even if it's not a real creature type), particularly when it's the easiest way for a player to remember the buff they chose to start the game with. Besides, the players can simply update their types accordingly should it become relevant, no? ??‍♂️ (Or are you suggesting that our creature types will matter from the outset?)
  • @cadstar369
    Fine. It's just a confirmation, you may do whatever you want to your character card's types.

    @All-Players @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    You both must decide whether to wait for another to join or have the campaign start as soon as possible.
  • Might as well get things started; seeing what they're getting into might help convince other players to jump in.
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    @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    And so, you decide to leave the tavern where you banded together as an adventuring party and continue to the city square to leave on a quest. For what, you don't exactly know. As you travel further into the wilderness, you hear a loud "CRUNCH!" and then three ogres step onto the road in front of you.

    Combat! Defend yourselves! You go first.


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    Is the enemy turn order from top to bottom, or is it indeterminate? Either way, we're very likely dead (and there's virtually no path to victory where the Scalebound Cursemonger survives anyway), so I intend to flee.
  • Yep. I also flee.
  • @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    Wait, don't flee yet. The ogres are dumb. I intend for you to win this fight, and I will make it happen with GM skills if necessary.
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    …sure. ? In that case I'll save my action until the enemy's end step. (Btw, try not to make the hand of the GM so explicit in the future, since it'll kill player engagement in a bunch of ways. In this particular case, it would have been better for you to try and convince us to stay in a more roundabout fashion, then have the 'random' attacks go wherever you intended for them to go in the first place, since we have no way to prove you didn't select the targets randomly.)
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    Heju will bring a dead figure from soil.

  • @FireOfGolden @cadstar369
    The corpse walker will attack the grey ogre automatically and cause throw the bone to trigger and counter undead presence leaving the grey ogre as a 4/2. Then it's the ogres' turn. The first common Ogre attacks the corpse walker, the second common Ogre, being dumb, attacks the first common Ogre, slaying it. The grey ogre will cast this, dealing 1 damage to both the cursemonger and Heju:

    And then it's your turn again.
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    After the Corpse Walker attacks the Grey Ogre, the Scalebound Cursemonger casts Searing Malice, slaying it. He'll hold his action again for this round. (Edited to fix spell timing, otherwise it wouldn't have done anything.)
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    Seeing Corspe Walker took no damage from Grey Orc (Its power/toughness was 2/2 thanks to Heju), it can't deal damage back when it's being attacked. Is that right?

    As Common Orc attacks Corspe Walker, it became 3/2 due to Corspe Walker's Undead Pressence, making it 4/2 rather than 4/3. With Corpse Walker lying on the graveyard, Heju will reuse the corpse as 2/2 Figure Zombie creature token during enemy's turn.(This is assume if attacker take no damage from victim based on battle between Grey Orc and Corspe Walker)

    On Heju's turn, he summons another Corpse Walker.

    Heju's battlefield:
    2/2(+1/+1) Figure Zombie creature token
    1/1(+1/+1) [Undead's Pressence] Corpse Walker
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    You can only do one thing each turn. You automatically cast the corpse walker and not the Figure Zombie. Btw they are ogres and not orcs.

    @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    The corpse walker attacks the common ogre, slaying it. Battle Complete! Each of you gained xp halfway to level 2. The ogres also dropped three clubs, but they're too big for you. 
    As you continue on the road, heading toward the Path of Betrayal, known for its dangerous thieves, you hear a twig crack nearby.
    What do you wish to do? Vote.
    - A: Who cares. Let's keep going.
    - B: Let's investigate. It sounds suspicious.
    - C: Charge!!! Let's murder it, whatever it is.

  • @kaoz42
    I wanted to point out that I activated ability during enemy's turn. That way causes Heju to be tapped just to exile Corpse Walker for just a 2/2 Figure Zombie creature token. Are you saying that I am unable to do anything during enemy's turn?

    Heju chooses B.
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    You get only one action per round, not turn. A round is a sequence of which every conscious creature takes a turn.
  • Oh right, my bad.
  • I suppose I'll follow Heju from a short distance in case it's an ambush.
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    @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    As you walk closer to the direction of the twig sound, you hear whispering, inaudible at first but then you hear "Should we attack them yet, boss? They're close enough." And then a weird shapeless figure with cat ears and a lightning bolt in hand that seems to be acting as multiple thugs jumps out of a bush.
    You are fighting:

    It's level 2, so it has 2 actions and 4 mana. Because of haste, it goes first and attacks Heju, him. Then it uses its throw lightning ability to deal 1 damage to both of you, saving up its last action. Your turn.

    Your character is unconscious. Don't worry, if you win this fight, you will still get rewards and go back to consciousness. You may try to make reawakening rolls as your only available action on your turn. If you succeed, you regain to 1HP.
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    Welp, all I can do is ping the Lightning Thief in an attempt to curse it to death… ??‍♂️
  • @cadstar369 @FireOfGolden
    As the withering bolt hits the lightning thief, it slowly dissolves into a puddle of shadow, then vanishes. Congratulations! You have won the combat! You got a level up, and both of you got a storm token. (Storm tokens by @smax765.) Storm tokens are:

    Required Challenge: Level Up

    To level up your character, you must:
    - Increase total power/toughness by 1.
    - Do NOT add any new abilities to your character card.
    - Create a two-mana common spell that fits your character's colors. Your character may be truly dual-colored now, but no more than two colors.
    New abilities:
    You have two actions now and four mana, or five if your class is mage.
  • Level 2 cards. [Gallery]
    Autumn Cursemonger L2Corrode

    Storm Token

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