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    I couldn't resist the artwork. I felt like I owed you another card, I really liked the curse card I made you, but it was a female in the artwork. So here is one that is definitely NOT a female (if that is, then, well, fudge... lmao) anyways hope you get a kick out of it, I had fun making this card!

    ps the executioner is not speaking, the flavor text is being said by the 'annoying' guy he comes into the battlefield with. :)
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    @sorinjace It isn't really necessary but thanks anyway boss.

    Heh, lol.
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    Noticed your cards awhile ago, thought they was pretty creative, so this is a play at your username, hope you enjoy the card.
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    I was trying to find something for you that fit the "oldschool" feel of magic the gathering artwork, and when I was doing my searches, it kept popping up human warriors and human barbarians and human berserkers. So, I thought, why the heck not. It may not be exactly what you create, but it can still be a useful card. Hope you like it!!

    *edit I changed the creature type to work with your equipment you made for Dwarves and artwork has been updated. Hope you enjoy the card!*
  • @sorinjace, when will you be judging and rewarding?
  • @Ranshi922 the contest was requested to have an extended end date, and with my other two contests ending tomorrow, I will have time to run my next contest alongside this one :) but as it sits it is scheduled to end Monday June 4th, at 3pm est USA. :) I am thinking about honoring what @Tesarand suggested to keep this open for other cardsmith cards after the contest ends so people can keep dropping cards for other cardsmiths. If you are interested in my other two contests that are ending, get your submissions in today asap. they are called "Spy vs Spy" and "Blue Light Mystery Challenge (in support of Autism Awareness).
  • WTF? JUNE!? wow. Can i host the next one. We can cycle the Smithers who host!
  • What does that old Mad Magazine comic have to do with autism awareness?
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    @Ranshi922 lmao!!! Thats just my avatar (at least I think thats what you are referring to.) I just thought it was cool cuz I had a spy vs spy contest and just recently made some horror creature cards for the movie/music contest and @jpastor's movie thread. :)
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    @Ranshi922 (spy vs spy didn't have anything to do with it, the blue light challenge did.)
  • Oh! I never noticed your avatar was a SvS image! Lol
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    Oooooohhhhhh.... The way you grouped them made me coonfuzlated *o@
  • oh. whoops. sorry didn't mean to confuse you @Ranshi922 :)
  • Lol. But with the CSers contest, can I host the next iteration!? D vbjq qk eo lklrhbn!
  • @bnew07:


    really didn't know where to go with yours, you are still new to me :) so I went with a creature that I often find to be cool and stylish. Hope you enjoy!
  • @Faiths_Guide this one is for you:

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    I have not forgotten you when the "fruit dragon" debate was going on, you was a voice of reason, and you actually helped calm my anxiety down during that time. Thank you for that. I don't see you as literally being suicidal, I would be interested in knowing your usernames origins, but as I looked up Deity it is a god or goddess and I am assuming you are male, that would be more of a God complex I imagine you was shooting for not Goddess, I thought maybe you would enjoy an off colored shapeshifter since your name is off to me (you don't strike me to being suicidal especially during that fruit dragon talk we all had. Hell you even made @East2West and @Aryanf and @Dechujoh64 and myself feel better. I was really glad you came on board during that time. Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago. I feel like I've come a long ways since then as a cardsmith, and still getting better as I go. It's cardsmiths like you that make this site great. So, heres to you, @Suicidal_Deity. ps the flavor text is both a play at your username AND his ability to become a copy of a creature it exiles thats in a graveyard already. Most creatures in graveyards in mtg are put there from the battlefield, but I know, I play dimir, not all are from the battlefield. That being said, hope this didn't break the color pie any making it white black and not blue black.
  • You know, I find it funny that neither of the cards made for me are dinosaurs. But that would be too obvious, seeing as how my name is baryonyx69.
  • I was aware, but I generally go in different directions based off the feel of whomever I am making the card after. Nothing about your personality or cards screams dinosaur heh.
  • Yeah, most of my cards are for contests, and I haven't had much time to make other cards
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    Have no idea about your playstyle so...


    (Hope this is not offending lol.)
  • @sanjaya666 oh lol, I made a comment about my playstyle a couple of comments back. To cut it short, I like playing and making grixis cards, I have a weird attachment to the color blue even though there's other colors to play out there lol, I am a johnny player, and I like making cards flavorful through mechanics rather than flavor text.

    Why did you delete your earlier card? lol
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    @ManaChrome Oracle text failure, lol.

    Alright then, boss. Have a nice day.
  • A'ight, thanks for the card!
  • @sorinjace, is that kalitas Cassidy from the animated Spider-Man series?
  • @shadow123
    Nice work, thanks!
  • @Ranshi922 didn't notice that when I got the artwork, but now that I look at it again, it Does look like Carnage... I took the liberty to search what you thought it was, and I didn't find anything similar, so maybe it isn't but maybe it's a fans rendition...?
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